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07/12/2011: Linda from St Louis, Mo: "I have been told that I have early stages of polycystic kidney disease. The creatinine levels are 1. 33 and 'normal' is 1. The dr told me there is nothing I can do or take to reverse this or keep it level other than high blood pressure meds and to stay away from OTC meds. I feel fine and have no pain or tenderness anywhere.

Is there something I can take naturally that will lower blood pressure and help the kidneys not get worse?

Thanks, Lynda"

07/12/2011: Nirwant from Hamilton, Ont/canada replies: " go to this link

Dr Pankaj Naram"

12/27/2011: Willow from Mendocino, Ca, Usa replies: "Seven years ago I was rushed to the ER with unprecedented HBP, failing kidneys and soaring levels of creatinine. I had contacted a super virus & had been under years of stress. I was offered a Pastor, because the docs did not think I would live through the night. Fortunately I had an extensive training in Alternative Healing in my youth. I did REFLEXOLOGY on my feet and focused on the extremely tender kidney point, which is located in the inner upper arch of the foot.

Look on-line for exact located of kidney point on feet. If you have sick kidneys the kidney point will and should hurt as you massage it. As you heal the kidneys, the area will become less tender. It is a sign of recovery. I got swiftly better in the ER as I rested and rubbed my kidney pressure point over the ensuing week. My creatinine levels dropped dramatically. The doctors were confounded by my recovery. But they did not know REFLEXOLOGY is one of the most ancient healing arts on the planet and was practised by the Egyptians. Reflexology is depiected in heiroglyphics and pictures inside many of the pyramids. Those Egyptians lasted a LONG TIME!!

After a few days I was discharged from critical care and now live healthily in California. After recovery, I highly suggest cardio-vascular exercise for fifty minutes a day, because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the healthier the lungs are, the healthier the kidneys will be. I am going to supplement my regime now with some of the excellent suggestions on this site, like acv, mimosa, comfrey and radish leaves. I have already seen spectacular results with cayenne, garlic and lemon. I am happy to hear from people. willowleaf33(at) I also know some awesome remedies for infertility and know how to completely eliminate the pains of childbirth naturally, using pressure points. God/Goddess has been good to me. Be blessed!"

12/30/2011: Timh from Louisville, Usa replies: "Willow, this reminds me of Anais Nin's premature still born deliver nightmare. Anais had spent hrs in delivery with no luck at all and the head nurse and physician had become VERY irritated at the entire situation... Until she screamed out at them all to leave her alone and stand back. As she settled into her center, she made an automated response of tapping her index finger in a circular motion around the protruding belly, she continued this for a few minutes and easily birthed a still baby."

06/23/2011: Bev from Long Beach, Ca: "My 87 year old mother is at stage 4 with kidney failure. She also has low protein. She lives in a nursing home with controlled meds and food. Her doctor has been very good letting us bring her whatever we want to. I have her on Keifer yogurt drink daily for the C-diff in her colon. I need to find something like Mimosa to bring her that the staff would be able to give her everyday. It has to be ready to use like a tincture but I can't find it. They don't recommend dialysis for her. Time is running out so please help."

06/23/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Have you looked into colloidal silver?"
06/24/2011: Bev from Long Beach, Ca replies: "No, but I will. Thank you."

05/29/2011: Melly from Columbia, Sc, Usa: "After 3 years of telling Drs. I had a kidney issue, they finally did an ultrasound and found a spot. Now I am waiting to hear if it's cancer, a cyst, or a stone. Will castor oil packs help with any of these? I have flank pain which comes and goes, puffy eyes & swollen hands upon waking, and excessive thirst. I only drink water and cranberry."

04/23/2011: Desiree from Branson, Mo: "My mother has been sick for my whole life, always in and out of hospitals and on all kinds of medications. Recently she's become worse than ever before, but I believe she really wants to get better this time and she understands now that it takes healing the whole body from the inside. She was an alcoholic for year and now has scerosis of the liver. It seems like she has dropsy because her arms and legs are very thin as she rarely eats and drinks little water, but her midsection is very, very bloated and has been for the past 30 years. No doctor has ever been able to tell her what is causing that. To me, it seems like it's all of the issues she has with digestion.

She just got out of the hospital this morning after getting 3 blood transfusions and a whole lot of saline water pumped into her through an IV. They said that she has kidney dysfunction. Not surprising, I understand the kidney is the last step before waste is excreted in the urine and since her digestive system isn't working the way it should, her kidneys are under a lot of stress. The doctor put her on a medication called lactulose, which I read is to treat constipation (she poops multiple times a day, usually very yellow and sometimes diarrhea) and also to treat elevated blood ammonia. I assume she's supposed to take it for the blood ammonia. I'm taking care of her now and making her juice and shakes of fresh vegetables and some fruits, making her salads, fresh eggs, raw milk and butter, hearty grains once a day, and making sure she drinks enough water. I'm also giving her apple cider vinegar and aloe vera gel. Besides all that, she needs to stay away from alcohol and we're hoping she will for good this time. What else can I be doing to help her and what are some causes of elevated blood ammonia?"

02/11/2012: Dn from Adelaide, Sa replies: "Desiree, her problem is liver failure not kidney (ok she may have kidney failure too I'm not sure) but yellow stools are a symptom of liver not kidney failure. Also kidney failure patients aren't given regular Lactulose liver patients are. Lactulose is an OTC laxative but it is very important for liver failure. It helps the gut dispose of excess toxins without it the toxins will circulate and cause brain damage (hepatic encephalopathy) in a surprisingly short amount of time.


02/01/2011: Kayla from Dallas, Tx: "Hello all! I have a good friend who has had kidney problems for a while. He just discovered that he has several cysts on his kidneys and they have started to calcify. I know k2 is good for this, but I was wondering if anyone else has some advice. My friend and I would greatly appreciate it!"

02/01/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "Hi Kalya... One of the best herbs for removal of stones and decalcifying is Chanca Piedra. It's English name is "Stonebreaker" and for good reason -- this herb is well known to get rid of both gallstones and kidney stones in the human body. Chanca Piedra also has a plethora of other benefits -- including liver and kidney support -- and is completely safe to take.

I used Chanca Piedra for liver and kidney support during my candida problems -- and as an encore I also dumped all my gallstones which I didn't know I had!! Read about the many benefits of Chanca Piedra here:

Chanca Piedra Research

Also, using Ted from Bangkok's alkalizing remedies -- my favourite being a whole lemon/lime with 1/4 -1/2 tspn Baking soda in a half glass of water once or twice a day -- will also help to prevent stones. And taking magnesium (as mag chloride or mag citrate) -- 250 mgs twice a day will also work to regulate and reduce any excess calcium in the body.

I now grow Chanca Piedra in my garden in the Philippines. I take a decoction of this herb once a month to keep my calcium in check. I'm over 60 years old with no aches or pains now. It simply works."
02/02/2011: Kayla from Dallas, Tx replies: "Thank you Bill! I will definitely pass the information on; but I want to make sure that this will aid with renal calcification, not kidney stones. He thought he had kidney stones but the doctors told him that he has several cysts attached to his kidneys, and removal might not be possible at this point."
02/02/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "Hi Kayla... The two main supplements that remove calcium are the Chanca Piedra and the Magnesium. Chanca Piedra works to clear all forms of excess calcium safely from the body and also acts like a mild diuretic in this respect. And Magnesium properly regulates the calcium/potassium balance within the body's cells.

I suspect your friend with the kidney problem has excess calcium with low magnesium intake in his diet, which is why he/she is having calcified kidney cyst problems. Calcium in excess within the diet is also acidifying for the cells/blood, which is why I recommended Ted's alkalizing lime/lemon remedy. What would also help your friend is to stay away from dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese etc and to avoid all fortified calcium foods -- to avoid the excess calcium intake. All western food nowadays is too over-fortified with calcium."

12/26/2010: Rob from Los Angeles, Ca: "Hi Ted
I live in the usa and from your past postings it seems like vitamin d4, kidney bean pod and lemon and baking soda are some of your favorite choices to restore kidney health, this brings me to my question in the usa I am having a difficult time of sourcing d4 and kidney bean pods , might you have any suggestion on where these can be purchased?
Thank you for everything you are doing,

12/23/2010: Cheryl from Kapaau, Hi: "Aloha Ted,
My husband has schizo-affective disorder and his kidneys have been assaulted twice by psych meds. The first time in 2001 with lithium toxicity which opened my eyes to blind trust and then May 2010 with neuroleptic malignant syndrome from risperdal 3mg after taking it for 10yrs. His liver bled out, his kidneys failed and did 7 days of dialysis, was in drug induced coma for 10days on life support and spent 12 days in ICU and 21 in the hosp. His muscles dissolved due to rhabdomyolysis. He only takes felodipine Er for high blood pressure due to kidney damage and no psych meds only amino acids, herbs. No psych drugs and contoling the manic swings are the worst he goes up not down.

Do you have any suggestions as to improve his kidney function. I'm considering aloe vera. He needs also to put muscle back on. He has a needle phobia so all tests since leaving the hosp. have not been done only a 24 hr creatinine clearance and that was back in July with his ur creatinine was 2.0g/period on a scale of .8-2.0. His protein an albumin were also high and a high alb/cre ratio also high. He takes a good vitamin combo with high quality B and C. With much appreciation. Cheryl"

12/24/2010: Rob from Manhattan, Ny replies: "Pomegranate juice could help some.."

12/02/2010: Shutton72 from Savannah, Georgia: "I have developed Cryoglobulins Vasculitis and MPGN. My doctors have tried chemo with negative results and now want to injuct me with Rituxineb. Can anyone offer help with controlling the systems of this rare kidney disease? It has attacked my sisuses (nose bleeds) and kidneys (i.e. Proteen leaking in urine). Only about 3 people in 1,000,000 come down with this disease."

12/02/2010: Tommy from North York, On, Canada replies: "Dear Shutton72,
Cryoglobulins Vasculitis is caused by Hepatitis C virus in 80% of CV. So You should attack the virus rather than try to treat the symptoms. You can take L-Lysine as well as Lomatium extract. Wish you good health."
[YEA]  07/10/2011: Patti from Camlachie, Ontario replies: "The best cure for any bacteria or virus removal is Jim Humbles latest protocol usage of MMS. You can find all the information at his web site there he has links for every ailment. The previous replier is correct, you must stop the disease at the source not the symptom!

We have been using MMS for over two years now and have been enjoying great disease and virus free living! We also continue to take it randomly as a maintenance program rather than only when we 'feel' something coming on..."

07/31/2011: Barbara from Denver, Co replies: "Shutton72... I too have cryoglobulinemia, what is known as essential mixed cryo, which is secondary to the hep C virus. The ongoing issues were a rash, neuropathy in my feet, Raynaud's, as well as extremely painful and debilitating rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Basically all autoimmune issues.

I will not take the interferon, which is pretty useless against genotype 1 HCV, so I knew I had to vamp up my health somehow.

When my symptoms became almost intolerable a year or so ago, I overnight switched to a 100% raw diet. I had seen a testamonial on Dr. Jim McDougal's website that convinced me it was worth a try. Without knowing much, I started living on blended smoothies and juiced drinks, with lots of salads and healthy homemade dressings. I began sprouting mung beans, and alfalfa seeds, and within a short while growing wheatgrass for juicing. Within the first 2 weeks all my symptoms were completely gone and I felt better than I had in years. I also did body brushing every day, and enemas a couple times a week. Colonics would have been helpful as well. I did have some detox symptoms for several days, but because I was a fairly clean eater to begin with, it wasn't as bad as some have it.

Now a year later I am 25 pounds lighter, and really enjoy this lifestyle. After the first few months I began eating pastured eggs in an omelet with lots of veggies a few times a week with no bad results. I use a dehydrator to make chips and wraps for yummy veggie sandwiches or guacamole, and am happy with frozen blueberries and coconut cream for dessert. It is quite a change, but gradually has become second nature.

If you are interested, there are many good raw chefs on youtube and the internet - just google raw food.

I hope this helps. I know of so many people who have been given a new lease on life with this simple and basic lifestyle. Even if you just regard it as something temporary, after a few months you will be able to easily tell which foods work for you just by listening to your body. Good Luck! You can get well - just give your body a chance."

11/21/2010: Dana from Mcewen, Tn: "My husband is having kidney problems. They suggested dialysis. He refuses, we tried the baking soda, now he has terrible water retention, he has high blood pressure also. He has got really low kidney funtion. Is there something you can suggest for the kidney, high blood pressure, and water retention? He thought maybe the baking soda caused the retention. Thank you, I'm desperate."

11/21/2010: Mike from Montreal, Quebec replies: "Large quantities of raw Celery or in the form of Celery juice is good for high blood pressure and kidney cleansing. It works perfect for me with no side effects."
[YEA]  11/22/2010: Ben from Tampa, Fl replies: "Try celtic sea salt, look at the nutrition fact on the bag the one with 6 mg magnesium 2% works very well with high blood pressure. I am taking 3 pinches a day with a glass of water, blood pressure becomes normal in 3 to 7 days, you have to make it part of your diet to maintain the normal blood pressure. visit"
11/23/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Interesting.... A while ago there was a lady here advising Celtic Sea Salt for cherry angiomas but unfortunately she never said how much she takes. Does one take one pinch with each glass of water or three pinches in one glass once a day? Living in France I have Sel Marin de Guarande in every supermarket! Funny enough I never thought that it was any different from any other salt till that lady referred to it..."
11/23/2010: Ben from Tampa, Fl replies: "You take the salt in the morning, afternoon and evening before you go to bed 1 pinch each time with a glass of water"
11/28/2010: Andrea C from Cardiff, Wales Uk replies: "Hi dana x dandelion is a very good herb, for fluid retention. You should, if possible, find them growing wild. If not you can go to a health shop, and find them, boxed as dandelion coffee/or tea. This is a wonderful herb and is brilliant diuretic, as well as a healing herb for many illnesses. I have complete compassion for your husband's suffering as I also have kidney problems myself, and the pain he's suffering is horrendous!!! Anyway, if your going to pick the wild dandelion's yourself, what you need to do is, remove the leaves from the plant, and leave them to dry out naturally. Once they turn brown, and crunchie, scrunch them up and put a heaped teaspoon per cup to brew for 1 minuet. Then drink Do this 4-6 times daily. Also, put 3 drips of vinegar in the water {any vinegar will do} while you soak them, before draining and drying them, use only pure water if possible, or buy a distillation unit{I use a waterman 400 myself)
Or spring water, from your nearest store. This is because the amount of nasties in tap water, and I have learned from personnel experience what crap is being piped threw the regular tap water, you would not belive what was in my distillation unit after I used it for the first time, eeugged!!!! Anyway I hope this helps with your darling husbands ailments, and gives you the strength to carry on. Unfortunately everyone forgets how hard it is for the people who look after you irregardless of the effect, it may be having on you. But true love will open their eyes and mind, if you've got the guts to tell them how hard things have become for your physically and mentally too. I SEND YOU LOVE, HUGS AND HEALING THOUGHTS LOVE ANDREA C X X X"
12/17/2010: Name from City, State replies: "Or just eat the dandelion leaves and roots raw like salad. You will want a big glass of water."

11/05/2010: Foxy from Carthage, Nc, Usa: "My husband was diagnosed with ESRD about 2 years ago, he is 36 years old, and hadn't had any signs of the disease when he was diagnosed. We have 3 young children, his kidney's are functioning @ 17 percent and nephrologist are advising that he will probably soon have to be put on dialysis or have a kidney transplant. When he was about 6mos old he was overdosed with baby aspirin, and he turned black. They weren't sure if he would live through it, while I do not know that this caused his kidney problems. I do think that it may have largely contributed to it.

I was wondering if there is anything we can do to reverse the disease, and possibly cure his kidney disease all together, since the baby aspirin may have been the original culprit. He has always had proteinuria, even as a young child, but doctors never knew why. Please advise me. Thanks and be blessed!"

11/06/2010: Gui from Sao Paulo, Brasil replies: "I'm sorry to hear about your family's situation. I don't know anything about treating kidney disease, but if I were in a similar situation I would immediately adopt a raw vegan diet. You should read more about the raw food movement and diet."
11/08/2010: Mireille from Cumming, Ga, Usa replies: "It is really true than raw vegan diet can be excellent to resolve everything. However, not everyone can stand it. So I often recommend also to cook some vegetables very lightly, just for a few minutes, timing needing to be adjusted depending on the vegetable and the individual, and the diet is much better accepted. Dpending on the type of kidney damage, not everything can be eaten. Check with your medical doctor."

05/30/2010: Gaurab from Ranchi, India: "dear sir good morning. i am a kidney failure patient. last 1 years my creatinine level is 10.2. is it curable ? do you have any medicine for kidney failure or you can suggest anything for me. please help me i am 35 years old and have three kids. your answer will be highly appreciated.

thanks and regards, Gaurab"

06/01/2010: Kat from Brevard, Nc replies: "Dr. Max Gerson (now deceased) and his daughter, Charlotte (she has a healing institute in San Diego), have developed a protocol since 1929 that cures about 50% cancer and can be very helpful for most other things. The first thing to do is to detox the liver which then helps everything else in the body. I am using an abbreviated version for hypothyroidism, candida, and parasites, for example, I am taking one coffee enema daily, eating only raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and drinking fresh pressed juices daily (for two months now but I will continue eating this way the rest of my life. I am convinced it is the only way to get the nutrients needed for lasting health). I have cut out all dairy, sugar (except a little fruit), and wheat. It would be too long a discourse to go into the measurements of everything. Google it. It's all online or in a book. This protocol is not the magic pill many of us want - it takes time and commitment to one's health, especially if kidneys or some other organs are compromised. I have much more energy after the enema. The point is to detox the liver, so don't get fixated on cleaning the colon or pooping. I've also just started using Lugol's idodine and Holy Basil, both of which I found here, which seem to give me more energy, and intend to add the injestion of hydrogen peroxide in just a bit. I'll get back to you with the results. I'm very grateful for this website and all of you who share your journey. Namaste."
07/11/2010: Calvin from Bangalore, Karnataka, India replies: "Dear Gaurab

Kidney failure is a great challenge to doctors practising various forms of medicine, more so if the patient has diabetes. I practice natural remedies. I have discovered that the best and safest method of dealing with chronic kidney failure is to drink fresh juice of radish leaves twice a day. The leaves should be put in a blender and ground to pulp before squeezing out the juice. No water, salt or sugar should be added. Start with about 50 ml in the morning and evening 40 minutes before your meals and gradually increase the quantity as the days go by and your body gets used to it. There is no fear in using this wonderful herb. It is the best for any kidney problem. When you do not get the leaves, use the root till the leaves appear in the market. You will find yourself feeling much better as you continue using the juice of radish leaves. To decrease the pressure on your kidneys, you can also detoxify yourself by consuming 2-3 tablets of Activated Charcoal twice a week. Do this for a month and give your feedback."
09/24/2010: 2097 from Milan, Italy replies: "Radish leaves are great for cleansing ALL the organs. Liver, pancreas, intestines, gallbladder. Radish leaves will get rid of yeast infections when used over the course of 2 months. Will get rid of ACNE by cleansing the pancreas."
10/31/2010: Delia from Asheville, Nc replies: "For those people with high creatinine levels and kidney failure: A doctor that I once knew, who is no longer practicing, spoke at a conference of doctors regarding a method for restoring failing kidneys. In his case, the first patient that he experimented with, had a creatinine level of 40. After three days in a row of subcutaneous bee venom injections, ( not necessarily on the skin above kidney, just as long as it gets into blood stream), the patients creatinine level was 2-3. His kidneys were completely restored. I don't think it would be difficult to research and find a doctor who practices apitherapy - some may not know about the benefits of it and kidney failure, as it is used mainly for arthritis. I have heard, although, I don't know it to be true, that there have been no cases of any beekeepers ever having arthritis. I would think that if one couldn't find a doctor to administer the bee venom, (I believe a physician can purchase it from Apothecure) then one could try using bee stings (check for allergies!! ) as an alternative. Might take a lot of bee stings, but failing kidneys are serious."

08/29/2009: Jyoti from Nairobi, Kenya: "Dear Sir,
My dad is suffering from very high creatine and urea, s-amylase

The range is as follows
s-urea is 12.0
s-creatinine 200
S-Amylase - 220

The above is very high and I will appreciate if you can advise me what causes the above to raise up and how to cure it.
I am really worried. By the way I did CT for Pancreas but lucky it was negative.


07/28/2009: Gabriel from Mission Viejo, California: "High Blood Pressure and Protein Leak

Hello Ted, I ran into your website by accident while I am surfing the web trying to find remedies on my problem. I have a high blood pressure and a protein leak in my kidney. Ultrasound also shows a cyst on my right kidney which is called a boziak 1 or boziak 2. Other than that my kidney per my kidney specialist doctor says it's normal. I was given a high blood pressure pills as well as cholesterol pills. I do not plan to stay on medication as it will cause a side effects as well. Can you please tell me how to lower my high blood pressure, cholesterol and lower my protein leak.

Thank you!


EC: Hi, Gabe. Ted is an independent contributor on Earth Clinic, not the web site owner. Kindly email him directly with your questions: Thank you!

08/06/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn. replies: "For Gabriel from Mission Viejo, Ca:

Is your protein problem "proteinuria" (spilling protein in the urine)? If so, you might get rid of both problems by eliminating all carbonated beverages. I don't know what in the carbonated beverages does it but something in them causes swelling in the kidneys which causes them to spill protein in the urine.

Something I read recently might explain it, but I can't say that it does. Don't remember where I read it (but was on line) stated that a combination of Vitamin C and food preservative sodium benzoate caused the sodium benzoate to be converted back into benzene. If you read ingredients labels, you will find that most carbonated beverages contain both vitamin C and sodium benzoate.

If you want to know what benzene does, just type it into search window and hit go. You'll find a lot of things you don't want to have, including cancer of the kidney. So if you drink even one or two carbonated beverages per day, don't change anything except for omitting all carbonated beverages and drinking water, tea, fruit juice (not fruit drinks) instead and have your urine retested for proteinuria a couple of weeks after leaving them off. If the urine proteinuria level is decreased or negative, you'll know you have found the cause of your problem.

When you get your kidneys messed up, your blood pressure goes out of whack also."

07/16/2009: Andy from Los Angeles, Calif: "Polycystic Kidney : Hello, I was hoping to obtain information on slowing down the progress of this deadly disease. Any supplements and of herbs that will slow the progress of polycystic Kidney? I live in the US, so i may be limited to what I can get here; also is there any ES Cell research that can help me any where in the world? Thank you"


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