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05/08/2013: Nicole from Sydney, Australia: "I seem to have an ongoing issue which I thought I would put out there to see if anyone can offer assistance.

I am constantly hungry.

I eat good food (I'm a vegetarian and I eat a lot of nuts and fresh fruit and veg) I try to get protein in every mean and yet still, after eating till I'm full - half an hour later I feel hungry again. I don't give into temptation because I feel that this will just lead to bigger issues but I can't understand why I'm feeling hungry all the time.

Just as a side note : when I feel hungry I try drinking some water with Spirulina but it doesn't really help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Nicole"

05/08/2013: Kathy from the USA replies: "Sounds like you may be not getting enough fat in your diet. Try eating more walnuts or more butter on your vegetables. You need the fat... Your gallbladder needs fat to contract. B vitamins also stimulate appetite."
05/08/2013: Caitlin from Austin, Tx replies: "Sure! Are you eating enough? Perhaps your body is crying out for more nutrients you are not presently giving it in the food you regularly eat. You can try 2 things: 1. Up your fat intake. Try butter or coconut oil. Start with a teaspoon after a meal and see if this does not help. Or, 2. you may need more protein than you are getting. Have you been checked for iron or B deficiencies? If you are eating a lot of beans & grains, you could be stifling your body's ability to absorb certain nutrients in your food. I would get a nutrient/mineral deficiency analysis first. Also, check for worms -- can happen. But, I'm betting you need more good fats and protein in your diet. I was once vegetarian and felt extroardinary for about 6 months; then sheer tiredness consumed me. Ate a piece of meat --! Boing! It was as if a switch had flipped on in my body. An "Aha" moment, for sure. Turns out I had anemia, despite paying close attention to getting enough supposedly high protein from veggies (beans, grains, salads, etc. ) and fruit matter. You can't beat even an occassional meat meal for upping iron and getting those A, C, B-vitamins our bodies need. Remember, meat packs the most nutrients of any food in one package. So once-a-week meat or eggs may be your ticket. Others, I'm sure, will think differantly, but I have found this to be true for me."
05/08/2013: Kathy from the USA replies: "Hi again Nicole--I thought it was important to tell you fat slows down/prolongs digestion. If you are eating enough protein and fat this is supposed to prevent the constant hunger. It sounds like something is out of balance. What is your age?"
05/08/2013: Kathy from the USA replies: "I agree with Caitlin. Would still like to know your age. How long have you been a vegan? Parasites could very well be the problem. Everyone has them but garlic helps getting rid of them. Somewhere here in EC it was posted four cloves a day."
05/08/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "hanging it out there.... Really. Right after I read your post I heard in my mind TAPE WORM. I am not familiar with any thing of this nature. Not something I wouid think or say.... forgive me , if this is wrong."
05/08/2013: Kathy from the USA replies: "I agree with Joy... I asked your age to know how long you may have been harboring them even though I thought vegans ate garlic and onion for that reason. Check the directories here under "Ailments" and "Remedies" if you haven't already."
05/08/2013: Nicole from Sydney, Australia replies: "Hi Guys, I'm 30 years old and have been a vegetarian since I was 16. I guess I'm unsure of just how much fat I should be consuming - I eat an avocado every other day and a handful (or 2) of almonds after lunch sometimes. I never through about having worms but will definitely get this checked out.

I take a lot of supplements as my initial thoughts when the constant hunger started was that my body was craving nutrients, maybe the suppliments aren't sufficient? (out of general interest I take a mulit, Iron, vit b, magnesium, maca, kelp, Q10 and spirulina at different points throughout the day)

I have just bought some coconut old (because everyone seems to rave about it's benefits) and will start taking this after every mean - Just one teaspoon?

Thanks for all the advise guys, I love this website."

05/09/2013: Kathy from the USA replies: "In reviewing this thread... I'm sure I mentioned ACV but in constant editing I must have deleted it. Take some ACV after each meal. The longer you could have been harboring any parasite or tape worm, it may take longer to get rid of it/them. I don't know, but If you have a PCP maybe a good antibiotic would totally eliminate and then you could start over with preventitive care.

Because of what is happening to our food supply, I'd stop the supplements and cook all vegetables until tender so you obtain beneficial assimilation. No long term studies to show whether the binders and/or fillers could be countering the active ingredient. The vitamins/supplements that haven't been made from synthetic material are more than likely manufactured from plants that have been genetically modified and are harder to digest. This can create a double whammy for any ailment because this has been going on for over fifty years. I have to have animal protein but even that is tainted because those critters are being fed the same. I would again like to support what Caitlin suggested."

05/09/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "A friend of mine, many years ago, went to the salad bar with her coworker for lunch.

A week or so later, I can't remember exact. She was rushed to emergency room with systems shutting down, kidney , liver, heart , respiration , and they ran a battery of tests. They didn't find anything but told her plan for her end. I don't remember all the details but the coworker then fell ill with the same problems and they put the two together and it was worms from the salad bar. SHOCKING .

My friend deworms herself regularly now."

05/11/2013: Kathy from the USA replies: "I wanted to add taking a probiotic after a course of antibiotics would be important to replace the beneficial flora antibiotics destroy. Is it because I mentioned a PCP and antibiotic? I know this site is for alternative medicine but I believe some things go on too long and people get too desperate to have the time to read books for help. They come here for help NOW and as harmful as antibiotics can be they can still knock out the worst symptoms so someone could feel well enough to start over, eating to repair then advance to preventative care. I apologize for being so piecemeal but that is part of the problem from severe brain injuries. I'll stop posting because I cannot always be thorough."
05/11/2013: Kt from the USA replies: "Parasites can be a problem for everyone and based on what I have been learning, the binders and fillers in supplements can come from plants that have been engineered to last longer. They cannot be as easily digested and I believe this foodstuff remains in the body, nourishes parasites, could begin to ferment and may even become malignant.

I know animal feed is not held to the same standards as our food but the evidence suggests that if food has been genetically modified so it won't spoil, it seems to me that our disease/drought resistant plants could possibly be harboring creatures that are able to survive. In 1967 one of my horses died from moldy corn that turned toxic in his stomach. The mold was not visible. I have often wondered if this is why, when I was eating plain yogurt and more fresh fruit and vegetables, I used to have SO MUCH TROUBLE with candida. My PCP (who I rarely see) advised me several years ago that medicine changes every four or five years. Our food is changing. I hope I have made some sense and shared in an acceptable way. What is happening to our food supply is a threat to all of us."

05/12/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "I read a lot but don't know where I read this maybe Hulda Clark, I bought a cleanse from them but couldn't tolerate 16 clove caps a day... I think I made it to day 8 or 10 and felt sick.... Never did see any parasites... but I gave it a good go.

there was a baby with a cough and they couldn't find the source... Anyway... May have been another country she lived in.... The doc took the tongue stick and light and saw something move back there. He began to roll this worm onto the stick and it rolled and rolled and rolled and turned out to be the length of the child long... YUK. Poor baby.

I do believe that if a person drinks a cup of water half an hour before the meal then the body can DUMP THE ACID into the stomach/intestines to process the food.

Without the water it would be dangerous for the body to dump those acids in there, it would eat a hole in the stomach lining....

Drink 1-2 cups water half hour before meals to have the right amount of acid and water for the stomach and bowels to process the nutrients and the acid should kill parasties on cantact. Love, joy"

05/12/2013: Kt from the USA replies: "I do not believe the hydrochloric acid in the stomach kills all parasites. They can bypass the stomach and attach to the walls of the intestines/colon/rectum."
05/13/2013: Ms Helpful from Georgia, Usa replies: "Please look up Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Remedies: Q&A on this website. There is a lady who has strange sensations of hunger 15 minutes after eating and Ted from Bangkok responds to her with remedies."
05/13/2013: Kt from the USA replies: "I guess I need to put it another way. Because our "engineered" food cannot be digested properly, the parasites, in whatever stage they are in can be harbored until they get farther down the digestive tract. Alternating garlic and ACV can help get rid of them unless they have proliferated to require antibiotics to kill all stages. Sometimes that is necessary. Probiotics can restore what has been destroyed by the antibiotics. Then eat for prevention.

I am trying to share what I have learned from sources that are not being offered to (and being sheltered from) the medical profession. With all due respect they just do not know what is happening to our food supply. This is why I am "sad".

My communication skills are not good and it is difficult to provide every ounce of support to what I have learned. I have learned a lot of piecemeal information for over twenty years by application and want to provide what I have learned by observation and experience.

In addition, food is not the only way parasites can enter the body."

05/13/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: "Babesia is a dreadful parasite that goes into the blood stream and attacks the brain. My friend's sister is a teacher and during the summer some mice got in her class and she was cleaning the room for the fall quarter and got this. She is fighting for her life.... Doctors do not have answers... She has lyme like symptoms, plus more... Body tremors, seizures - grand mal style, has to use a cart, fibromyalgia type muscle pains and weaknesses, tingling, brain memory issues and she has a master's degree in education and is bilingual. Her meds run 5 k a month and she is still ambulanced to the hospital on regular schedule.

VERY SCARY! She didn't eat this, it entered her airway."

Hunza Bread

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[YEA]  04/29/2007: Gaia from Masury, OH: "I would like to know if anyone has had success with Hunza Bread. Supposedly Hunza Bread is an appetite suppressant. Please feel free to post or send a personal email to me. Thank you."


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[YEA]  04/19/2007: Isma from Edinburgh, uk: "Have one teaspoon of Husk first thing in the morning with warm - hot water(tea or coffe temprature) and one in the evening an hour before heading to bed,additionally drinking green tea atleast once a day adding a few drops of lemon and half a teaspoon of honey."


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[YEA]  06/15/2010: Janie from Mattoon, Illinois: "I have not seen this posted here on your website and am not sure as to what category this subject would fall into...perhaps both mind/body category and/or for weight loss , but I have now found me a healthy way of losing weight and living right,and it seems to be working for me totally! As of March 27th, 2010, I have lost twelve pounds and, although it has been gradual, I seem to be shedding the fat at a steady pace, and I believe that is the best way to do it. I have always been a somewhat healthy eater with a few (a lot of) temptations here and there, but I think I was just eating too much of all that "healthy" stuff! I now believe I have my eating under control and I owe it all to self - help "Hypnotherepy" (and of course, your website!).
I purchased a self-hypnosis book and audio CD online and it has been worth every penny! There were so many to chose from. I bought a couple before I actually found one that really worked and spoke just to me. Not only do I now have my weight under control, I am more at peace and life is truly worth living every day.I now eat to live instead of living to eat! And...all my sweet cravings went away. I now drink only pure, clean water (nothing else - I don't even want or crave anything else!). No cakes, cookies, candies, white sugars, white breads, etc. All those cravings are NOW completely gone. I don't have the desire for any of that stuff and this therepy has really helped in that respect. it took a couple weeks of listening to the audio CD daily until it kicked in and I finally "Got It" so if you decide to take this approach, give it a couple weeks to sink in.... ...It doesn't just happen in one session...

It is a form of brainwashing but I believe it's a good kind of brainwashing. You definately have to be open to this kind of therepy as well, going into it with a positive mind, knowing that it will be working for you. No negativity whatsoever! You can only get out of it, what you put into it.

My hypnotherepy session begins every morning before I get out of bed with a half hour tape session (using headphones). I do breathing exercises (kinda like yoga) along with it and during the whole session I am repeating positive affirmations. Stuff like... I am in complete control of my eating habits", "I deserve to be fit and healthy"...."My self esteem grows stronger and stronger every day", "I remain a healthy eater forever", "I deserve to be fit and healthy", etc. It also offers some imagery sessions to so you can focus on what you WANT to look like when you accomplish your ideal weight.

I am now strong believer (and a witness), that if you tell yourself positive things every day, you begin to believe them more and more. I think all of us need positive feeback constantly, to remind us how wonderful we really are as human beings, and what our capabilities are.. in order for us to function to our full capacity! I am now filling up my mind, my body and my soul, not to mention my tummy, with healthy words of encouragement, and really believing them... and the weight is coming off... Not only do we have to get rid of the junk food that we have put into our bellies, but we have to get rid of all the junk that has been fed into our minds throughout our lifetime, by beginning to replace it with healthy, positive thoughts. As of today, I am so full of full of life..... .... and so full of.... H20! (Smiling as I take a sip).... Soooooo... Happy dieting. Happy living. I hope you find that which what works for you! Take care. Janie"

06/18/2010: Kay from In The Valley, Ca, Usa replies: "Janie,

Is it possible for you to tell us or email the name of the hypnosis tape you ordered?


06/23/2010: Janie from Mattoon, Illinois replies: "To Kay.... the name of the hypnosis tape is called "Listen and Lose Weight" by Glenn Harrold. Although I have tried several, this is the best one that worked for me. Thanks for replying. Janie"

Infared Sauna

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[YEA]  07/13/2008: Robert Henry from Ten Mile, Tennessee: "I agree with most on this site, but why does infrared sauna not get discussed? Sweating from deep in your fat is when you give up your toxins. That is where your toxins are stored and this site gives little credience to this. The reason folks bring back carts at WalMart is that they are so fat that they need assistance to shop. They put their big bellies in the cart and away they go. Obesity is not about over eating, it's about toxins. Once I learned this, the inches began to shuck. Lost a lot of weight but mostly inches. Clean your bowels, clean your liver, clean your lymph.

An infrared sauna is just part of the solution. How 'bout us discussing it?"

07/14/2008: Confused replies: "Am I missing something here. I don't understand Robert's comments about walmart at all - makes no sense."
05/01/2009: Livia from Spring, Texas replies: "Robert's comments make sense to me...Walmart, among many other stores now, offer motorized vehicles for their customers who are handicapped in some way - and obesity is the most common handicap I see in the customers that need these little motorized carts. The main point is that toxicity leads to obesity - it is the body's attempt to protect itself from all the toxins by storing them in fat, away from major organs that are already too overloaded with poison."

Jackie's Miracle Bread Recipe

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[YEA]  10/09/2008: Jackie from Grand Rapids, Minnesota: "This bread really does fill you up and keep you from snacking. this is the best tasting recipe for it that i've found. 2 cups nonbromated unbleached white flour--1 cup spelt flour--bought both at the healthfoodstore. 1/4 cup toasted wheat germ grocerystore brand in cereal ailse--1 pkg. rapid rise yeast--1-1/2 cups of warm water--1/4 cup brown sugar--1 tsp honey--1 tsp salt--1/4tsp ground ginger-- 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon--2 tbsp canola oil--3/4 cup dried fruits, dark or golden raisins, apricots, or pineapple, or a mixture. also 2 handfuls of raw millet from health food store. i measure out all the different flours wheat germ and millet and dried fruits in separate bowls. i measure the brown sugar,honey, salt, cinnamon, ginger and oil together in another bowl. heat 1-1/2 cups water to 110 degrees, i use a a large bowl empty 1 pkg yeast and add the warm water, next the sugar, salt and oil mixture, add 2 cups of the white flour and beat to make a batter then gradually work the rest of the ingredients in, the dried fruits last. knead on lightly floured board 10 min, then let rise in greased bowl in warm place til double. i warm my oven slightly only few minutes and use a greased 4qt covered kettle, it conducts the heat. takes about 1 hr. punch down , divide in half and roll into loaves and place in greased loaf pans.let rise until double ( i use the oven method) remove from oven and preheat oven to 375 degrees. bake about 40 minutes. makes 2 small loaves. i doubled the recipe today, and made 2 large loaves, just realized i used 2 cups of water instead of 3, so that's why it didn't take so much flour, lol when cool, i slice it up and put it in freezer bags and freeze it. since i found this my desire to eat between meals has dropped to zero. my abdominal/ hip girth is going down. i feel so much better. i have more energy and better mental clarity. my mood is better too. i have a slice with each meal and i'm able to reduce portions without pangs and 1 slice around 8 or 9pm with a cup of green tea and then i don't snack at midnight when i get home from work. you must try for yourself, it's a miracle."


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[YEA]  05/13/2009: Deirdre from Atlanta, GA: "Found an incredible juicing recipe in a book called The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose . It's called green lemonade and yes, it really does taste like lemonade! I've been drinking at least one glass of this a day for 7 days and it has curbed my appetite like no tomorrow. I do a lot of exercise every day am usually starving afterwards, but not so if I drink this beforehand. It's amazing. I have made it for 3 friends and everyone loves it. The first thing my husband noticed (on me) was glowing, soft skin. First thing I noticed beside the appetite suppressant was increased energy.

Here's the recipe from the book:

1 head romaine lettuce or celery
5 to 6 stalks kale
1 to 2 apples
1 whole organic lemon (don't peel it)
1 to 2 inches fresh ginger (optional)

Juice all ingredients. For best results, drink on an empty stomach. Not a good idea to drink with meals according to the author. You can use any greens in place of romaine and kale. Important thing is to have dark leafy greens.

Highly recommend this book, by the way. Simply prepared "quick-exit" foods. Great philosophy."

05/22/2009: Deirdre from Atlanta, GA replies: "I've just finished 14 days of juicing at least once a day. I recently discovered chunks of fresh turmeric at the international market nearby and have been adding this to the drink when I can remember to. The drink is very energizing and great for the skin. As far as weight loss, slowly but surely. Additional exercise has really been the key for me, but this drink has indeed been a great appetite suppressant and removed sugar cravings.

Best green lemonade combinations:
1. Celery, Romaine, Ginger, Lemon, Granny Smith
2. Kale, Romaine, Ginger, Lemon, Fuji apple
3. Spinach, Red Lettuce, Ginger, Lemon, Granny Smith

Collard greens - extremely bitter, beware! Causes nausea that lasts several hours, despite the lemon juice and ginger."

[YEA]  05/09/2009: Gabriela from Pahoa, HI: "Juice fasting for losing weight:

I go on a month-long juice fast every 2 or 3 years or whenever needed. This last time I went for 40 days. I didn't have a hard time apart from the very first day. Only on this day did I feel really bad. All the other days I felt rather good or even euphoric. I did drink fresh fruit juices, mostly in the first part of the fast grapefruit-orange juice (as it was available in our garden) and later added vegetable juices. I also made a rather large vegetable broth from a bowl of veggies including kelp and nutritional yeast. This made a wonderful hot alkaline drink. After I lost a lot of fat, I desired the nutrients of vegetable juices and included a lot of "green drinks". I haven't looked at my weight but I lost all my overweight. I was also determined to overcome my compulsive overeating habits."


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[YEA]  04/21/2007: Marc from Koloa, Hawaii: "I tried eating the Korean food, Kimchee after learning about it in school. It turns out that Kimchee contains a good bacteria called lactobacilli that helps the stomach the same way ACV does. It is also considered as one of the most healthiest food in the world by the Health Magazine. You can buy Kimchee on the Oriental section of US supermarkets."

[WARNING!]  04/21/2007: A from Granada Hills, CA: "I read the comment about kimchee being a healthy food. I personally like kimchee but if you look at the ingredients of kimchee and Korean foods in generally, it is loaded with MSG, which is poison to the body. So beware; look for a brand without MSG."

05/11/2008: Carrie from Toccoa, GA replies: "GREAT ADVICE!!!!!YOU ARE ABSOULUTELY RIGHT."
05/16/2008: Eve from Pleasanton, CA replies: "I am allergic to MSG but I love Kimchee. There are MSG free versions of Kimchee available in local stores. Just be mindful to read the labels. Kimchee is definitely not a low sodium food, but the MSG free is a better option for salt content."
[YEA]  05/01/2009: Livia from Spring, Texas replies: "It is also easy to make your own Kim Chee - and much less expensive, too. Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD have a recipe for it, and you could probably find some online, too, and in other cookbooks. Also, it is interesting to know that you can make it with or without salts and starters. A strictly therapeutic raw food version, for example, will not include any salt. Others use salt routinely as a backup safety measure, in case bad bacteria try to proliferate before the good lactobaccili really get going. You can also buy commercial starters that help jumpstart the good bacteria, too. And some recipes mix a little salt with a little starter. But it can be done successfully without any additives at all, just sayin. I've helped make it that way before, and eaten lots of it at a spa where it is a daily feature on the menu, (sauerkraut, actually, without the spices and hot produce that make it the version known as kim chee). It's all the same idea, really good for you. I met a man who cured his cancer (prostate) with a raw food diet, but he ate about a quart of sauerkraut every day, loved it. And for a 70+yo guy, he had great skin. Actually, I know women in their 40's who would wish for his skin, lol! He's had his cancer licked for many years when I met him. I learned that these fermented veggies are great detoxifiers, so it makes sense that they are good for weight loss. They also contain something that, when combined with cooked meats, turns the carcinogenic part of cooked meats into harmless and easily used amino acids. COOL!"


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06/18/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa: "Just wanting to know, has anyone lost any weight while using lecithin? I am using the examples presented and logic to believe it could be successful in weight loss. I have the granulated soy lecithin on order, arriving soon. I have no prob with soy products, I drink soy milk daily. I would like to hear from anyone who has lost weight, even as a side effect or unexpectedly, while using Lecithin."

06/19/2012: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West, South Africa replies: "Hi Citigirl27, You probably have extra weight because of your soy consumption because soy products contain a lot of phytoestrogen & leads to estrogen dominance & leads to weight gain. Only way to take soy is in its fermented form then its chemical commposition is changed & you only have a small portion/meal. Look up estrogen dominance on the net & you will have a better understanding what you are dealing with."
06/19/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "I am very familiar with soy and all of its benefits and implications. I have had weight issues way before I ever ate anything soy (my whole life since birth/vaccination), and have not gained any since beginning my soy regime -in fact I have lost a few, so it is nothing to do with soy. Let's keep this on the topic of Lecithin."
06/19/2012: Tina from Houston, Usa replies: "Hello Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa, Be VERY careful with soy consumption especially in this day and age where soy is found as non-GMO, and is extremely harmful to one's health.

Only if you find non-GMO, fermented soy you can consume safely once weekly. Otherwise it messes with your hormones and causes weight gain.

Please research / google before you begin the lecithin regime. Better to have a few extra pounds than consume a nasty substance."

06/19/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "You have a valid point for everyone. Watch out for the GMO soy. I use organic soy products that are labelled as non GMO. I wish I had a "few" extra pounds, it is a lot more than that and does not respond to calorie reduction and exercise. Would like to hear from anyone who has experienced weight loss, unintentional or not, with lecithin of any variety."
06/22/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "Here is some helpful information, instead of nay-saying. I believe this link would be helpful to post for those wanting to know more. Ted recommends lecithin for weight loss several times in this section ."
06/22/2012: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West, South Africa replies: "Hi Citigirl, If soy is not causing the weight gain, it must be starches in all its forms, because overweight people are sensitive to starches & are fast oxidisers & must stick to protein & veggies. Look up Metabolic Typing it could help you a lot, because then you will know in which direction to go. You will have to send a sample of your hair to be analised."
06/02/2013: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "Still looking for answers from anyone who has experienced weight loss with lecithin. Let's try to keep replies on this topic. Still haven't had one reply on topic yet. Who has used lecithin before and noticed a drop in weight?

FYI I do not have extra weight "due to soy consumption". I have been overweight my whole life since puberty. I have a damaged hypothalamus (metastat) due to childhood seizures and seizure drugs. Let's not be jupming to conclusions. As it happens, I have switched to almond and coconut milks for the last year, with no effect either way. This isn't about me, however, the discussion is about weight loss with lecithin."

[NAY]  03/27/2007: Jane from Bath, Maine: "I have been taking lecithin three times a day hoping for weight loss but have gained six pounds!!!! I have been exercising and sticking to a healthy diet so this is the only thing I have done differently. Just wanted to let you know and am going to stop and see if the weight loss resumes. Thank you for your wonderful site --- it has helped me in so may ways."

[NAY]  01/07/2009: Mel from Kobe, Japan replies: "I also tried taking lecithin with my meals for weight loss, however I had terrible reactions - headaches, feeling sick & tired. It took me awhile to figure out what was causing it. I took about 1T and later reduced to 1tsp 3x a day. Needless to say, I didn't lose any weight!!"
07/04/2010: Paula from Fayetteville, Nc replies: "I took lecithin at my doctor's request (she practices alternative medicine as well as being a licensed M.D.). I took it for panic attacks though. It really helped me! It helped to increase the seratonin levels in my brain due to having to take very strong antibiotics and steroids for an extended period of time after a major appendectomy surgery. Thanks to her excellent advice I no longer have panic attacks!"
09/22/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "The fact is, no matter what your metabolic type, weight, or health condition, lecithin is a fat emulsifier. This means it makes fat water-soluble and ready to be flushed out of the body. The reason you see it in foods is because it allows oil to be mixed with water based ingredients without separating or clumping. Lecithin does not contain the phytoestrogens everyone panics about (if present they are trace and insignificant), but rather has phosphatidylcholine. In plain speak, that is choline like that which is in eggs, but instead in the form of a phosphatide from a plant. It works as a liver cleanser. If you are gaining weight, it means that receptors elsewhere in your body from what your liver is releasing are weak and are responsible, not the lecithin. Ted speaks of soy lecithin granules for weight loss in several pages on EC."

Lemon and Honey Cure

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[YEA]  11/04/2007: Alem from Perth, Australia: "I have heard about lemon & Honey cures from my over 110 year old grand-grandmother in Bosnia. I was overweight as a child and after starting to drink Lemon and honey tea (juice of ½-1 lemon, little honey and warm water) every morning my whole system has changed. My weight has dropped and I never had a problem with it since. I cant remember the last time I had a cold or flue. Another thing that she told me to do was: When a person feels a cold or flue coming on, to use the juice of 3 lemons and add 5-6 big tablespoons of good honey, mix it well and drink it. I know it sounds horrible, however I can swear by it. I newer got sick."

06/17/2008: Jacque from Lawrenceville, GA replies: "How long had you been drinking the honey and lemon before you noticed any weight loss?"

Lemon Juice in Warm Water

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[YEA]  02/19/2009: Miva from Newton, MA: "I am glad that I found this site. I was away for about 10days and in those ten days I gain 4 lbs that was shocking. The jeans I wore while going to the trip it doesn't fit me anymore. I am going to start ACV with water from today. Last three days I have started drinking 1/2 lemon juice with warm water in the morning and in 3 days I started loosing some inches. If I continue with lemon juice and start ACV will this interfere with each other? I am 5' tall and weight 128. My ideal weigh is 108. I have to loose 20 lbs. Thanks!"

03/04/2012: Tapoutking from Chicago, Illinois, US replies: "About a year ago I went on a citrus Fast (Lemons/Limes) for approximately 10 - 12 days. I would use half a lemon and a whole lime since they were small in a 8oz water bottle about 4-5x a day. I didn't think I could last 2-3 days w/o eating a meal. Everything seemed to be going fine, I was feeling good, I wasn't tired or hungry and I saw some shrinkage in my belly area. On the last day of my fast I went to the bathroom and noticed that my urine color had changed from clear to almost brown. I did panic because I have never seen my urine become that dark. I drink lots of water on a daily basis (more than a gallon I know) but not exactly sure how much though.

Can anyone explain to me what they THINK or KNOW what happened? I need to know if that was a good thing or a bad thing that happened."

09/23/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, USA replies: "After 10-12 days, you were able to establish enough alkalinity to have zapped quite a few nasties and they were getting flushed out, sounds like. Candida and the like."


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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/26/2008: Angela from Montreal, Quebec, Canada: "I had about 15 atleast gallbladder attacks in 2 weeks -hospitalized one night as well and they wanted to take out the gallbladder for my "diamonds" gallstones which I'd had for 16 yrs. at least with no probs. except very sick in my 4 pregnancies because of excess bile... The attacks started due to taking digestive enzymes for 2 days and then going off them. The attacks began the next night with coleslaw, sausages, and saurkraut ..but continued for the next 2 weeks pretty much whatever I ate. In my worst attack I practically crawled to the computer to The 1/2 cup lettuce cure came up with 2 yeas. Sent son running to store for it and 20 mins. later after eating the 1/2 c. I had complete relief. As one writer speculated that it stimulated the liver to produce digestive enzymes that would stop the body from calling on the gallbladder to produce digestive bile.. So for the next 24 hrs. I ate nothing but iceberg lettuce -lots of it - and slices of organic apple. The next day I tried out eating whatever I wanted which had caused attacks throughout the prev. 2 wks. (except the cabbage/sausages -bad memory!) Even McDonald's failed to give me an attack. I am so thrilled with this cure of course!

Hearing once recently that digestive enz help people lose a lot of weight, I wonder if the stimulation of the liver a couple times a day with particularly iceberg lettuce (as it's supposed to work the best rather than other lettuces) would be a natural weight loss cure as well? I know it seems to make less of the slight puff around my ankles -more definition. So it might also help with fluid retention. As well my new pretty set wrinkles of 6 mos. ago have almost completely disappeared within a few days of ingesting 3x per day atleast (vertical ones beneath my eyes -not the crow's feet). Try it and I'd love to hear your feedback as I'm a personal trainer and would love to see if it helps people lose weight -at least it brings down the glycemic index of each meal you eat it with some."



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