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10 Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure

Last Modified on Jul 18, 2014


Multiple Remedies

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[NAY]  10/07/2010: Hilkil from Studio City, Ca, U.s.a.: "S. O. S. Help. I've posted before. I have really high blood pressure 185/120. I am mid forties, thin and do not smoke. I've tried everything ACV, lemon and cream of tartar, hawthorne berry, cayenne pepper, magnesium, celery, chinese herbal teas, acupuncture and I have purchased multiple products from the healthfood store. Can you refer a product or something to me that works. I am currently on a beta blocker that barely works and is making me sick. I am a single working Mother with two kids and it's even difficult to work. Please help."

10/08/2010: Maria from Gippsland, Australia replies: "Hi Hilkil, My Aunt has parsley tea first thing in the morning. She cuts the parsley and the stalks with scissors and then pours boiling water over them and steeps for a few mins. Her readings were about 145-155 over 90-95, now it's 120-130 over 80-90.

My BP crept up to 150/95.Then was in a building with mould and it was at 180 to 190 over 95 to 105. It would also react to stress and/or allergies and would sky rockert anywhere up to 229/126. Was put on Micardis. Got side effects. No more contact with the mouldy building but it was still to high and would still spike to high, 180/110. Found Himalaya Herbal Serpina so took myself off the meds and went on the natural alternative 1 tab twice a day for about 6 months, plus an extra tab for any spikes. At which time the BP was 120/80 to 130/88. Then added the lemon, bi-carb soda mix with magnesium and potassium added twice a day. My pulse is also now regular and very strong, which it had not been for many years. I now only take the serpina when it spikes (not very often) but I still take the lemon, bi-carb, magnessiun & potassium. I used to monitor twice a day but now only monitor every few days or so. All the best in finding your own path to health."

10/08/2010: D.ron from Madison, Wi, Usa replies: "Do a liver flush. Then juice fresh beets (root and top) and drink. May want to juice with carrots. It may turn your stool red... You are not bleeding."
10/08/2010: Eve K from Houston, Texas replies: "For high bp, one word: Beets. Eat fresh beets--roasted, on salad, juiced, or "refrigerator pickled". There is an easy recipe for making refrigerator beets on the Food Network website (Alton Brown recipe). I omit the thyme, use ACV or red wine in place of the flavored vinegar, and use cane sugar in place of sugar (I also use about half the sugar he calls for... ). Does not require heat canning or pressure canning. Delicious, ready in 3 days, great on salads or just straight out of the jar. Also, fresh beet juice--plain or mixed with carrot, apple, celery, ginger... Any number of other fresh juices... There are a number of articles on the web about studies proving that beets lower BP."
10/09/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "I know that beetroots lower blood pressure and I do drink fresh beet juice regularly but I wonder about the sugar as they seem to contain a lot."

[NAY]  08/17/2010: Hilary from Studio City, Ca, Usa: "Hi Ted: Well, you are my last stop. 5 years ago I was stung by a bee. To make a long story short, I am not allergic to bees, however, was in the hospital for several days. A nurse gave me IV Benadryl and my blood pressure went to stroke level. They got it down to 150 over 90 where it stayed until now. I tried every pill the MD gave me. Nothing worked. I have tried ACV, hydrogen peroxide therapy, hawthorn berry, mukta vahti, beets, garlic, cayenne pepper, chinese herbal teas, cupping, acupuncture and even a Filipino faith healer. I have spent thousands of dollars. Now my blood pressure is spiking 187/119. I have migraine headaches, chills, confusion and I am scared to death. Is there anything you can do to help. I am desperate."

08/18/2010: Marlane Ellis from Geelong, Victoria - Australia replies: "Hi Hillary - both my husband and I keep our blood pressure under control with Q10 and liquid Olive Leaf. The Olive Leaf especially is amazing, it brings our blood pressure down without any problems. Q10 requires LCarnitine (an amino acid) and MSM powder to lock it in. Because Q10 is fat soluble I take it with whole milk. All of these are easily obtainable, at least they are here in Australia. We also use Strauss Heart Drops which are produced in Canada. Strangely you can buy them in NZ but not here. I have no idea why, so I'm not sure whether you can buy them or not. Just google them for more info. They really are wonderful although they taste foul. Good luck Marlane Ellis"
08/18/2010: Janice from Coloma, Mi replies: "Hilary, would you believe this... I also got stung by a bee and took benedryl. I didn't put two and two together until I read your post. I went to a massage therapist and she took my blood pressure. It was 176/103. I couldn't believe it so when I got home I took it on my machine and it was 156/95 which was better but still way too high and had me worried. It stayed pretty high like that so I came to Earth Clinic and read about taking Lemon Juice with Cream of Tarter. You will have to look it up for the exact instructions but I used the juice of 1/2 lemon and instead of using 2 teaspoons of cream of tarter, I only used one. It tastes fine. I did add a little honey to sweeten it and threw in a shake of red pepper. My blood pressure dropped like a rock! I did that for about three days and then my blood pressure was so good I just stopped. My blood pressure this morning is 116/70. I'm happy with that. A big thanks to whoever posted that remedy. After reading your post, I'm wondering if the Benedryl is what caused it to get so high. It has been getting a little bit higher this year and the Doc has been threatening me with medication so I am very grateful this remedy is working."
08/19/2010: Karen from Buffalo, Ny replies: "In response to Hilary... It sounds like anxiety symptoms. If you're having anxiety it would make sense your blood pressure would be high. I'm seeing a kinesiologist, she is wonderful. I was asking her if she can detect things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. She said yes, most definitely. She said the kidneys control blood pressure, it's the amount of rennin in the kidneys. Conventional wisdom will tell you high blood pressure can damage kidneys if not treated, but it appears it's the other way around. I would look for an alternative practitioner. Doctors today only know drugs and surgery. Blood pressure to them is called "essential" which means they are clueless as to what causes it. At least I got an explanation from a very good kinesiologist which is more than I ever got from a doctor."

[NAY]  11/01/2009: Hoax from Guerneville, Ca, USA: "Driving a big rig around the country, my BP has to be 140/90,or they pull my license. I've taken it all:garlic, ACV, cayenne, bicarb, salt free diet, HBP pills, potassium, colloidal silver, magnesium, bananas and colloidal minerals. I'm sicker from your cures than HBP. I'm still running 200/100. The medicine has unwanted side effects,but overdosing for the test,I get it down without a doctor's or homeopath's approval and feel great the rest of the year."

11/01/2009: Phil from Dearing, Ga replies: "Hello Hoax. Your high blood pressure could be related to build up of plaque in your arteries and not due to kidney toxicity... If this is the case you may want to check into ORAL CHELATION. This might clear your arteries and may result in lowering your blood pressure."
11/15/2009: Tony from Monroe, Nj replies: "Phil, can you tell me which oral chelation product you used to lower your blood pressure? Like many other people, I've tried everything also to lower my BP with no luck. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks, Tony"
11/15/2009: Phil from Dearing, Ga replies: "Hello Tony. I actually don't use an oral chelation. My High blood pressure issues are due to sodium and sugars. Which is why anything that will flush my kidneys seems to work... I drink Asparagus Extract every day to help maintain normal kidney function.

You can google Asparagus extract and usally Dr. Chi comes up, that is what I use. As far as oral chelation, there are many on the market. One that comes to mind is Nutralife laboratories. You may also want to check out, she has some great testimonials and she will send you a free catalog that details alot of information. And the only other one I can think of is I used, breifly the one from Nutralife laboratories and did see lower readings, but I also was drinking Asparagus Extract at the same time, so I really can't tell you for sure if it worked.

There are many people that have said oral chelation worked for them, I guess you just have to find the one that works best for you...

Vinager and garlic never helped me, only the Asparagus drink helped.

Sorry, I could not help more. But everything I learn and study comes from me making good use of google and reading several websites."

11/15/2009: Tony from Monroe, Nj replies: "Thanks Phil, this was actually very helpful I appreciate it. Oddly enough, my BP was perfect today, but that was after a long run this morning. I've noticed that after a 30 minute jog my BP goes down significately.

Good luck to you.
Thanks again."

11/19/2009: Phil from Dearing , Ga, USA replies: "Hi Tony. I glad this may help you. I should have also mentioned the instructions for the asparagus extract is one cup of hot water added to packet, let sit for 5 minutes, stir and drink... Once a day is recommended for maintaining normal blood pressure range....However if you kidneys are clogged and toxic you can drink up to 3 packs a day and only use half a cup of hot water. If you order the free catalog from it has tons of information about ALL kinds of diseases and the instructions on the asparagus is in the book in serveral different places. I find it works btter for me at half cup of water taken twice daily.

If your pressure does not come down, after a few weeks , then you might consider oral chelation...But you would be suprised at the people who simply just have toxic kidneys and they need to be flushed."

[YEA]  01/02/2009: Ning from Springfield, Missouri: "Last OCT '08 my blood pressure went up after sudden death in the family,I went the the Dr.and my doc. prescribed low dose of CLONIDINE,after 2 wks i was off meds,thought it will go down since iwas in the state of shocked since then my BP has been 160/88 I found this website and I went to the health food store and and bought bragg ACV, I've been taking ACV for 10 days with 8 oz H2O with the following supplements: cal.1000 mg, magnesium 400 mg, zinc 10 mg (all in 1 pill) 3x a day, flaxseed 1000 mg 3x a day,Vit C 1000 mg 3 x a day garlic softgel 1000 mg 6x a day and 1 grapefruit a day and now my blood pressure is 110/70 after 10 days it is so unreal but today after taking a nap my BP was 96/62, is that too LOW?i forgot I've been eating celery too and use a lot of garlic..Anyway,TNX for the website and all the comments."

01/04/2009: Hope from Sacramento, CA replies: "Hi Ning - Just wondering how much ACV you used in the 8 ounces of water. Thank you!"

Natural Progesterone Cream

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[YEA]  12/23/2008: Martin from San Miguel, Spain: "I though that the following might be of interest. I am a male of 57 years. I had a heart attack and subsequent angioplasty with stents when I was 45 and then until earlier in 2008 I was fine.

In June I had a series of heart attacks followed by bypass surgery. All went really fine but shortly after being released from hospital I developed very high blood pressure of 200+ over 100+. Despite various changes of medication by my doctor, my blood pressure would not stay under control and so I started my search for "other" remedies, which is what lead me to this site.

I tried the Apple Cider Vinigar cure, and although it did relieve the acid indigestion that I sometimes suffer from, it did not help with my blood pressure which despite continuing to take my medication would often read 210 over 118 or more (The ACV did not help me to lose any weight either.

It seemed as if a stroke was inevitable and I was beginining to despair when I read that L- Arganine helps to lower blod pressure. I tried the maximum recommended dose (as well as my meds) of 1 gram 3 times a day, and did see a little improvement, but still in the region of 170 over 95.

Then I made a break through. As you can imagine, I have spent a lot of time seaching the internet for help (hope) and I have read just about everything that has been published from the various research papers regarding high blood pressure. I read a report that natural progestorone cream - in addition to many other benefits - lowers blood pressure. Three weeks ago, I started to apply natural progesterone cream at the dose of 10 mgs morning and evening. I continued to take 1 gram L-Arganine 3 times a day as well as using my medication.

Yesterday morning I took my blood pressure reading and to my delight it was 127 over 89. It stayed around this figure with all of my daytime readings and this morning was 130 over 84. I know that this may not seem to be a great reading, but for me it is fantastic. I am not recommending any of what I have tried as being right for anyone else, but it may be something that others may want to research if they, like me, cannot get their BP under control."

Nettle Tea, B Vitamin, Garlic Tab

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[YEA]  04/19/2007: Isma from Edinburgh, UK: "nyone with a high blood pressure should be taking Nettle Tea, B50 timed release one tablet per day and 100% pure garlic tab a day too, you'l see the results within weeks oh and not forgetting add two table spoons of olive oil to your cooking too."

Non-Fluoride Toothpaste

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[YEA]  09/08/2013: Airzone from Mississippi, Usa: "In the last six months, I have changed my Toothpaste that had Fluoride to non Fluoride Toothpaste and my Blood pressure has gotten to a normal state. Our Government is feeding us C**P, it is a money maker for Dentist & Oncologist. Fluoride has never been approved by the FDA to put in water & Toothpaste The Government won't go near this subject they know it will open a can of worm's. If you read your tooth paste it will say if a six year old swallows a pea sized amount call Poison control. If its poison for a lab Rat it is Poison for Humans of all ages. It stops the production of "62 vital Thyroid enzymes that will open the door to Cancer and other illnesses" it was used in the Sarin gas that was used to kill people it has been classified a neurotoxin by toxicologist with The German scientist came up with it in 1930 and the United States started using it in 1945 under the false image as good for teeth it passes the to the endocrine system there it does it's damage to Bones look it up:"

Olive Leaf

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01/15/2014: Bee from New York: "Hello, I am a 59 year old female taking olive leaf to lower blood pressure but wondering how long can I take it? Been reading and seeing different reports. The health food guy said I can only take it temporarily as it damages your gut.. is this true? Thank You"

01/15/2014: Prioris from Fl replies: "Besides the doctor telling you to lower your blood pressure, why do you want to lower it? If it is for heart disease, take nattokinase."
01/16/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Bee: There are not any harmful substances in olive leaf. Many people in the Mediterranean drink several cups a day all their lives."
01/16/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Oh; yes of course my bp was high at doctors office but I also check it at home and it was a bit high and although I have gotten it down with weight loss and diet and using ACV and Taurine and Olive Leaf and Magnesium .. Now since I gained some weight back its back up a bit.. but I can control it with these remedies and diet and exercise but I have to take my bp everyday .. I also do acupressure and that brings it down.."
01/16/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Re: Olive leaf -- wow thank you. I will keep taking it then .."
01/16/2014: Prioris from Fl replies: "Why not get to the root of the high blood pressure problem.

Here's an excerpt from Harvard Medical School's newsletter...

MYTH 3: It's okay to have higher blood pressure when you're older.

Blood pressure tends to rise with age, but the fact that this trend is "normal" doesn't mean that it is good for you. It happens because artery walls become stiff with age. Stiff arteries force the heart to pump harder. This sets up a vicious cycle. Blood pounding against the artery walls damages them over time. The overworked heart muscle becomes less effective and pumps harder to meet the body's demands for blood. This further damages the arteries and invites fat into the artery walls. This is how high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.



Vitamin K maintains normal coagulation, preserves bone, and protects against calcification by carboxylating specific proteins in the body.61

In the arteries, vitamin K is required to carboxylate matrix Gla-protein. If matrix Gla-protein is under-carboxylated, then it is unable to perform its normal function in protecting arteries against excess accumulation of calcium, or inhibiting vascular calcification.



Most Nattokinase usually has some vitamin K in it. You could take additional vitamin K also. Many people who want to lower their blood pressure only because they are told. They really don't know why."

01/16/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Well at first I thought it was my age and that I was overweight at the time with a bad diet and under extreme stress at the time.. So of course the doctor put me on meds.. But then I lost 35 lbs. which I have gained back half .. Now when I lost the weight, changed my diet and cut back on bad foods and salt and started walking everyday my bp came down.. Oh; and I was handling my stress much better.. Only thing as soon as I gained the weight my top number went up to 140 .. but then since the meds were not working I decided to try natural things such as Taurine.. I am a vegetarian so I am missing amino acids. what could It hurt? the man in healthfood store gave me magnesium, taurine, beet root and olive leaf. So I figured what could it hurt.. So after taking these things bp is stabilized.. doctors say bp is complicated but for me I believe its stress and since I am 59 could be age.. and yes rusty arteries.. So now I am trying to figure it all out and get to the root of it but how does one find out? No regular doctor cares or will help so I am going to an alternative doctor and see if she can see what kinds of things I should be on."
01/17/2014: Prioris from Fl replies: "Let me correct what I said previously. Most Nattokinase brands remove K2 but some include it. One brand that included it was named "Natural Vitamin K2 with Nattokinase."

A better route to go for arterial calcification problem would be to add something like the Life Extension brand - Super K ...

Their rationale for removing K2 is so it won't interact with prescription medications. Some brands will actually tout that they remove it while other brands remain silent. There is a lack of consistent labeling."

01/17/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Hi, well I have found K2 with nattokinase from a company I already get products from. It just says do not take with blood thinners. I am not on those .. Anyway.. I believe I also have gallbladder issues so using lemons and ACV and probiotics and lecithin.. I have to say when I wake in morning and take the ACV my blood pressure readings are good.. That is before medication.. So I am thinking the ACV is cutting the fat and stuff in my body and working on clearing the arteries along with lemons. could that be true? maybe the lecithin is doing that also...

I would love to get off these meds that don't work but now I am afraid to wean off myself so lets see if an alternative doctor can help me figure out what I should do. its pricey but what else can I do?

thank You for your time and responses.. so appreciated.

Oh; and thank you EC..."

01/17/2014: Prioris from Fl replies: "Also K2 comes in two forms - MK7 which comes from natto and MK4 which is synthetic and comes from animal tissue. MK7 is the preferred form. Take it with meals and in first meal of day. A few people say they have experienced insomnia from MK7. Maybe it builds up in the body but just something to be aware of."
01/17/2014: Prioris from Fl replies: "In regards to "No regular doctor cares or will help". Exactly. this is what motivates a lot of people to become DIY-ers (Do It Yourself-ers).

If you can find and afford alternative health doctor then you have some luxury. Many can't so they have to take personal responsibility and just research the problem themselves. Doctors themselves are heavily regulated and compromised so that could prevent them from giving you the best advice.

The problem with blood pressure measurements is that they are not reliable. As far as stress, it is normal for arteries to constrict during stress so I wouldn't worry about that problem. If it were a real problem, you would have been dead a long time ago.

If you combine hard arteries and stress then it would be a problem so remove or prevent the hard arteries. Supple arteries help withstand stress more.

The core issue with blood pressure is with aging people who have hardening of the arteries. If you got normal blood pressure but hard arteries you still got a problem. Curing or preventing hard arteries will address the underlying problem. If you don't get enough sunlight, you may want to think about adding some vitamin D with the K2.

One way or another - hopefully you get off the prescription medications. Once your off, try to stay off by finding alternatives,"

01/17/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Yes I agree and I do take Vit.D.... I will def. look into K but is L Ariginine the same thing? I get my best advice from an 85 year old working woman at the health food store.

Anyway; Yes I do understand about the conventional doctors and how they are regulated and I am doing alternatives things and will continue..

One natural or integrative doctor I called wants 300.00 for a first visit and then not sure what after that.. it could be worth it if I just say I want off these pills and do it safely and the right way and if she will help me get off the meds. If not I wont return.. she also can offer natural things I am assuming and help me in figuring out what a 59 year old woman should take as natural supplements. Thank You and yes I am helping myself and finding things on my own."

01/17/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Bee: To function at peak performance you can take a complete raw whole food program that involves organic produce, grass fed animal products, super foods, home brewed water kefir, fermenting adaptogens, mushroom extracts, earthing, and spring water. The cost would be $12 to $15 per day."
01/17/2014: Tori from Mira Loma, California, U.S.A. replies: "My husband was about to go on 3 high blood pressure pills for his high blood pressure when he discovered Himalayan salt! Himalayan salt is a great mineral and it's actually is good for us. My husband said he uses all he wants on his food and his blood pressure is perfect.

123/72 was his last blood pressure reading and he got off all blood pressure medication! My blood pressure is good as well 117/72 only I still use one blood pressure pill. I am going to ask my doctor if I can get off the pill. We buy it on Ebay or you can buy it at a health food store. The man at the health food store told us that regular store salt (white) is like poison! But I don't know if that is true or not?"

01/18/2014: Prioris from Fl replies: "I think arginine has been reported to reduce the thickness of arteries but I don't know what that means. K2 has the strong evidence behind it.

A big myth is that salt causes heart disease. Like cholesterol, it was another lie. The scientific studies have shown that the amount of salt consumption has no bearing on whether people get heart disease.

Salt is healthy. I use Kosher Salt because it blends in with food better. Sea Salt is suppose to be one of the healthy salts. I hear a lot of good things about Himalayan salt and it may be better. So don't deny yourself salt. It actually helps you stay healthy.

The reason why your blood pressure goes up with more salt is because it expands the water in your blood. This is not a good reason to give up your salt. Salt is healthy for you. Many health conditions improve with salt especially the sea salt.

Vitamin K2 is proven to reverse calcified artery damage. It also helps take the calcium that would end up in your arteries and put it into your bones hence increases bone density. some anecdotal posts I have read report drastic reduction in people's artery calcium in only a couple months. Nice thing about this is that it says that once you give the arteries a good cleaning then you probably don't have to take it every day so can find a maintenance dose.

So vitamin K2 essentially keeps calcium out of your arteries and into you bones. Vitamin D (i use D3 kind) works in tandem with K2. Don't deny yourself salt."

01/19/2014: Jenny from Il replies: "Also, I read when you age you loose silica in your body and that can harden arteries around the heart. I hace been taking diatomaceous earth, this stuff has been helping with my anxiety and high blood pressure. Do some research. I like it."
01/20/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Hi, thank you for the feedback.. yes I use sea salt here and there. I really don't like salt all that much but I do eat foods with it.. I also realize salt doesn't hurt us in moderation.

Well my bp has been pretty stable for awhile so not sure I need anything else for now besides what I have been using...but I will look into K and the other things you mentioned. One reason I want to see a integrative doctor.. maybe they can tell me exactly what I need cause I just do it by trial and error and experiment.. About two months ago I started using ACV, . Lecithin, Taurine, Magnesium and beet root powder and olvie leaf...once in while I use motherwort .. All of these things are working for the bp..

Thank You and thank you EC.."

01/28/2014: Bee from New York replies: "I made an appt. with a integrative doctor a few months ago and she didn't have an apt. until feb.. Well that is next month and not sure I should cancel. The initial first fee is 300.00 without lab work.. Now I go to a clinic and its very poor care but better than nothing.. I have no insurance and just thinking maybe she can tell me what to do or take and set me on right path and then be done with doctors only I am an aging 59 year old woman and who knows?? I know you cant put a price on health but is this crazy??

Plus do any doctors really care about patients?? Any advice??"

01/29/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "Is this about getting off beta blockers?"
01/29/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Bee,

Well, here are my two cents worth of rambling...we have been blessed to have some doctors over the years who do indeed care and are not all about $. When we lived in KY there was a family doctor in town that only charged $40 for a visit and didn't even charge that if you couldn't pay. He was puzzled by the symptoms one of my children had a number of years ago (on and off fever for a long time and swollen lymph nodes.) He called me on his day off to ask if we had cats. Turns out my son had cat scratch fever. (And I thought it was just a song! ) He really cared. He didn't know anything about natural medicine, but he was helpful to us in diagnosing things at times. Sadly, we have had more dealings with doctors who really didn't care or were not open to alternative treatments. Once I saw a doctor and the first things she said was "You are not on any prescription medication! " She promptly wrote me two prescriptions for I don't recall what as I threw them away.

So, I don't know if you should go to this person. It troubles me that medical help is so expensive. I have more positive results in improving the health of my family through implementing what I have learned on Earth Clinic and herb books than through the medical field. Though, I have needed medical services at times and have been grateful for that, especially when I have had good doctors and nurses. But when medical help is so expensive, and $300 for an office visit seems absurd to me, I worry that $ is the driving force in the practice and not that of helping people feel better.

My husband was having heart palpitations years ago and went to a heart doctor who put him on beta blockers. It was a low dose and he felt terrible on that. He went off them cold turkey (he hadn't been on them long and we didn't know any better.) He figured out that caffeine was the cause of the palpitations, so he went off that, too.

One option you have is to continue to read and study and try different things for your health. You have already found that diet and exercise and stress affect you...that is great knowledge.

Please keep us posted on what you try and how you are doing. We are all learning together here. I will pray that you have wisdom in your decisions!

~Mama to Many~ "

01/29/2014: Robert Henry from Ten Mile Tn. replies: "HI U BEE, , , , , , , , , , , , What you need to understand is that you are directed by BIG PHARMA AND THE AMA to go to Allopathic doctors. To force you to do that , no insurance company will pay a Naturopathic. This is left to you. I will not express what is now going through my mind least my EC boss will chastise me. It's a womb to the tomb thing. Just glad I's going out at 92 and will not have to endure the coming Alinsky mind set.

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY============="

01/29/2014: Mt from Ottawa, Ontario replies: "Please read about mistletoe tea -it will fix blood pressure issues and will bring hormonal balance."
01/30/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Thanks for the replies .. will try and answer one by one..

well I do live in NY and doctors around here are very pricey and one either pays out of pocket these high costs just to get information or goes to a clinic where the care is okay but I feel it is sub par..

Now I do the best I can with my health and yes I read all I can on EC but sometimes I need validation if I am doing the right thing.. So just figuring should I just go once and get my whole health thing in check and make sure I am using and taking the right things..? I mean if that doesn't work I can always go somewhere else and back to the clinic.

You guys are right in that main stream medicine does not believe in much. I told the doctor at the clinic that I was taking ACV, taurine and some other things and they look at me with three heads and say well we are not under regulation there so we cant offer anything and blah blah blah..take this medicine and go away..

I would love to find a middle of the road doc who believes in both but again its probably very pricey.. where I live the deal is rich or poor.. cant move right now so I have to find some balance.. Right now my balance is integrating alternative with the other but I do that on my own and have given no advice from anyone.. just reading and experimenting here on EC..and experimenting with my own self.. I just don't know if it is the right fit for me .. I make it up as I go...

Being an aging woman at almost 60 thinking let me get this right for a change and thinking I need help just once or twice..and then I can move on on my own or go to a doctor who doesn't cost so much...

Thank you for the info.."

01/31/2014: Bee from Ny replies: "Yes P, I am hoping some doctor especially an integrative one can tell me what to take that is right for me. so far I am experimenting on my own and doing good but once in awhile I would like to make sure I am doing right thing.

Maybe this doctor can tell me if I need beta blockers or can wean off or integrate whatever. In the beginning of this journey the meds alone weren't even working that well and I stupidly believed that they could.. Well after some time I added natural things and they seem to be working together now.. Too bad I found out too late and hoping I didn't damage anything.. but that is me for believing doctors and being stupid.. I usually am up with these things but those docs scared me a lot and kept blaming me that their stupid medicine didn't work.. I did take matters into my own hands and the complimentary doctors wont even budge in helping me but again this is a clinic with sub par care ..

So I would love to hear what an integrative doctor says."

01/31/2014: Prioris from Fl, Usa replies: "It's a nobrainer about what you need to do. You can continue to take it and increase your chances of dying by 25% or you can gradually stop over a couple weeks and decrease your chances of dying by over 25%.

it's clear how you get off beta blockers. you can save $300 and do it yourself or pay $300 and have someone tell you the same thing.

start taking the nattokinase then add K2 after you are off beta blockers"

01/31/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada replies: "Dear Bee:

I have thought long about your post here on EC. There are no integrative doctors - they are allopathic doctors trained by Big Pharma to sell their wares. Some doctors hear their voice of conscience and try to help patients according to their inner promptings. However, if found out in not prescribing a max of meds, they will receive a warning. So many are working while silencing their conscience as it would mean a negation of all that had been washed into their brains, which they did not question boot.

Allopathy teaches about sickness and not WELLNESS

Allopathy treats your eye, foot, stomach; NOT THE WHOLE PERSON

Allopathy admits of a mind and seeks to alter it

Allopathy seeks to dominate a mind with chemicals but


You and I as a human being have the gift of intuition. You live in this body and you alone can take responsibility for your health.

A doctor is a stranger. In a few minutes he can cause a lot of damage to your health by allowing so many minutes and then "next one please".

He has in mind how his earnings will be and many doctors vie among themselves who makes the most. They are obsessed with their salaries.

Much more could be said, but the choice is up to you. You have as a faculty discrimination and awareness which can be sharpened by practice and experimentation.

The main point is that chemicals and plant colloidal chemicals are a world apart. For one thing, they do not work well together and cause more damage creating a chaotic picture. And when money is the main object and not the well being of man, BEWARE. Love, Om"

01/31/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Bee: I always enjoy reading you because of the absolutely amazing way you put thoughts together. I was poisoned by toxic fumes and wish I could do that as well as you do. You remind me of me a while back. For 5 years I took isolated supplements and herbal remedies. I wasn't sick anymore but continued to suffer from fatigue. Everything was a struggle. After watching some raw food videos I went on a 90% raw organic vegan and 10% raw grass fed animal products program, except when my dear beloved brother gives me the best tasting food in the whole world for my birthday, smoked wild caught Alaskan salmon. I felt better but not great. I did not have the enthusiasm and spontaneity of a 6 year old or the hormones of a 16 year old. Then I discovered something that was way better than everything else put together including the best super foods. Organic baby leaves have growth factors, steroids, and hormones not in anything else. Today I walked 30 minutes, rested for 30 minutes, 8 times. My body buzzed like a bee the whole time. I take 8oz daily in green smoothies because the nutrients are locked up in the cellulose. I hope this info assists you in feeling great all the time."
01/31/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Okay so you are saying all doctors are the same? Holistic and conventional and naturopaths.. they all want to just give us drugs? I don't understand some of your post.

So are you also saying never to see a doctor .. I would have loved that and I hadn't been to a doctor in like five years until two years ago when I had some horrible symptoms of shortness of breath, severe fatigue and a lot of coughing so I had to finally break down and see a doctor because I had no idea what was wrong. At that time I couldn't diagnose myself. So off I went to the clinic due to NO insurance.. They diagnosed me with hbp so of course I went on some medication and was monitored for a whole year.. Now what I didn't know at the time was that the meds were not working so well but I didn't piece it together so I lost a lot of weight and I changed and revamped my diet to more healthy and lifestyle more bp went down but heck I am almost 59 so attributed this to age and stress .. At that time I had a lot of stress..After awhile I started reading more about health and wellness and I went on a quest to feel better and get well.. Only thing I didn't still connect the dots to the meds not working so well and I was stupid in still believing that they would. I was then put on the beta blockers for anxiety and all and I had no idea what they were. Like I said before the doctors scared me into them .. Fast forward to this year and started taking other things to lower the bp that worked way better than the meds in which I wish I had figured out way back but okay I didn't.. Plus I am learning how to control the anxiety and all.

Now I am thinking though it might be time for lab work or something just to see what is going on but believe me if I didn't have to see any doctor it would be fine with me.. I just at times would like to see what is going on I guess because of the aging process..but I dont know. do I really need to ??

I basically dont even go in for routine screenings and always refuse them..but I do try and keep a vegetarian diet and keep my body as alkaline as possible and knowing exercise and diet are a good way for wellness and taking certain amino acids and vitamins and minerals..

I have no idea what else to do except for what I am doing. Now to just get off these bp meds.."

02/01/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Mike 62from Denver

Ha ha not sure what you mean about my writing but thank you for the compliment I think? LOL

Anyway; which post are you referring too?

I feel like I am writing so much but I get so much great info on here and I love EC and the recommendations.

Thank you all and EC

Now in regards to those hpb pills its so challenging to cut them and now I am afraid it wont work well... OY VEI"

02/01/2014: Kay from In The Valley replies: "Mike62 from Denver, can you tell us what is meant by 'organic baby leaves'? What type of leaves are these, is this a supplement, or do you grow plants and eat the budding leaves? I'm curious about this. Thanks, Kay"
02/01/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada replies: "Hi, Bee --- but you are on the right track! Forget about aging and enjoy every moment. Listen to your body and learn what is going on. My ideal is intuitive healing. Just think of the many wonderful doctors in the past who did not rely on tests but on their experience and expertise. Today it is mainly a mechanistic approach that makes accessibility not possible for many.

I definitely touched only on the allopathic system which has driven good healers underground, closed the many schools of natural medicine and is forcing people to pay dues to big pharma alone. Good men who have cured large numbers of sick people are in jail or had to leave the country.

Ultimately it should be everyone's right to choose a healing system so desired. Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, while thousands of years old -- these are under pressure. This should never be. Might is not necessarily right. Namaste, Om"

02/01/2014: Mike62 from Denver replies: "Kay: They are in all grocery stores. They come in 1lb tubs and an open section where you can put some in a bag. They are called baby herbs and baby spring mix. I buy the 1/2 baby leaves and 1/2 baby spinach, organic. They are the Frank Sinatra of food, the best of the best. They made an exhausted old buck like me feel like an exuberant young fawn. They have growth factors, steroids, and hormones not in any other food. They cured the arthritis and chronic fatigue that I suffered from for over a decade in just 3 days."
02/04/2014: Kay from In The Valley replies: "Thank you Mike62 from Denver, I appreciate you're getting back to me, I'm going to try it."
02/11/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Hello Me Again!!

I am using 2 tablespoons of ACV a day, 500 mgs. of Taurine but sometimes I take two at night before bed.. I also use olive Leaf and Magnesium and beet root powder.

I was told by a woman in health food store to use the ACV before meals for my digestive issues and then take 2 probiotics after meals.. Well I am feeling a lot better with that and now wondering was my digestive issues which could have been blocked or something the cause of the hbp... Of course I am on the pills and want to get off but am scared of trying it alone as they are beta blockers.. Only thing when I wake up morning my pulse and bp have come down a lot....stomach feeling like its being cleared but is this the ACV and the probiotics together??

So now wondering I can eliminate something or cut down on something and is it the Taurine helping so much or the other things.. yes I get so confused easily and not sure its my nerves or the digestive issues or fact I am almost 60 and having these issues...

thank you"

[YEA]  11/17/2009: Samuel from Short Hills, N.J.: "For high blood pressure use olive leaf extract or powder. Please be careful if using medication or allergic. It might lower it too much. Try a little at a time, and see the effects. Use powder in tea. It's somewhat bitter. Add a little honey to sweeten taste.Mix with cayenne pepper extract if desired.. Start with smaller amounts.Very sharp taste.S tart with one or 2 drops to begin with. Check blood pressue about half an hour later to see results. Use common sense and use with caution.You might be pleasantly surprised."

[YEA]  02/14/2008: Vicki from Littleton, CO: "My husband has had high blood pressure for years. we have tried low salt diet, no caffiene, minerals, hawthorn, as well as other herbs. We were able to lower it to borderline but never normal until we tried Olive Leaf with 20% oleuropein. His pressure stablized within 24 hours. He takes 1 pill 2x daily. He went from 130/94 to 119/74 and has maintained it for 1 month and a half. No side effects as of yet."

02/19/2009: Jocelyn from Tulsa, OK replies: "What was the dosage used? I've found several website's advertising capsules in different strength's from 150mg to 825mg. Most articles I have read recommend 1000 mg a day."

Olive Oil, Avocados

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[YEA]  05/18/2009: Barry from Camarillo, Ca: "I went from using extra virgin olive oil to coconut oil for cooking. I also starting eating 1/2 avocado/day. In 5 weeks my blood pressure went from an average of 125/85 to 114/75."

Onion Juice

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[YEA]  Antonia : "Mix half onion juice and half honey. Take two teaspoons once daily for a week and then take as needed."

Passion Fruit Juice

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[YEA]  03/08/2006: Vicki from Baltimore: "just wanted to share that i just got back from kenya. my doctor had put me on blood pressure meds shortly before i left. i wasn't feeling too good, but i went on the trip. i had no feelings of high blood pressure in africa, but when i got back to the states i started feeling "off" again even with the meds. today i'm reading that someone said passion fruit juice lowers hbp. that is what i drank every morning in africa! i am going to start drinking that here."

[QUESTION]  02/21/2009: Sanjita from Wigan, Lancs, United Kingdom replies: "To Vicki: I have just learnt from you that Passion Fruit Juice lowers blood pressure. I was also introduced to this juice by friends from Kenya. It is available by the glassful in restaurants of Kenyan origin. Yet whenever I try to purchase the fruit and squeeze the juice, it yields very little juice. I live in a place where we dont get Passion Fruit Juice in restaurants as it is only available in the London restaurants. Do you know how the restaurants manage to get such large quantities of Passion Fruit Juice. How do you get your juice, as the one from cartons/tins is not the same as the fresh variety that we get served in restaurants.

Thanks. Sanjita"

[YEA]  Iliana from Miami, FL: "For years I have drank Passion Fruit juice and it does lower BP. The friend that recommended it to me has LBP and told me that he couldn't have passion fruit because it would drop his BP to the floor."

Pomegranate Juice

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[YEA]  07/10/2010: Chris from Dighton, Ma: "Had had high blood pressure. 160/110. Started on BP medicine. Made me dizzy. Stopped taking the medication. Started on Pomegranate juice, 2 oz. a day. Too much will give you the runs. Blood pressure dropped to 113/68 in 4 days. This stuff is marvelous. It is supposed to reduce cholesterol also. Haven't had it checked. It is said to reduce the plaque that builds up in the arteries. Whatever it did it worked like a charm."

08/26/2010: John from Boise, Id replies: "Thanks Chris-- By the way, what time of day did you take the pomegranate Juice?"
04/04/2011: Christine from Bellingham, Wa, Usa replies: "They sell pomegranite molasses in our local Mediteranean food store -pure pomegranite juice that has been concentrated to a thick consistency and used in middle-eastern cookery. I wonder if anyone has tried it and got the same benefits as the bottled juice. I started using it in water as a drink a couple of days ago, so far BP still in 180/110 range in spite of taking bp medication from my cardiologist fir the past 3 months. We'll see if it works."

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