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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Remedies

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Turmeric Treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Powdered Turmeric - 1 Teaspoon

Turmeric capsules are available, but you can also simply take 1 tsp of powdered turmeric in 1/4 cup of water three times a day for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Many people also like it in warm milk (almond or rice will do as well as dairy).

[YEA]  09/01/2008: Joan from San Francisco, CA: "I am following up to confirm all who have been writing about boils and HS. I've had the affliction for almost 2 years in the groin region. After discovering this site, I swear by the Turmeric ____; washing the affected area twice daily with ___soap; using tea tree oil as an antiseptic and an ointment to soothe the skin after. When there is an attack, I take Alleve for the swelling/pain and use hot compresses (if necessary) to help w/ drainage. I am a very active person who is a spinning enthusiast so you can imagine how this was affecting me prior. I also use hypoallergenic bandaids to avoid irritation from the normal adhesive after draining. Although this is incurable, I can live a pretty normal life now. Good luck to all."

[YEA]  08/29/2008: Cara from Surrey, BC: "I came across this website while i was doing research for alternate remedies for my HS.. I had been in alot of pain and really didnt like being on antibotics (b.c they DONT work) Anyways.. I went to my local pharmacy which carries homopathic remedies and picked up turmeric. It is AMAZING the difference. My HS isnt completly gone but it might as well be for the difference it made. i do not get large painful cysts anymore, mostly just small acne like ones with minimal pain. If i do get a larger cyst they do not tract anymore and come to a head sooner so I can lance it with immediate releif. I have also been using a tea tree oil topically... THANK YOU for your site and your remedies.. I have been virtually pain free for a month, longer then i have ever been in almost 20 years"

[YEA]  07/19/2008: Melonie from Atlanta, Georgia USA: "I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). It is a pus-producing and debilitating skin condition that causes large infected boils on the neck, breasts, armpits, abdomen, buttocks and groin areas. They can grow together and also form a tunnel called a "sinus tract". It sounds like what some of you may have. I was self-diagnosed after doctors didn't know what is was & still didn't after informing them. Their treatment was years of antibiotics which didn't work, by-the-way because in most cases, the pus is sterile. I went online and searched for a Natural/Holistic treatment and found Turmeric. I took as directed ( 1 teaspoon in a cup of warm water 10-15 minutes before breakfast & dinner for 3 days). I felt results in hours - not days. I felt better overall. In 3 days all of my golf ball sized areas on my neck, breasts, underarms ans sinus tract disappeared, along with the terrible deep-purple scars that HS leaves. I went back to my dermatologist 6 months later and they could not believe I was the same person. I have told my HS Support Group Members about it and they, too, have been successful into putting their condition into remission. I have been in remission for 7 months now. For some reason, the capsules do not seem to have the same effects and affects as the powder in warm water, though."

12/13/2008: Kim from Westmont, IL replies: "How do you mix the Turmeric with water? I have not had any luck with this. Please help"

EC: We add turmeric to hot water, stir briskly, then add cooler water to the cup and drink. The trick is to drink it before the spice settles. Keep stirring as needed.

07/11/2010: Karon from Long Island, New York replies: "I was grateful to find this info on HSA. I recently realized this is what I have been dealing with all these years. I immedicately went out and purhcased the Turmeric. I mixed it with water, but after trying to drink it I became very nauseous. Any recommendations on how to get past that? I began taking the pills that don't seem to be very effective. While taking them I had an outbreak of six boils at one time. HELLLPPPP!!"

EC: A few turmeric recipes here:

11/30/2010: Jazzynhouston from Houston, Tx, Usa replies: "I have had hs since I was 17 yers old and have been to several specialists who told me they were just boils and skin lesions for the last ten years. I recently got pregnant after 7 years of trying and the gynocologists told me hey you have hs. Im like what did you call it, she later explained what it was. I was so relieved I finally knew what was wrong with me. I had been living in an uncomfortable pain forever and doctors only ever gave me vicodin for pain and some type of antibiotic and sent me on my way. Sure I have had several surgeries to remove 6 really bad ones, but now I have a 3 months old and im still in pain. I have no idea what to do, my medicaide just cancelled and I have no insurance, I didnt even know there were support groups for this. Whats ur advice for me?"

[YEA]  05/22/2008: Binal from Edison, NJ: "Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Thanks to everyone for the Turmeric remedy. i tried that for just one week and everything started clear up. This really works! Thank you!"

07/12/2008: Phil from Lynbrook, NY replies: "I just found this diagnosis-HS-. I have been using crushed ginger and castor oil compresses on the abscesses. If I get it right in the begining stage when it is only an itch, it does not come out at all. It helps in all the stages. The sun and the sea (it really helps to get in the ocean). I know to get sun on my inguinal nodes I have to go to the nude beach. But I have not needed to get one laced and drained since the middle of May. My goal is to be completely functional by fall. There is no normal in my life. There never has been. I am doing colonics, far infra-red sauna and much to improve digestion assimilation and elimination. Because the skin is just sending out an SOS from the inner organs. Phil"

[YEA]  02/13/2008: Bosslady from Youngstown, Ohio: "Hidradentis sufferers do try the Tumeric. The pain and irritation was driving me crazy. I read the comments on this site and ran to the local grocery store. The taste was not bad at all. I drank one cup that evening and when I woke up the swelling had come down along with the pain. I continued to drink it twice a day for two days and I was amazed at how my underarms started clearing up. I was so afraid to wear deodorant so after started applying a dry mixture of baking soda and corn starch. I now soak in an all natural detox bath and wipe the armpits with dilluted apple cider vinegar. THESE ARE INEXPENSIVE REMEDIES THAT WORK AND THEY ARE ALL NATURAL."

[YEA]  02/11/2008: Dorothy from Randallstown, MD: "I Have HS [Hidrandenitis Suppurativa] I'm relly scared, I've been dealing with boils under my arms for about two months now. I hd surgery 1/25/08. The doctor left the staples in two long and the area was tender and swollen. I started the turmeric and it help with new boils. However I'm itching all over, it may be that I'm so scared. I started some natural meds (colliadal silver) does anyone know if this causes itching. I so scared I just got another boils on my elbow but the same arm where I had surgery on the boils. My arm pits look horrible. I want to cry. Tell me what can help me. Especialy the itching."

[YEA]  07/19/2007: Missie from Wichita, Kansas: "Since I was a teen, I've fought with boils. Then I was diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa about a year ago. My doctor simply gave me the diagnosis and left the room, giving me no information whatsoever. I resolved that I would find a way to at least ease living with this disease. I started looking around and that is when I came upon your site. I tried the turmeric cure and it works! I also had a bit of trouble with sores remaining after a boil would drain. I mixed a little turmeric with honey and applied it as a salve. It heals up in no time! Thanks to all of you, this site changed my life!"

[YEA]  05/16/2007: Nick from Vero Beach, Florida: "14 years of suffering over: I suffered from a very bad case of Hidradentits Supprativa, under both armpits and all over my buttocks. I have been in for surgery. It came back and i thought i was giong to have this with me the rest of me life. I would get flare up 2-3 andsometimes 4 times a year. Very very painful. When i get flare ups ther would grow sometimes the size of a orange. Nothing seemed to help. Until I fond this site. I am proof that Turmeric (1 teaspoon )in a glass of warm water is nasty. Not as nasty as having a zit the size of Texas under your underarm. In closing I want to Thank-You for providing this information."

08/29/2008: Stefanie from Cape Girardeau, MO replies: "I just took the turcumin in a pill form I really hope it works.I have a boil in my groin area an it hurts like hell. I don't have the money to go to the doctor. I was diagnosed with hydrentitis suppurativa and that is worse than sirririsis i know i didn't spell that word right. But I always get boils down there and it is so aggravating and extrmely painful i sure hope the turmeric pills help me i can't walk normal an i have to work to pay my bills. I am only 24 yrs old. If anyone can read this please say a prayer to God for me that he heals my body. Thank you so much and God Bless everyone"
09/21/2008: Teresa from Visalia, CA replies: "My son was diagnosed with HS last year. I just found this site and I went and bought some Tumeric pills, I sure hope they work like others are saying. I feel so bad for my son, I can't help this or make these painful boils go away. He's got ugly scars all over and he walks funny and hurts all the time, they seem to be getting worse. Please I hope someone has ideas. Thanks, Teresa"

Turmeric, Cinnamon, Raw Honey

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  09/25/2009: Studentincalifornia from Oakland, Ca: "hello to all i was reading the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Remedies,i have been battling this since 11 off and on. had my sweat glands removed from arm pits at 12 so i know the pain but now in my twenties i had this lump forming under my breast and i knew what i was.i didn't want any cutting done to me, i still remember the pain and the disfigurement and scars. so it formed about 3 weeks ago size of a large marble but it felt deep. so i did the turmeric 1teaspoon with i teaspoon of organic cinnamon and half a teaspoon of raw honey.the cinnamon and raw honey has a lot of anti- fungal and other properties, mix it with half a cup of warm water twice a day,i want to take it three times but i am a student that works = no time. and i remember what the nurse told me when i was a child which brought it to an head immediately and started draining, was blow drying it with a hot hair blow dryer also i used apple cinder vinegar to help dry it out and of course tea tree oil. im on day 2 and it's totally flat. God bless i really hope this will help others. One more thing eat as clean as possible more veggie than fruit and drink turmeric regularly. thanks"


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[YEA]  08/17/2012: Gettingbetter from Richmond, Va: "Hello Earth Clinic! I'm a white female, 23. I've been suffering with hidradenitis suppurativa for 3 or 4 years. I've been to the doctors, and have been tested for everything under the sun, and it just isn't an std. It also just isn't cured with anti-biotics. Upon looking at earth clinic, I have applied:

  • -turmeric
  • -bathed with borax
  • -tea tree oil
  • -coconut oil
  • -neem oil
  • -zinc supplements
  • -salt water
  • -garlic
  • -honey
  • -iodine

All of these remedies helped a little, and at least educated me on the ways of living a natural life, but did not wipe this condition out. I was desperate, and I had heard of urine therapy curing MRSA for a family member. I have been using urine therapy for probably 2 to 3 weeks. Basically- every time I go pee, especially in the morning, I drink it, and rub some on the sores.

In the very beginning, I had one, but kind of 3 sores stuck together, that were sore, inflammed, red, raised up, and they are kind of like a pus filled tunnel under the skin. I started drinking the urine, immediately I felt better inside my body. I'm the definition of tired all the time, with a screwed up sleep schedule, and I actually started waking up in the morning. It seemed like the sores became worse, after a week or so. Because they were worse, I applied urine compress on them while I slept. Always in the morning, there would be massive improvement as far as inflammation. The sores were still there, but flatter, less red.

At this point I have had 3 weeks with no new boils, and these ones are on their way out. They are not full of puss any more, they're pain free at this point, all though there is pretty bad scarring. I feel lucky to have to deal with the scars- the scars mean their healing! Finally!

So my point is, I think the urine therapy is working. Now, most people think it's gross, but we're earth clinic people- people who are willing to put our egos aside and just do something, anything to be healthy! Good luck to all the other sufferers out there!

PS, has anyone fully healed up from this yet? I'm interested in the phases of healing of the scars... Thanks :)"

Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Spirulina

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[YEA]  05/09/2010: Carla from Greenville, Nc: "I have been having trouble with boils for about 8 months. They were in my genital area and my under arm. I tried everything from turmeric to salt, to acv. Finally, one weekend, I had been at a party with friends, and had a flare up. I had read about several things to try online. I tried a tablespoon of buffered vitamin C and a teaspoon of aloe vera gel in a glass of water, with 2 500 mg tablets of spirulina, and by morning the boils were completely gone! I could not believe it. I have now been taking this 3 times a day for several weeks, and NO boils have come back. I am so happy. Just wanted to share. Thank you Earth Clinic."

Vitamin E

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[YEA]  02/24/2010: Paula from Denver, Colorado: "Hidradenitis. I was researching this disease on the internet since my HS has recently spread to my armpits. I have always had it on my thighs and groin area, but now in my armpits as well. I found that some people had success with Vitamin E since it naturally boosts your immune system. I took 3 of the 400 milligram capsles at night, and when I woke up the next day, the boils were already softer. I took 3 more that night, and they are even better today. The pain is gone, and there is just loose skin where the boils were. I am going to keep taking 3 pills a day as long as it works. Hope this helps."

Vitamins A, D, Zinc, Led Light

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/10/2011: Corina from Arvada, Colorado: "I have had no luck with anything my doctor/dermotoligist has suggested, mostly long term antibiotics. I have has some luck with A&D with Zinc (it is a diaper rash ointment). It makes the swelling go down over night (warning: it does drain quite a bit) and makes them much less painful. I have also had good results with red and blue led lights under my arms for 15 minutes a day."

Whey Protein Shakes

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/15/2011: Mark from London, Greater London: "Hi guys, I have had this for quite a number of years. And while I'm sure tumeric and the other remedies discussed on here work, for me protein shakes seem to be the answer. Of course it is not a cure but it makes the HS very manageble and takes away almost all of the pain.

How did I find this out? Well I heard someone say they were going to try it for their HS and I thought I should look into this. Apparently there is an enzyme in protein shake that reduces inflamation, this being an imflammatory disease affecting the biggest organ ( the skin) I thought it might work and it does.

You don't have to even drink it everyday. I would say like 3/4 times a week should be fine. Also protein shake does NOT make you muscle bound. Please don't be naive.

I hope it works for you. Lets pray the find a cure."

Yara's HS Treatment Plan

03/23/2014: Yara from Bogota: "This is my testimony on dealing with a partner who is suffering from HS. Very long but I just needed to write this. I hope someone will find it useful.

My boyfriend and I started dating 1 year ago, we actually did not date but met and started living together almost right away, it was love at first sight and we haven't been apart ever since. Once we first started, as with every relationship, hands all over the place, sex 5-6 times a day, it was crazy, we both work from home, so we spent pretty much every minute of every day together. He always told me how he loved my flawless skin and how amazed he was because of it, I never quite understood that, he also never took his shirt off, not even when the lights were off... I never made a big deal out of it, I just found it strange. Three months into the relationship we stopped having sex, completely, all of the sudden, I could feel he wanting but not trying to. Though I am a very communicative person, at first I never felt like asking him the reason why we stopped having sex, I just questioned myself all day all night, fell rejected, undesired, some days I thought I was being cheated on, some other days after visiting stupid internet forums thinking he was gay. This led to a lot of pain and anguish from my side, sleeping everyday with someone who kisses, caress and loves me, but has not intention of having sex. After three months I finally asked him what was going on and he told me he had a boil on his groin, alright I said, bought him medicines, stupid me trying to cure him. The boil went away, and although I didn't pressure him, the sex wasn't coming back. Six months after that, I told him I couldn't keep on and didn't want to be in a sexless relationship (lots of internet research led me to that conclusion, again with the stupid housewives forums), I wasn't in a rush, nor I was mad or desperate, I was just bored, I told him he could take the time to search for a new place. About a week after that I noticed a boil on his neck, he told me he was getting this boils since he was 17, he is 38 now.

When he first started getting them his parents took him everywhere, the conclusion was always severe acne, and the remedies all kinds of antibiotics or anti-acne treatments, he never got better so they told him he'd just have to live with that. When we met he was on remission (and had been for about a year) 3 months after that he got a boil, and then another, an then another, and then two at a time, and so on. I started reading about his symptoms and came across with the name Hidradenitis Suppurativa on a British Council document, I translated it and read it to him and he could relate 100% with it, I told him to go back to another dermatologist and asked for another diagnosis, he went and again they told him severe acne, and 7 months of accutane, which he has already taken before with nothing but bad side effects and no remission. I was mad, and sad, and started doing my own research, I found this forum, and after reading every single comment on HS Ailments I did my own treatment plan and asked him to give me a month for results.

We live in South America, so there is no such thing as a Food Allergy Test as far as I'm concerned. I am a very enthusiastic amateur baker, and I used to make him a 1 pound cake a week, he is a very enthusiastic amateur barista so he drinks about 3 or 4 cups coffee a day. He is about 150 pounds, not overweight at all, but I could see how our food intake might be affecting his condition.

We stopped eating wheat, sugar and coffee about a week ago, we also lower significantly our consumption of carbs such as potatoes, rice.

He started taking:

Turmeric - internal, one teaspoon a day with warm olive oil

Zinc - internal, one tablet a day

Calendula - internal, infused

Omega 3 - internal, one tablet a day

And using:

Tea tree oil - external

Hypoallergenic soap

We still can't tell if he is getting any results from what we are doing, I just hope he is, it is worth a try. If his life is better mine is a hundred times better. I don't want to see him living in pain, more so if he is trying to hide it from me. There are three more weeks to go, we'll see. He has being living with this disease for 20 years and as much as a part of him the condition is, I want to be with the man I met without it, in remission, enjoying physically and emotionally every second he spent with me.

Hopefully I would post a reply with positive feedback in a few days. Good night and good luck to all of you."

03/23/2014: Mt from Ottawa, Ontario replies: "Look for GAPS diet on you tube (Natasha Campbell). Your friend needs to improve his immune system. He needs a liver detox -look into Dandelion root tea. Apply either smashed garlic, Manuka honey, charcoal or Propolis on the boils."

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