Gallbladder Attack Remedies

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Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice

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Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice for Gall Bladder Attacks

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 to 3 Tablespoons
  • Apple Juice - 1 glass

To stop a gallstone attack, add 1-3 tablespoons of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to a glass of apple juice and drink. Relief should come quickly!

[YEA]  02/22/2009: JoAnn from Cleveland, OH: "When I was growing up my Mom read every book by Adele Davis, a nutritionist. Back then in the '60's the Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Drink was promoted in the book for healthy living. Mom used to keep a glass jar of it on our kitchen counter for us to drink when we wanted. Doing so resulted in our having fewer upset stomachs, reduced heart burn, and a general sense of feeling good.

Recently when I began having gallbladder colic, I turned to your site for relief and low and behold the suggestion of "apple cider vinegar" was suggested in water to relieve the discomfort. I tried it after years of not drinking it. Like the folks above stated, it worked and worked quickly. It was such a relief to rediscover this remedy as I had been suffering several times a week with the biliary colic that accompanied my gall bladder disease. No longer did I have to suffer for hours until it subsided.

I just had my gall bladder removed and feel so much better. But like others tell me who also had theirs removed, our liver can still make stones and they still continue with some digestive upsets. So, my plan is to drink my honey and vinegar water daily to promote good digestion along with digestive enzymes to help me to digest my food.

My Mom did know best, and at a time in our world when few bought into such ideas. So glad she did and so glad you all reminded me of the wisdom of this simple, yet healthful drink."

03/14/2009: Romona from Olivet, Michigan replies: "I would like to know how to make this honey, vinegar and water drink that your mother made. I am very interested in trying it. Thank you, Romona"
11/02/2010: Wendy from Buffalo, Ny replies: "We call it miracle tea and I've been wondering if I should try it for my gallstones. I usually drink it for my upper respiratory health... It's 1 tsp. ACV, 1 tsp. Honey and 1 cup of tea. You can drink it hot, warm or cold. My mom kept it in a baby jar in the fridge. She said it helped her stay regular and didn't affect her diabetes."

[YEA]  02/20/2009: Carrie Smith from Pasadena, California: "I have had issues with my gallbladder since my late twenties (am now 39). Every time I eat something with too much fat for my body to handle, I get a pain in my gallbladder several hours later. Sometimes it will last for days and the rib becomes sore. I guess they call these gall bladder attacks. I came across the apple cider vinegar in apple juice remedy on this site 2 weeks ago and immediately went out and bought both. It worked within 20 minutes! No more gall bladder pain! I am going to wait until the spring and do a gall bladder cleanse. I was going to do one now, but my acupuncturist told me spring is the time to do organ cleanses."

[YEA]  01/09/2009: Tasha from Springfield, OH: "So glad I have found this site for 2 years now I have been having pains from gallstones and last December of 2007 I had surgery and had my gallbladder removed hoping that would have been the end to my pains. Well to my surprise less than 3 months later was bent sideways in pain again and there was no denying that kind of pain I knew it was my gallstones but didnt know if that could be possible knowing that I had my gallbladder removed, so did some research and found out it was very possible and that the stones could be lodged in my bile ducts or pancreas. So the pains kept coming and I have no insurance and did not go to the doctor but the pains were to the point where I had to find something which brings me to thanking all the great advice I received when I come across this site. Last night the attack of pains hit me and in seconds was unbearable tried some ACV in a warm glass of water and the pain was gone within a minute thanks so much for this site it is very helpful"

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  12/31/2008: Cynthia from Houston, Tx: "(Apple Cider Vinger) I ended up in the ER with real bad pain i have never had in my life! Was told I had galbladder. was given pain pills and was told if it continued i wld have to have it removed with I DO NOT want to do. I came across the website and tried ACV and worked great the 1st night had a great bm in the am I was very happy. them on the 2nd and on I became vey very bloated, burping all day and have not had a bm which I have always been regular at least 2 times and I just dont know what do about this do I have to stop taking the ACV? please help i just want to have my regular bm again...."

01/17/2009: Sheri from Newark, CA/USA replies: "I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar for years and have never had it cause constipation. I would guess that it's something else that you've eaten."
11/17/2009: Jennifer from Dallas, Tx replies: "Joann, I always have bouts of constipation and irregularity after bad attacks. I think it has more to do with the attack itself than the apple cider vinegar."
08/19/2010: Remy from Champaign, Il replies: "The bloating and burping all day that you are describing shouldn't have anything to do with the apple cider vinegar in apple juice. It is, however, one of the symptoms of gallbladder problems. I get that, along with a sensation of being overly full. It is very uncomfortable."

[YEA]  12/22/2008: Sherri from Geneva, IL: "I have been having an attack that started late this afternoon into tonight. So I started searching the web and came across this sight. Lucky me, I had both apple juice and ACV in the house! I tried it twice, as the first time I didn't really have a full shot of the ACV. (nasty tasting) It took a while (30 minutes) but I am FINE NOW! I can't believe it! I am SO thankful for this web site and those who posted before me! Being so close to Christmas, it's hard to get into see anyone. THANK YOU ALL!"

[YEA]  07/08/2012: Patrick from Boynton Beach, Florida /usa replies: "I was scheduled to have my Gall bladder removed approximetely six months ago, unfortunely I have COPD and hardening of the Arteries and the Surgeon did not get proper clearence from my Pulmonist and cardiac doctors so that day, the Hospital cancelled my appointment until I went through a series of tests, now remember I have been in serious pain for six weeks and the the ultrasound showed my Gallbladder full and I could get no relief but to eat beets and beet juice very little relief but it did help, until I read about Apple cider Vinegar three tablestones with six ounces of water or apple juice three times a day. I have been pain free for four months now and refuse to get the gallbladder removed because the surgeon and my doctor knew that the ACV does work but never told me about it. I found it on the Web, thank goodness I never miss taking my ACV three times a day. I feel like a new man gained a few pounds because now I can eat, I'm still careful with my fat intake but Pain Free"
08/30/2012: Marshaka from Colorado Springs, Co, Usa replies: "I'm responding to the gent who has COPD and atherolschlorosis who had to put off gall bladder surgery. I've been taking ACV for the same things. ACV is credited with cleaning out clogged arteries, and what it does for the sinuses is absolutely amazing. I breathe through both nostrils all the time now and didn't until I took ACV. My post nasal drip of most of my life disappeared from the first dose of it. (1 Tb in 4 oz of water). Statin drugs probably Rxed by your cardiologist can't reverse the artery problems, only keep them from worsening. But ACV is said to reverse the problem. In time of course. We didn't get that bad off over night either."
09/12/2012: Denise from Santa Rosa, Ca replies: "Wow! I am so incredibly grateful to those who offered the apple juice/act remedy! Was in severe pain with my second attack and headed to a 24 hour grocery store to buy these items. Nausea was so bad that when I left the store I got sick in the parking lot. Drove home crying and in terrible pain and made the drink. That was a half hour ago. I'm now heading for a bubble bath and to sleep! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!"

[YEA]  09/25/2008: Serena from Helena, MT: "I was having gall bladder attacks when I was about two months pregnant. My OB/GYN wanted me to get a surgery consult to have it removed after the birth. That freaked me out a little so I asked my dad about what to do. He suggested that I drink 12 ounces of organic apple juice for 3 or 4 days, to help soften the stones or sludge. Then, the last thing on the fourth day on an empty stomach, drink 4oz of squeezed, strained, grapefruit juice mixed with 2oz of olive oil. Then lay down on my right side with my right knee as close to my chest as possible. Then, before going to bed put 2 tsp of magnesium citrate and swirl into 6 oz of water and drink. Should pass stones the next morning. I, being pregnant, didn't want to do anything too drastic. So, I modified this by diluting 1/4 Cup of ACV with water to about a Cup and drinking and then laying on my right side for the evening. I haven't had an attack since and it's been 7 months."

[YEA]  05/30/2012: Amber from Sacramento, California replies: "Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have suffered from gallbladder attacks for a couple of years now. A vegetarian diet does minimize my attacks to about once a year ( I do indulge in goodies on occasion)

I had my first attack in over a year tonight and it was so severe. I came across this site and have raw ACV about an hour or so later I am 90% pain free. First 10 minutes I felt relief. Thank you so much for this information. I am truly grateful.

Grateful from Sacramento, Amber"

[YEA]  07/18/2012: Shanny from Wheat Ridge, Co replies: "I'm in the middle of a gallstone attack and was reading this trying to find a home remedy for the pain. I'm pretty suspicious when reading cures online but out of desperation I went and bought ACV and apple juice. Now this is after taking two vicodins. About an hour and a half after taking the 2nd vicodin I was still having pain. So I tried the ACV and apple juice - about a 1/2 cup of ACV and the rest apple juice to make it taste better. Within about 20-30 minutes - the pain has subsided signifcantly enough to make me want to share this. For me, it may be a combination of the pain medicine and the ACV but the pain medicine wasn't cutting it after being in my system for at least 2 and a 1/2 hours total - I took the 1st pill, waited about an hour then since pain was getting worse, took another pill. As I mentioned - about an hour and a half later the pain was still bad - but I was able to drive to the store. So glad I did. If you're having a gallstone attack - give this easy remedy a try - it's worth the $7. Apparently ACV has all kinds of other benefits too if you drink it daily."

[YEA]  03/24/2008: Jody from Westlake, Ohio: "I have been having attacks for a little over a year thinking that I had aniety problems. In the last week, I discovered that I have Gall stones and I have had an attack everyday for the last seven days. I tried taking a very hot shower and then a cold shower to shock my system, while the pain subsided nothing seemed to work. I found this site and I happened to have Apple Cider Vinegar handy along with Apple Juice. After I found this site and read the comments others posted, I tried the vinegar with Apple Juice. It has been twenty minutes and the pain is diminishing. I am very happy to land on a temporary relief for the pain. Thank you!"

[YEA]  12/30/2006: Steve from Rohnert Park, CA: "Apple juice and ACV cures incredible gall bladder area related pain. I drink organic local unfiltered apple juice, and organic cider vinegar (with the mother). I drank it luke warm in the day time because I read that nothing too hot or cold is good for the liver, that it will cause pain. I drank it frequently throughout the day and evening. I drank it warm at night when it was chilly. At first I drank a half a gallon of apple juice and now I drink a quarter of a gallon and I have used about an ounce or more in a big glass and reduced the ACV proportionally in a smaller glass. It was in the kind of pain that evryone told me to get my gall bladder removed. I read about this treatment so I tried it and I started feeling better right away, and the pain came back once when it was stressful and I ran out of juice and cider. I will see a doctor for examinations, but I can't afford to right now."


03/19/2009: Romona from Olivet, Michigan replies: "What is the recipe for apple cider vinegar, honey and water?"

EC: She probably meant the standard recipe: 1-2 tsps of ACV + a little honey to sweeten in 8 oz. water.

03/26/2009: Mark from Dallas, TX replies: "the doctors are not taught about cures that can heal you they are only given medicines by big pharmacutical companies. Beware of prescriptions they mask the symptoms not cure the cause."

[YEA]  02/09/2006: Cathie from Lansdale, PA: "i have had frequent "gall bladder attacks" since having my gall bladder removed over 5 yrs ago - the drs say it is due to spasms in the biliary ducts. nothing eliminates the pain or stops the spasms - believe me i've tried EVERYTHING! i read somewhere to fill an 8oz glass with apple juice (which i drink tons of anyway since the malic acid is good for the biliary system) & add a shotglass full of apple cider vinegar. then down the whole thing as fast as possible. within a few minutes (maximum) the pain subsides almost completely about 95% of the time. why don't the drs know about this? and why didn't anyone suggest it to me in lieu of percocet, morphine, etc??"

[YEA]  06/12/2008: Amy from Cleveland, Ohio replies: "After having a gallbladder attack that lasted about 12 hrs, I tried the shot of ACV. And by golly, you were right. I does work! After about 15 minutes, I felt alot better!"
05/04/2010: Ashley from Bensalem, Pa replies: "Hi Cathy,

I was curious if you could update on how you've been fairing since you discovered the ACV drink? I recently had my gallbladder out and did fine for a few months before I started having similar intense attacks as well. I'm 24 y/o female and my GI thinks its sphincter of oddi dysfunction. Thanks so much!"

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice

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[YEA]  12/25/2010: Elangelique from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: "I had many attacks prior to finding the solution here with ACV. That helped immensely with immediate relief. The interesting thing to note for me was that I had an Ayurvedic doctor tell me to take, upon first rising, 2 tsp ACV 1 tsp lemon juice mixed in a glass of water. I had done this religiously for almost 11 months and have had awesome results with no attacks. The funny thing (or uber painful thing) is that I just woke to a major attack and am feeling that my 2 days of missed morning ritual has had an effect on my system! I see how the effects of NOT taking my morning "alkalizer" I call it, can wreak havoc on me. Here it is Christmas morning at 3:14am and just having my symptoms slowly subside. Hmm, maybe I'll run into Santa! I truly believe that this morning "alkalizer" balances my system.

The side effects have been that I lost weight on it too! I follow the ACV lemon juice (all organic) with a glass of "sole" (pronounced So-lay). The water/salt solution of Himalayan sea salts and water from a jar. 1 tsp of Sole with water before or after the ACV mixture. For 1 thing it prevents me from having coffee first thing in the morning and know that it helps to bring my PH balance into alignment.

If you don't know, the most important thing is to have the body in an alkaline state... For most diseases do not live in an alkaline body, only in an acid body. Research this yourself. This was shared with me by my holistic practitioner. All good information to share for better health! Our bodies know what is wanted. BTW I know that my niece of 6 years craves the vinegary taste and likes just 1tsp ACV with water now and again. (At times she craves pickle juice). Well, my symptoms have subsided and know that I will not overindulge even though it is Christmas. Off to bed before I run into Santa and surprise him! "

[YEA]  05/26/2011: Robyn from Waldport, Oregon replies: "I was having a gall bladder attack tonight and Googled what to do for myself and read this thread, so I gave the apple cider vinegar in apple juice a try, and sure enough about 20 minutes later I was feeling a great deal of relief. Thanks for this awesome advice and thread! I didn't want to end up back in the ER again, which I understand I only need to do if I get a fever, severe nausea or vomiting, or increasing pain that doesn't go away after a few hours. I'm glad there is something to do for self treatment to help deal with the problem though. It worked great!"
[YEA]  08/12/2011: Jennifer from Snohomish, Wa replies: "This works! I was starting to have pain from my currently sluggish gallbladder. I put a TB of _____'s raw, organic apple cider vinegar in a cup of apple juice (not organic, I have Trader Joe's Macintosh apple juice on hand), and within minutes the pain subsided, I still can't believe it."
09/29/2011: Kat from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "I've been reading this site.. I have gallbladder attacks twice already.. But I'm scared to have surgery. When I went to ER for the second attack they told me I have a big stone like a golf ball.. I don't know what to do please help me.... I don't know if the flush thing works.."
09/30/2011: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "You should get some Chanca Peidra (stone breaker). It works great for gallstones and kidney stones. Even for constipation. I have no gallbladder as I had mine removed when I was 27 years old. I still get stones now so I use this when I start to feel them by palpitation of my liver. I take one capsule for a few days and it has helped fairly quickly. I don't know what it does scientifically but it works."
10/16/2011: Trudy from Burton, Mi replies: "I have a sluggish gullbladder with no stones. I have had this problem for years and what I found is lettuce was causing most my attacks. After I stopped eating lettuce I don't have as many attacks and they are rarer than when I ate lettuce. I am now going to write down what I ate before every attack and see if there is a common link. Some say dairy products too can cause you problems. Next attack I will try the ACV and apple juice and add some baking soda in the mix for good measure. Thanks your site is awesome."

[YEA]  11/27/2010: Sp from Austin, Tx: "I had a gallblader attack about 8 months ago and did the apple juice and ACV and it worked very well, I then improved eating habits and had no problems but after Thanksgiving I began noting some discomforts and just thought it was "overeating. " The next day the pain began at about 4am, but I had no apple juice this time. So I did a mixture of ACV and Lemon Juice and within 5 min the pain was gone. Thanks"

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lettuce

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[YEA]  09/17/2008: Zella Sauer from Terre Haute, Indiana: "Hello, First let me say I love this site!

I plan to try many many things here.

I came here because of a gallbladder attack. I was sooo sick with this last attack, and I am not working and have no medical insurance. So I started out with AVC in apple juice and wow !! I felt much better (((but a very wonderful side effect occurred, which I wasn't expecting.... I have been holding water a lot lately in my ankles, and I have been drinking lots of water to help rid my body and eating very little to no salt, but still some puffiness.... I have been using ACV for 3 days now and my ankles and lower legs are TINY again !!! I can't believe it !!!) I have since then been reading all the wonderful things ACV does so I am a believer and will be taking it from now on.))) I did start out drinking the regular kind from the store in apple juice, but I have bought the organic ACV now...

My second subject is LETTUCE. I wanted faster relief on my gallbladder and eating a chunk of lettuce makes your stomach and gas build up from all of this ease down quite fast ...and it works! THANKS

My third subject is comfrey.... comfrey has many many used more than just bones.... I have it growing in my yard, and ((of course I haven;t been using it for about 1 month)) but that was me being dumb))) anyway I have a whole read out on comfrey and all of it's cures... but it may be too long for here. One thing it is for is the digestive system in your body. I usually cut me about 8 to 10 leafs each morning and bring them to a simmer and eat them. They are delicious and taste like rough spinach. My mom drinks comfrey tea. It is supposed to heal any upsets in your digestive track from your stomach right on down to your bowls, and ground comfry root is powerful stuff. Here is a small readout on just a few of it's healing powers......

((Tea of the leaves or decoction of the root was traditionally used for arthritis, respiratory problems, persistent coughs, pleurisy, bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia, lung disease with dry cough, lung congestion, quinsy, whooping cough, consumption, metritis, periostitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, ulcerative colitis, internal hemorrhage (lungs, bowel, stomach), bleeding piles, bloody urine, bladder infections, prostate infections, cystitis, leukorrhea, excessive menstrual flow, scrofula, anemia, wasting disease, DIGESTIVE & STOMACH PROBLEMS, spitting blood, colds, nasal congestion, diarrhea, and dysentary.))

I know a lady of 98 still going strong, a dear friend of my mom's, gave a plant to my mom and she in turn gave me some starts from it years ago, to help us with stomach problems and I did use it for 3 months once ... and was wonderfully healthy and no digestive problems at all... then I moved and my landlord would not allow me to pull it up. So it took me years to find it again and only this year, I have plenty... so along with my AVC, lettuce and comfrey I plan to get healthy and well.... ohh and I am just starting to use organic coconut oil on my skin ... will let everyone know .... :)

Thanks again !!!"

[WARNING!]  10/18/2009: Kelly from Cincinnati, Oh replies: "lettuce is a great remedy for some to alleviate indigestion, but for someone with a bad gallbladder it can make things WORSE. Be careful!"
[WARNING!]  02/08/2011: Lillamor from Whitsett, Nc replies: "Just wanted to add a word of caution concerning eating too much Comfrey... Comfrey leaf has been regularly ingested by thousands of people without negative effect, but there are studies that suggest that comfrey root has a component that can damage the liver. It is therefore recommended that comfrey root should not be taken internally.

I would do some serious research on this herb before taking too much of it. There is a lot of conflicting into about it."
02/12/2011: Mesem from Toulon, France replies: "My mother who died of cancer (liver, breast, utereus) would blend up big batches of comfrey and drink it. She didn't realise that too much was not a good thing. I remember feeling naturally uneasy about this pracitise of hers as a child. This and her move to New Zealand advanced the cancer."

Apple Cider Vinegar, Magnesium, Beet, Olive Oil

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[YEA]  02/15/2012: Peach from Bath, Wiltshire, England: "After suffering a gallbladder attack six weeks after giving birth I knew I had to change my lifestyle. The pain of that attack was worse than my labour pains and I couldn't imagine going through it again.

A trip to the Dr resulted in a referral to a surgeon who after confirming by ultrasound that I had a collection of small stones advised that the best result would be if I had it taken out.

Leaving my little boy just wasn't an option so I went about researching as much as possible to prevent a recurrence. I now drink organic apple juice every morning and have 1 tbsp of ACV with a little apple juice at night. I take magnesium everyday along with high strength (time release) vitamin C. The vit C I take at night as your immunity is naturally lower at night (when you are also more susceptible to an attack).

I also eat a beetroot everyday, and a spoonful of olive oil. I eat lots of fresh foods and try to eat as much raw food as possible, I have dramatically limited my sugar intake which has had an amazing effect on the horrible bloating I always seemed to have.

Thank you for this site and for all of the amazing comments that have helped me so much and prevented me losing my gallbladder."

Apple Juice

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[YEA]  12/02/2012: Emerson from Newton, Ma: "I have been having episodes with my gallbladder and scheduled for surgery. I am already regulating my diet even more but last night, felt another episode coming. I found this page before I was doubled up in pain. Unf it was too late and the stores open only had apple juice from concentrate and non organic apple cider vinegar. I started taking it before the pain was 100% (compared to previous episodes). I was careful to also stay upright the whole time.

The cocktail did work - pain subsided slowly over an hour. In an hour I was better but it had not completely subsided so I took another serving. It continued to subside but I had some stomach acidity. That said, the acidity was manageable (i.e. , wont keep me from going to sleep or not requiring Zantac). I would rather have that over the intense pain that emanates from underneath my ribs to all the way to the back. I will be going to stock up on organic apple juice/apple cider in case I need it again. Thanks ANN for sharing."



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