How to Get Rid of Folliculitis

Last Modified on Apr 18, 2014

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Turmeric Folk Cure for Folliculitis

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Turmeric - 1 Teaspoon

Adding one teaspoon of turmeric to your daily diet can cure and prevent folliculitis. While it is good in many foods, you can also add the teaspoonful to a glass of milk or water. Turmeric supplements are also available in pill form.

[YEA]  09/13/2008: Elizaberh from Chapel Hill, North Carolina: "I've had recurring folliculitis (staph) for over a year. I also tend to get urinary tract infections quite often. I got so tired of having to go through the whole doctor's appointment rigamarole, so I started perusing this website for help. Yesterday I started the turmeric remedy, and I am already seeing results. I used the basic suggestion:

1 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 cup warm water

The turmeric is absolutely disgusting, but it seems to be working. I've also tried mixing it with cranberry juice and grapefruit juice instead, and it was a small improvement. I also tried the suggestions using baking soda topically: Mix baking soda, water and vitamin E to make a paste, apply it to boils to "draw out" the infection.
It's hard to say how effective this was, but the baking soda paste did seem to absorb something from the boils, and dried them a little. I'm so grateful to have found a natural cure for these infections, since the vicious cycle of antibiotics seems to just make bacteria stronger. Thanks to all the testimonies and suggestion!"

[YEA]  07/31/2008: Jay from Laurel, MD: "I am a 24yr old black male. I have suffered from minor to severe boils for 3+ years now. I've been to the emergency room almost 10 times and was hospitalized for 3 days and given antibiotics through IV due to a large boil that covered most of my jaw area. I've had boils pretty much everywhere...inner thigh, inner buttocks, underarms, beard area. I've taken several antibiotics which have mostly helped with healing but no prevention (dicloxacillin, cephlex, ciprfloxacilin etc..). I was scared and ran tests (aids, cancer etc.) The doctors came to the conclusion that a have a chronic case of folliculitis. I could have saved thousands of dollars and extreme pain if I had found this site a long time ago. TURMERIC WORKS! I can't believe it, what are the doctors doing and why havent they picked up on it because I have seen 3 dermatologists and 3 different doctors...all had the same responses and recommendations for medication, which never successfully supressed my outbreaks. Never mentioning turmeric. I started taking the spice with water Since i've been taking turmeric i havent had 1 boil and I am amazed. Even when i do feel a sensitive area trying to form it usually goes away in 24-48 WITHOUT swelling and opening!!! If there's anyone that has experienced remotely to what I have with boils know how painful they are and how big they can get. Words cannot explain how happy I am that i found a SPICE that in my book has damn near cured my situation. Even scarring on my face from past boils is going away. Words cannot explain how happy I am. Also, in my case, i no longer eat spicy foods because I realized that after eating too much I would feel boils trying to form. If you've yet to try turmeric or have a boil right now and cant deal with the pain. I've found that taking alleve helps the most (muscle relaxer/pain reliever). WAY better than aspirin. So until I find this i dont need to take turmeric to prevent boils...I will be taking them forever.


04/07/2009: David from Bayamon, P.R. replies: "Teatree Oil, T gel Shampoo still hasnt cured my folliculitis. Ive tried many things for my scalp folliculitis. Oral Antibiotics that helped just temporarily, and lots of different types of shampoo. I really am glad to have found this website. I just read about Turmeric, and i think im going to give it a try. But i know nothing about it. Is it a cream, is it a spice to mix it with water and drink it, is it pills? Ive had folliculitis about a year and a half, had to stop working cause of it, it was to embarrasing having it. I have it on my scalp. The worst thing that has happened to my, but now i read this webiste and it looks as theres a lot of things i havent tried. This really gives me hope. Thanks to everybody for the information."
04/15/2010: Victoria from Chaplin, Ct replies: "when I take the organic tumeric that I had in my cupboard, I put it in raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and chugged it down, it wasnt too bad!!! Both so good for you. I just started it, so havent seen any results yet, but I cant wait and anticipate the healing!!! :)"
07/31/2011: April from Columbus, Ohio replies: "How do you prepare and use the tumeric? Orally or as a sab? Are the pills effective as well?"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/23/2008: Deborah from Digby NS, Canada: "I've been diagnosed with first of all, dermatitis on my left buttock for which the doc prescribed a steroid ointment, which didn't do much. Then another doc diagnosed folliculitis and prescribed micocylcine, which makes me terribly sick. I was searching your web site and decided to try the turmeric powder. There was a marked improvement and then what was about the size of a quarter escalated to a small grapefruit, spread down through my groin area and rectum. I'm now trying tumeric, baking soda and also acv and also a lot of prayer. Also, bathed in a full hot tub with 1/2 cup of bleach this morning. It felt great and I actually felt clean for the first time in a long time. I do have some relief today as I type this and I'm looking forward to seeing an even smaller patch tomorrow. No boils per se, just what looks like a red plateau on my buttock with a couple of red pimples. My last doc said it was not contagious, but I do believe that it is. It has occurred to me that it could be MRSA because I've visited the hospital a few times over the last 2 months with my daughter. I'll explore this further. Thanks for the website; it's truly awesome!"

EC: Additional pages of interest:
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[YEA]  04/26/2008: Elise from London, England: "Hello, just thought I'd write to you, because after days of feeling hopeless I may have found the cure to my folliculitis, which has been with me for months,with turmeric. After reading the many successes on this site, I thought I would try it myself. I Tried 1 teaspoon in a cup of warm water 3 times a day, only been a few days, but already Ive seen a marked improvement, even my scars dont look as bad.My Doctor said that I had folliculitis and gave me course of erythromycin which actually made me feel very ill, and 'spaced out', and my stomach felt as if it would explode! took the course,although Im not sure if they helped or not, and bought myself some Hibiscrub. Also I have bought some tee tree oil antiseptic wash, as I really really want this embarrassing and painful complaint to go. I havent been tested for MRSA but my Doctor doesnt seem worried about this this. I am thinking of switching to turmeric tablets as the powder can be a little unpalatable and 'gritty' but I am continuing with it anyway. I am so very grateful for finding this site, and hope to see more improvement with my condition in the days to come,and I hope the turmeric remedy helps many more! Best wishes, x."

[NAY]  12/05/2007: Scott from Eugene, Oregon: "I purchased a bottle of 500mg Turmeric capsules, and took two pills, three times a day for one week. At first it seemed like things were clearing up, but then I started getting the pimples again. I don't have the large oozing type boils as I've seen mentioned here; mine are more like little red pimples, almost exclusively appearing on my thighs. I get one to three new ones daily which range from only mildly annoying to nicely painful, depending on their exact location. Looking around, I found references to this type as being called folliculitis (sp?) Anyway, the turmeric really didn't help much. I even upped my daily dosage to three capsules four times a day, with the only noticeable result being --perhaps -- that the pimples were slightly smaller and less painful. The stomach upset however was too much to bear at that dosage, and I was compelled to stop.

On another note, it seems like Milk Thistle (also in capsules) seems to be reducing my outbreaks. Other things I tried which had hope but did not come through in the long run: Goldenseal (caps); Tea Tree Oil (worked in large amounts but stunk up the place, and made me conspicuously smelly at the office). I'm just now studying the effects of rosemary soap, which I accidently discovered seemed to help. (My wife bought some rosemary shampoo, and on a lark I tried washing my trouble areas with a light dilution of it. So far it seems it may be having some positive effects. Thanks for all the other great tips you're cataloging here. I'm holding out for an actual medical cure for this nasty little bug -- but not holding my breath."

08/05/2011: Alex from Kingston, Jamaica replies: "I'm 17. You would not believe the effects Folliculitis has on the self-esteem of an otherwise confident girl like. I get the same kind that you get. Small reddish pimples on the inside of my thighs, and ive had them all of my high school life so that's about 5 years -___- I'm gonna try some the remedies I saw here but it's good to find out that I'm not some weird freak with zits on my thighs. And that partners don't ditch you when they find out. #1 weight lifted off shoulders. Thank You Earth Clinic"
04/17/2014: Kate from Usa replies: "Oh my I can empathize, I'm 24 now but started getting infected folliculs at 17/18. It's the pits, I'm so glad I decided to look into natural remedies because the gels and crap my doctor keeps giving me are not working. My wonderful boyfriend has been so great about helping me get over the self esteem issues that came with the boils, he even took off work last summer to take me to the ER because one had become super infected and needed to be lanced- so gross, do not recommend. My point is, when you find the right person, they will know that we are all human and illness happens."

[YEA]  07/01/2007: Spen from Kokura, Japan: "I have scalp folliculitis, for the last 10 years. I've been on many anti biotics, which always fail eventually, and the infection comes back with vengence, painfully. I've therefore turned to natural remedies.The folliculitis causes about 1cm wide spots, filled with puss, very sore, and they are slowly joining together. From 3 days ago, I tried a teaspoon of tumeric, mixed in a little cold water, 3 times a day.

The results are amazing. When I tried anti b's, I would see no results for 5-6 days. With turmeric, within 24hrs, my swelling had halved, and now, 4 days later, although I still have the red marks, the swelling has gone, 100%. I'm amazed, and the happiest man on earth! I'm sure it will not cure me, but the pain and irritation relief is unbelievable. I hope it continues, and if anyone else tries this method, please let me know, and good luck. Spencer"

[YEA]  07/19/2008: Melonie from Atlanta, Georgia USA replies: "I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). It is a pus-producing and debilitating skin condition that causes large infected boils on the neck, breasts, armpits, abdomen, buttocks and groin areas. They can grow together and also form a tunnel called a "sinus tract". It sounds like what some of you may have. I was self-diagnosed after doctors didn't know what is was & still didn't after informing them. Their treatment was years of antibiotics which didn't work, by-the-way because in most cases, the pus is sterile. I went online and searched for a Natural/Holistic treatment and found Turmeric. I took as directed ( 1 teaspoon in a cup of warm water 10-15 minutes before breakfast & dinner for 3 days). I felt results in hours - not days. I felt better overall. In 3 days all of my golf ball sized areas on my neck, breasts, underarms ans sinus tract disappeared, along with the terrible deep-purple scars that HS leaves. I went back to my dermatologist 6 months later and they could not believe I was the same person. I have told my HS Support Group Members about it and they, too, have been successful into putting their condition into remission. I have been in remission for 7 months now. For some reason, the capsules do not seem to have the same effects and affects as the powder in warm water, though."
05/19/2010: Solida from Brooklyn, New York replies: "I'm simply trying to find out if I can use the regular supermarket spice version of turmeric to drink? Thanks!!"

EC: Yes, absolutely. That's the one we use!


07/21/2010: Djpurity from Berkeley, Ca replies: "Turmeric is one of my very favorite spices. I put it on everything. It is very powerful antioxident and good for the digestive track and immune system among a dozen other bonus things. You can get capsules if you don't want to taste them, or get the spice and put it on all your food -I even put it on my yogurt with fresh berries, granola, agave nectar, cinnamon, and turmeric. Every day. I put turmeric on anything I cook (I am vegan) so if it's tempeh or seitan, it's awesome. But if you eat meat it's great on meat. It's good on rice, on grains, on everything, IMHO. Just the amount may take getting used to. Work up to a good amount. Start small, take a little a few times a day. You can buy soap and shampoo and conditioner and even body wash and oils with turmeric in it to keep you clean. It's very powerful stuff and used in many things and awesome to learn to like. But if you want to skip appreciating one of the most awesome spices out there, then I guess you could gulp it down in water but that sounds really gross. I would try it in kefir and maybe with agave and cinnamon unless you cannot eat those. But cinnamon goes well with turmeric so the flavor really is nice together. Give it a try and let us know what you think."


10/28/2010: Rach from Atlanta, Ga, Usa replies: "I just wanted to say that I am so greatful that I stumbled across this site. I have been dealing with horrible folliculitis on my chin for the past couple of months and nothing seems to help. I bought the tea tree oil, I'm getting the white vinegar tonight, but I have a couple of questions.

1. Should I use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar?

2. Can I use the tumeric that you can buy in the local grocery store or is there a certain type/organic grade that I should look for?

3. How often should I use the turmeric and should it be an ongoing thing?

4. How much turmeric should I use on a daily basis (amount)?

Thank you so much for everyone's input on this website."

02/05/2011: Vineet from Mumbai, India replies: "Hi, I have a basic question regarding the remedy..

Do we eat one tablespoon full of turmeric powder with warm water 2 or 3 times a day or do we form a paste and apply it to the affacted area to treat scalp folliculitis?"

02/07/2011: Lita209 from Sanford, Fl, Usa replies: "It would be a good idea to do both. Good luck!"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/26/2011: Lancey from Johannesburg, South Africa replies: "WOW - I am so happy I cam across this. I have had Folliculitus for over 10 years on my scalp. I have tried all available anti bi's and they have worked but only for a limited time. I have been using Turmeric for 3 days now and my scalp has almost cleared up. Thanks so much for putting the info up.

Still early day but I am really excited at the results."

[YEA]  09/08/2012: Countrygirl from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada replies: "I was so very happy to find this site, just as the rest of the people here. The first time I got folliculitis I of course went to the doctor and took antibiotics to get rid of it. That was about 4 months ago. It came back about a week ago, which was when I decided to try to find a better and permanent solution. Since last week, I have been soaking a cotton ball this the Apple Sider Viniger and applying this, just dabbing it all over the infected area for about 5 minutes three times a day and it is almost all cleared up. I just today started taking the tumeric - but had not liked the idea of putting it in a glass of water and drinking it. It is such a great spice! So I just put one teaspoon in a bowl of rice with virgin coconut oil (cold expeller pressed - another great healing agent) with some fresh spinach sliced up thinly and it was great! I fully believe that the reason the infection had started in the first place is because our immune systems are not up to par - which is where the tumeric comes in. I have done much research on this and it seems to be the answer to a whole lot of health problems. So, I will continue to put the tumeric on anything I think it will go with, (on potatoes, meat, rice etc) every day to build up my immune system and will hopefully never have this happen again. Thanks for all the great advice here from everyone (and from the one post about just putting the tumeric on food - that is the way to go). :-)"

Vitamin D

12/11/2011: Phil from Maryborough, Qld : "I have suffered with Folliculitis for the last 4 years and have tried all of the remedies I found on the Internet, including apple cider vinegar steroid creams and antibiotics but with no success I would find that it would just decrease and when I though it was going away it come back worse than ever, it was on my face and couldn't shave and was speading onto my head and down my neck but it wasn't until I read a blog here about the Low Iron Anaemia.

This reminded me that awhile ago I had a full blood test and the result found that I had a vitamin D deficiency and had been given some supplements but forgot to take them I thought that I would just get more sun.

I remembered that about 4 years ago I stopped drinking milk for some unknown reason I then read somewhere else that you cannot absorb vitamin D without calcium so I thought maybe all these things were connected I have now for the last couple of weeks been having a glass of milk with a egg in the morning and I have still contuinued to use the ACV and have found it has cleared up for the first time.

I also had dry scaly skin on my legs and forarms and that has cleared up as well I hope this will help and would be interested to hear if anyone else has found they have a vitamin D deficiency."

07/29/2012: Mamun2a from Dhaka, Bangladesh replies: "Me mamun2a from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had Foliculities from almost 4 years. It was start from my head/scalp itching. At that time I met a Dermatologist he gave me some med n a Zinc Pyrithione base shampoo after 3/4 months no result. Stop using all. 6-7 month did not use anything without Zinc pyrithion base shampoo. In the meantime the bumps r begin spread on my eyebrow and face, again move to another dermatologist, he defined it as Foliculitis n give me powerful Antibiotics Azythromycin 5 course on 5 weeks with zinc pyrothion shampoo, anti alargic tablet and advice to wash face with Dove soap. These worked very nice I was totally cured in 3 weeks though I completed the 5 course. But after 3-4 months its start to return again ….

Then from Jan 2012 I tried with Homeopathic and stopped those on mid March due to no result. Meantime my my head is almost clear from bumps till June, but now my face is developing foliculitis, now it increasing mostly in face. Now I realize may be Homeo med worked because there was myth that Homeopathy work slowly.

Now I will come to this site for find a permanent solution for it."

07/29/2012: Carole from Detroit, Mi replies: "Try Bitter Melon Caps, and Dr. J. H. McLean's Volcanic Oil on the scalp, mixed with lotion on the face. The active ingreadient is medicinal grade turpintine. If you are going to start again with the homeopathy remedies, you should use the above mentioned oil. Also try using a sulfur based soap. Hope that helps."
07/30/2012: Carole from Detroit, Mi replies: "Meant to say, you should not use the oil with homeopathy. Wash your bedding using borax as your condition may be linked to a type of mite."

White Vinegar

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[YEA]  08/26/2012: Stormy from Pueblo, Colorado: "Hi all, I had foliculitis from chemo. I took a prescription from the doc. And a few other things to get rid of it but the only thing that would work was the white vinegar. It was a little smelly but it worked great!"

Witch Hazel

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/30/2013: Rhebs from Washington, Dc: "Folliculitis: It's been years I think that I have it but not aware of it. How I got it? I don't know. I remember a pea size in pubic hair and my gyn gave me one big antibiotic for candida yeast and for years I did not have it until I had a caregiver for my mom who has it and that I contacted it again. It has been a couple of years that I have been suffering until I got into this witch hazel. It helped and cleared but I flared up again three weeks ago. I continue to dab the witch hazel and it helps. I am seeing a dermatologist next week and I want that candida antibiotic again. I will keep you informed. I want to help. Rhebs"

[YEA]  09/17/2009: Jr from Dallas, Tx: "Over the past few years I have been suffering from a mild to severe case of folliculitis of the scalp. The primary affected area was around the hairline just above the neck with a few additional patches on the sides and top. As most of you probably know folliculitis does have some kind of link with stress levels. When stress levels were high I would experience a flare up with numerous painful bumps. Having been two multiple dermatologists I had pretty much tried every treatment in the book ranging from anti-bacterial creams to corticosteroid based shampoos.

Once on a visit to my barber for a haircut he mantioned that another client of his had experienced success with witch hazel. I purchased a bottle (generic kind available at Walmart) rather half-heartedly and gave it a try. Every morning after a shower I would use a cotton ball and wipe down the area with the witch hazel solution. To my complete and pleasant surprise the bumps disappeared almost completely and have not returned even after I stopped using it.

I have since researched this and found out that a pure witch hazel extract may actually be better. The generic kind I purchased contains 14% isopropyl alcohol. I still have a few affected areas that I am going to try this on given the success I've had so far.

I sure hope this information helps somebody out there in their fight against folliculitis."

06/02/2010: Tristano from New York, Ny replies: "It sounds like many of us have Pityrosporum Folliculitis which is CAUSED or made WORSE by antibiotics. In that case you would need to take an anti-yeast pill prescribed by your doctor. This is what happened to me. The problem went away completely, after suffering for two years on all kinds of antibiotics. The problem did come back after I took antibiotics for a throat infection. Now I am on the antifungals again."
11/16/2010: Boc from Burbank, Ca replies: "I am 19 years old, I suffer from Folliculitis as well. First and foremost great thread really has helped. I was put on antibiotics which ended up giving me Hives. After stopping the antibiotics my condition worsened I believe mainly due to the fact that I popped one of the boils/ pimples.


2) Screw antibiotics they don't work as stated above.

3) I have been soaking my groin with a soaked cloth of White Vinegar put in the microwave for 20 seconds let it cool until it is cool enough to apply to skin. (The heat opens up your pores allowing the vinegar to enter) I began with a 50% dilutions of White vinegar and water and worked my way up to Pure White vinegar on cloth. I let it sit until it runs cold while I am out during the day etc, boxer briefs help keep it in place.

4) Vinegar does burn but if you have a good pain tolerance and can wait it out it helps, the burning sensation is letting you know that the bacteria is getting annihilated and move to the top of the skin, after a while the burn will go away.

5) I take a hot bath with added salt and apple cidar vinegar. Very soothing mix to your own liking the water doesn't need to turn too brown with how much vinegar you put in. The salt dries the skin under the water and the apple cidar vinegar attacks the bacteria.

6) Wash your towels constantly, or use paper towels to wipe your groin or infected area.

7) When I go to sleep at night I do another cloth of vinegar solution and put a heating pad on outside of my boxers, that way it keeps it hot throughout the night and to be honest feels very soothing.

8) I so far have executed 2 successful days of this and have almost gotten rid of all the boils and now they are back to the beginning pimple stages, however I am sure that the Turmeric I ordered in powder and pill for off Amazon will take care of the rest while I continue this treatment for myself.

To be honest the bath is bit overkill I do it because I want results fast and soaking for about 30 min or even and hour really does help. On average I soak my groin in Vinegar about 22hr's a day changing out the rag or cloth about 3-4 times a day. Which you can just soak it in hot water and ring it out and re-use. I will let you know how everything works out but my second day and my boils have gone from excruciating pain 100% to about 15% and the redness has almost gone. Now just these little pimples I have to knock out.

PS I understand if you have work cause I work in a very public place for a tv show, I just bite the bullet. Only 2 people mention about the vinegar smell and I told them its a remedy I am using for rash on my arms, which I wear long sleeves so its better than admitting the top portion of my groin is infected especially to the ladies, plus my gf understands and it doesn't stop us from having our fun. However you shouldn't be having close contact sex until your bumps go down and it doesn't hurt anymore. So far she hasn't caught anything. God speed to everyones speedy recovery! -BOC"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  11/18/2010: Boc from Burbank, Ca replies: "Update on day 3

1) yesterday was end of my 2nd day I decided to give vinegar a little rest my Turmeric came in mail and after about 3 glasses over the course of this 18 hours it has gone down more significantly. I still have some pains but overall I can feel my boils slowly dissipating.

2) I found that I no longer need to soak for the full 22 hours I now only do it at night while I sleep as stated above (post) with a heating pad over it. When I woke up in the middle of the night to check on progress of this treatment I noticed many white heads appearing near the boils which is actually a wonderful thing which means the vinegar cloth/ rag with a heating pad over it is pulling up the bacteria without having to pop anything.

3) after noticing this in the mirror at about 4 am I got a cotton ball and soaked it in rubbing alcohol and lightly cleaned the area. TO MY SURPRISE the white heads fell right off and a strong burning sensation came over the areas where they fell off and some minor blood. However I felt a lot better after wiping my whole groin area down aside from the burning. But as well all know that means it's just doing its job of cleaning the infection without me having to pop or burst anything so I was a happy camper and went back to sleep and put the rag back over with the heating pad.

4) I woke up for work at about 7am (3 hours later) and I noticed there was barely and white dots but very light scabs and the remaining white heads came right off with another alcohol cotton ball light rub. I preceded to take a shower and got out and applied some acne treatment ointment Generic brand doesn't matter what as long as it says acne or pimple cream or gel etc.

5) before I took off to work took another shot of Turmeric and took some powder (Turmeric) with me to have 2 more at work today. I will update again soon on my third day of my own treatment and so far the results are great. Still in pain when it comes to my loose boxers/ shorts but overall I just keep a positive outlook which is important and try to keep my stress level down. I also take vitamins everyday that you can buy from Trader Jo's and whenever my work orders lunch or breakfast I try to keep it on healthier side. Will update tomorrow morning and let you know how much more they have gone down. From the looks of this I may even be able to go to Disneyland this Saturday I AM EXCITED!"

07/26/2013: Rhebs from Washington, Dc replies: "Hi as promised I am back after seeing my 4th dermatologist. The first, 2nd, and 3rd dermatologists' diagnosed as follicullitis, this 4th one, he had my skin biopsied and said I have atopic eczema. My case actually is a combination of the two, folliculitis on top of flared up eczema. Eczema is in the genes or heriditary and there is no cure but it is manageable. It can flare up by stress. He gave me a week of antibiotic, a tub of steroid cream to be applied 3x a day, atarax 3x but since I am working I take it before going to bed, cool quick shower (no hot shower), white dove soap, cerave lotion after shower. No perfume, avoid anti bacterial soap, makes skin dry and more itchy. He told me that I could eat anything... I got better but when I ate crabs and shrimps, I started to itch. These are the stuff I am avoiding: dogs and cats, chicken, some seafoods, also some canned soup, lavender soap, all perfumed lotion and soaps. I have my clothes washed in ALL soap for sensitive skin and dawn for softener anti allergenic. Right now I have some along the crown of my hair line and few spots on my arms. I dub it with witch hazel before going to bed and keep myself calm. Am scheduled to go back to my dermatologist in 6 months. I like this dermatologist of mine because he knows how to explain. He is a teaching Derm in Hopkins but have a private practice. I'll stick with him this time. At least, I wear my short sleeves blouses this summer. I have scars but I don't care. I stay away from the heat. I will continue to share my journey as I am trying to find cure for this CROSS of mine."
07/27/2013: Sp from Wb, Nj replies: "Hi Rhebs, steroid creams can give you a worse problem if used for more than one week. I know, I'm in my 21st month of recovery from using steroid creams for 3 1/2 years and I am still suffering from it. Please go to (International Topical Steroid Addiction Network) or do a search for "topical steroid addiction" or "topical steroid withdrawal" and read up on it before you put any on your skin."
08/09/2013: Lee from Midwest replies: "For years, I suffered with a folliculitis diagnosis. then, I saw a derm specializing in psoriasis after I had some really nasty things happening. I was biopsied in my genital area. turns out, I have a rare type of psoriasis called "inverse" or "flexural" psoriasis. its the opposite of normal psoriasis, in that it forms in moist areas where there is a lot of friction. I didnt actually have folliculitis, even though several dermatologists judged that I did. I would encourage you all to request biopsies if you are having these levels of problems. psoriasis is an immune disease and will not go away with many of these remedies. in fact, some of them will make it much worse. I know from experience. the hardest thing ive had to do is accept that nothing can completely cure my suffering. at least I know why though. dont just take a doctor's opinion- demand they test. I saw many primary care doctors and also many dermatologists before I found out what was truly the issue. I was convinced that I had a fungal infection because I had never even heard of inverse psoriasis. there are many other versions as well that are also rare, and could produce many of the symptoms I've seen on this folliculitis thread. please demand a biopsy and find out for sure what is going on."



Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.