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Potato Cure for Fever

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Potato - 1
  • Socks

Cut two thick, long slices out of a potato, place them on the soles of the feet, and then slide your socks overtop of both the foot and the potato. Leave the socks and potatoes on there until the fever subsides, often very quickly. For added effectiveness, you can first put the potato slices in the refrigerator!

[YEA]  11/21/2009: Limajean from Near Cleveland, Oh: "Potato as fever reducer

I sliced potatoes and put them in tight fitting socks as I put my feverish daughter to bed. She had a slight fever for most of the night. At 5:30 a.m. the fever spiked high. I removed the potato slices and put new ones in the socks. The fever instantly went down. At 8 a.m., she woke up and I removed the second slices from her socks. With each pair of potato slices, when I removed them, they were totally dry and strangely discolored (gray tinged) when I removed them. The first slices, that were in her socks the longest, continued to blacken and by 8 a.m. they were totally black. At 5:30, when I sliced the potato for the second installment, I also sliced a "control group." That control group looks like a regular sliced potato, now, 3 hours later. The second pair of potato slices that were in her socks, look very, very different from this control group. I am definitely impressed. By the way, I didn't refrigerate the slices as others have done. My naturopathic doctor told me about this remedy first. I then came to this site to see if anyone else had ever heard of it."

[YEA]  10/24/2009: Kk from Belleville, Nj, Usa: "I've had a fever for 3 days and was taking Tylenol every 6 hours to bring it down. It wasn't helping, so I tried the potato remedy that is mentioned on this site. I am so shocked that something as simple as potatoes brought my fever down in 2 hours. I peeled a large potato, sliced it and put it in the fridge for about half hour. Then I put the sliced potatoes on my feet and covered it with socks. An hour later I took the potatoes out and put them in the fridge again for half hour. Applied them to my feet again and VOILA - fever gone!!! I repeated the whole procedure again next morning, just to make sure the fever didn't come back. Try it people, it truly is a miracle."

[YEA]  04/05/2009: Heather from New Orleans, Louisiana: "We have been using potatoes in my family to break fever for many years. My mother is 65 and HER mother used to do it when she was a little girl. I tell all of my friends about it b/c it does work and many people do not know about. Get an old pair of socks that fit snugly. Purchase larger sized potatoes. Cute them in half and keep them in the FRIDGE to make them cold! Then, slip them into your socks and keep them on your feet until they cooked! They will turn brown or black from drawing the fever out of your body. I have done this many times throughout my life and only once did my fever not break. I was very, very sick when that happened. But, 95% of the time will work for you. You can even stick the used potatoes in a bag back into the fridge to get cold again...then reapply to the feet within a half hour or so. Please try this...it's been in my family for two generations and there is a reason why."

[YEA]  06/13/2008: June from Sheboygan Falls, WI: "My daughter had a fever of 103. I came to Earth Clinic to find a natural remedy as we don't take any over the counter or prescription medications in our family. I found several suggestions, the sliced potatoes being my first choice because they were the least messy.
I sliced some potatoes, placed them on the bottom of my daughter's feet and wrapped her feet in towels. Within an hour her temp was down to 99. Another success story for us! Thanks so much to Earth Clinic for helping!"

[YEA]  04/12/2008: Beth from Chicago, IL: "I had a rapidly rising fever last night that hit 103.1 and was only getting worse. Nothing was really bringing it down and my friend googled and found this website - since I had no egg whites, I opted for potato slices that I kept on my feet with socks.

Sure, I felt a little ridiculous and was reasonably sure that my fever had driven me to desperation and/or madness, but within two hours I was down to 99 degrees. So, there you have it, potatoes for fevers."

[YEA]  03/18/2008: Vee from Salt Lake City, Utah: "My husband's fever was rapidly rising to a 101.8. I read some of the responses on how to reduce a fever and I remembered my grandma using POTATOES. I sliced potatoes long ways and placed them on the soles of my husbands feet then put socks on. Placed some on his chest (without a shirt) and covered with a towel. I placed a cool wash cloth with some rubbing alcohol on his forehead and within the firt 30 mins, his fever was going down. After an hour it was below 100.Potatoes work well for reducing a fever."

01/10/2013: Amy from Hutchinson, Ks replies: "What does the rubbing alchol do? My daughter is 5 and has a temp of 103"

[YEA]  06/18/2007: Rhonda from Clinton, OK: "I had a fever this weekend and a friend told me about slicing potaotes and putting them inside your socks. So I tried it and it works. I will have to try the egg whites next."

[YEA]  03/09/2012: Eric from Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania replies: "I have used the potato in the sock trick for about ten years now, it works every time. It is funny telling people to try it for the first time but I told my mother she was crazy when she told me how to do it."

Potato and Apple Cider Vinegar

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[YEA]  01/17/2008: Bianang from Sarasota, FL: "Being that my son is allergic to eggs, I tried the ACV and water compress to help bring down his fever of 101.8. After a few hours, it came down to about 101. I then tried a big slice of potato in each sock - after an hour fever was down to 99.9! Thanks for those that have shared on this site - I've gotten a lot of helpful non-drug remedies here."

[YEA]  12/18/2009: Ginene from Baltimore, Md replies: "My daughter had a fever of 103 at 7:55. I put apple cider vinegar and soaked her rag and put it on her forehead. Then took some egg yolks and put on her feet for 5 minutes and when my husband came home from the store I sliced up some potatoes and put it in her socks. By 8:15 her temperature went down to 101.7. I can't believe it. I am about to check it again. She refused the tylenol and was very lethargic, now she is drinking and talking. I love this site!!!!"

Potato, Garlic and ACV

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[YEA]  08/30/2007: Nicole from Phoenix, AZ: "My 4 year old son woke up with a HIGH fever, but otherwise was fine. I worried after pain relievers were not bringing it down. I went on the internet and typed in break fever and this site came up. I didn't have eggs so I couldn't use the egg white remedy, but I did have onions, ACV, and potatoes. I got socks and placed potatoes and chopped onion with a hint of garlic and placed them on his feet--he didn't like it. Then I got a washcloth soaked in ACV and placed it on his forehead. I checked his temperature every 15 minutes from 3am-6am. it went down from 102.7, droping .1 degrees to 1 degree at times. I am a believer in this and will now try this again. There is something to be said about folk remedies."

Rolling an Egg

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[YEA]  01/16/2006: Nancy from Lake Zurich, IL: "One remedy for fevers is taking a egg (still intact, in its shell) and rubbing the whole egg all over the body. It will absorb the heat in the body and when you are done, the egg will be hard boiled. This was passed down from a family friend and it really works. Just be careful with the egg as you have to constantly roll it over the person."

Rubbing Alcohol

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[YEA]  03/28/2009: Gina Woodruff from Wapello, IA: "Gail,

[NAY] 02/07/2007: Gail from Columbus, OH writes: "I put egg whites on two face clothes and placed the egg white portion on the bottoms of my son's feet then covered with socks and a bath towel. There has been no change in his temperature in 45minutes. This did not work for us. Looking for another remedy,"

Use Regular rubbing alcohol. Rub over chest. 70% rubbing alcohol should work just fine. I've tried this on my 11 year old daughter and it brought her tempature down and kept it down! This is what they used in the good old days! It works!"


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[YEA]  Will from Montreal, PQ: "I always just stayed under the covers and sweat it all out, i don't know if it's such a hot idea (pardon the pun) but it worked for me. I see it as, if your gonna miss a day of work u might as well lay in bed and let it all hang out. I've had sleepless nights because it was so bad, i just stayed under my quilt and sweat it all out. It takes about 4 hours under the covers on a warm day and then i was alright."

[YEA]  Katie from Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio: "Remedy #5 has been a tradition when treating a fever since my great grandparents moved from Austria to the US in the 1920's.It has never failed!"


04/20/2011: Kelly from Cinti, Ohio: "I got caught in a cold thunderstorm the other night and got chilled. Had to wait a couple of hours in wet clothes until I could go home. I didn't feel a fever till the next day. I remembered that turmeric was good for infections so I made up some golden milk from a few of the recipes here on EC:

cup of boiled milk

level teaspoon of turmeric ( used to treat MRSA, anti-inflammatory etc.)

couple pinches of cayenne (vitamin C)

pinch of cracked pepper (works with cayenne)

1/2 tsp. Honey

1/2 tsp. Bsm (b vitamins)

fever was gone in 30 min. May need more than one dose. Don't forget to stir in between sips as the turmeric will sink to the bottom. Also lactose intolerant can use juice, just put a tsp. of oil ( coconut, olive etc. ) as turmeric is fat soluble. God Bless!"

Typhoid Fever Treatment

06/06/2013: Lucena from Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines: "Typhoid Fever: My daughter was diagnosed positive in her widal agglutination test. I searched for hours but found nothing for typhoid. Anyone knows? Thank you very much. Any feedback will be highly appreciated."

06/06/2013: Mike Giller from Denver, Colorado replies: "Coconut oil kills 95% of all pathogens. Getsome organic green coconuts and drink the water for nutritional support. The 3 acids that kill the pathogens are located in the pulp. Eat the pulp. Eat some organic fruits and vegetables raw for nutritional support acids from citric fruits like lemons and strawberries attach to the toxins during die off, so take some of those. They need to be organi. In the Philippines, they make a ferment for holidays from green papaya and garlic that contains acids.

Take some of that nascent iodine, it kills 100% of all pathogens. Get some of that while you are waiting for the package to arrive. Get some japanese konbu that contains iodine. Follow the directions and take some of that. The iodine in konbu is not nearly as effective as the nascent iodine. Google nascent iodine and they will explain why when taking nascent iodine put some in a teaspoon of water and let dissolve through the gums in the mouth. It goes directly into the bloodsteam and begins working immediately.

If she experiences severe reactions from the die off either from the coconut oil or the iodine, stop taking for a while. When she recovers lower the dosage. begin with low dosages because the toxins from the die off are dangerous. The idea is to kill the pathogens, but not too many all at once. The toxins attach to the acids from fruits and ferments and the water washes them away. Make sure she takes lots of water. Coconut water is very good. Also garlic kills a lot of pathogens. Get some organic garlic and crush it with a broad knife. Wait 15 minutes. Soak in 1 cup of warm water for 1 hour then filter and drink."

06/06/2013: Lucena from Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines replies: "Mike, thank you very much. I will try those suggestions and keep you informed."
06/07/2013: David from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Typhoid (meaning typhus like) which is distinct from typhus but both caused by a different bacteria... which ever she has can be killed by colloidal silver.

Silver kills not only virus but bacteria and fungus.

Go to a health food store and give her a teaspoon twice daily for a few weeks. Also depending on her age, if she can tolerate a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, letting her sip on that after supper until consumed. Do that for a week. That too can kill a bacterial infection. Finally, use three drops of echinacia, the herbal extract form, in water twice a day for a week. Echinacia is a great "bug" killer.

If she still tests positive, repeat the above until she no longer is positive."

06/07/2013: "Thank you very much David. Yes she is taking Apple Cider Vinegar with baking soda or Apple Cider Vinegar with lime. She is 32 yrs old. Her progress is bad. Fever is continuous. Today she vomited twice and no appetite.

My other daughter suggested ER to rehydrate but I am sure those docs will give her antibiotics."

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