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11/07/2011: Felix from Belleview, Florida: "I would like to find remedy for a cyst (polonidal)."

05/31/2012: Genevieve from Yachats, Or replies: "To Felix in Belleview, Florida, re PILONIDAL CYST (located at the drainage pores at the base of the spine):

I know it's been half a year since you posted, and presumably you no longer have a pilonidal cyst, but based on my experience, you may get others from time to time. I've had a lot of this type of cyst during the last 40 years. The first one I had surgically removed. After that, I figured out how to deal with them--easily and inexpensively.

If you notice an itch at the base of your spine, immediately apply vitamin E, and keep reapplying until the itch is gone. If you didn't notice the initial itch and a cyst has now formed, apply French green clay (presumably any clay will work because it will draw out the "juice" from the cyst). Reapply as necessary. Once the itch or pain is gone, apply vitamin E to help it heal.

Peace Love Joy & Harmony!"

07/29/2012: Bjornbjorn from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada replies: "I have a cyst under the skin above the belly button, I know this as I went to the doctor and he confirmed it was a cyst. He said to leave it but I want to get rid of it for cosmetic reasons. What is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of it. I heard castor oil, tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide are all good, does anyone have any recommendations? Any help would be much appreciated."

09/19/2011: Stacey from Eugene, Or: "I have a baker's cyst that has been giving me problems for awhile... Off and on. Now it's getting so bad that it's making it really hard for me to get around so I'm looking for a natural cure for it. Does anybody have one?"

05/22/2012: Pat from Waterloo, Ontario replies: "I have a bakers cyst on my left knee. Looking for a Natural remedy. Currently having laser and massage treatments."

09/04/2011: Jay from Boston, Massachusetts: "Can Someone Please Tell Me How To Get Rid Of A Cyst It Is The Size Of A Grape And It Is Very Painful I Am Having Trouble Sitting/Walking It is the size of a grape and it is located under my testicles between my testicles and butt it is located on the skin between them I really need help it is very painful please help and please e mail me any suggestions would be so helpful thank you so much

my e mail is gapboi6969(at)"

09/04/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "Dear Jay, Have you discussed this cyst with a doctor ? It seems to me that such a cyst as you described has a very good chance of being successfully treated with a fairly simple and safe surgical removal. There are some conditions where surgery is the best alternative in my opinion. From what you described I would at least consult a qulified doctor and find out what he or she has to say about this.

Such a surgery may very well only require a local anesthetic....Oscar"

09/07/2011: Fooch from Tucson, Az replies: "I had a pilonidal cyst myself that I just cured without surgery. While I don't think what you have is a pilonidal cyst as they are always from what I know at the region of the gluteal cleft. Being a Physician Assistant, I injected it with some lidocaine and made an incision with a scalpel. I would have took it out fully if I could reach enough :) Don't worry, I know most are going to do, but for the sake of being complete I will tell you what I tried. What I feel will work will come later. I did this twice and sat in the bathtub daily for a couple weeks with H202 and Epsom Salts. I do think that the incision did help by opening the cyst up and enabaled it to dry out. I also used what is called a zapper, nightly. Whether you get it for this or not, it might be something worth looking into, it has all kinds of uses.

What I would try first is what I did daily for about 6-8 weeks and that is apply some Bentonite Clay to it. I did it once a day. If I was to do it again, I would do it am and pm. It has drawing properties to it. When I put it on my face, the next day, it's not uncommon to have one or two small pimples arise. Currently, I am doing a 28 day detox and part of that program is drinking this type of clay as it pulls the impurities from the body, including heavy metals. I believe this is what made the most difference. The odd thing is that since it always drawing it out and shrinking it, you don't feel any progress made. Although, I did feel as though at times the mass of the cyst (the wall of it) was getting smaller, but it was always proud (sticking out). Then one day I woke and applied it again, it was gone. I did a few more times after and there's no raised area at all. Even when it was asymptomatic, I could still feel it a little. But not now.

If anyone has a pilonidal cyst, in the area it is, if you do want to have someone numb you up with some lidocaine and just make an incision the with of it and deep (about an inch), it really is rather easy. Although, for the lay person, it is probably going to be nerve racking. There is no major arteries or nerves in this region to worry about. Grab an anatomy book if you like. Nerves around the sacrum are deeper."

04/04/2011: Grammie4u from Duncan, Bc, British Columbia, Canada: "I have a bump on my bottom lip that looks like a broken vein only bigger. I have look on this site and cannot find any other reference. Perhaps I bit my lip in my sleep. I have trouble with spider veins. I am so grateful for this site. Lets remember to donate."

10/07/2010: Niki from Ventura, Ca: "Desperately needs advice on how to shrink large Cyst Tumor Odontogenic Jaw cyst possible Ameloblastoma no malignancy evidence. I can not find any oral surgeon qualified to remove my cyst and now am desperate to shrink it myself. It is quite large covering the bottom portion of my gum line from one cheek through my chin to the other side. One side of my jaw is huge. I have read a few of the posts re: baking soda and lemon but was confused as to use this as a mouthwash or actually swollow it. Is there something I can keep putting on to burn it off or shrink it down. I have used Hyd. Prox everyday about 4 times a day as a mouth wash as well.. Please help."

10/02/2011: Amy from Hailey, Id replies: "I have just been diagnosed with the exact same thing! I noticed you post was a while ago... Did you find any natural remedies? PLEASE help! :)"

10/05/2010: Nichole from Ventura, Ca: "I have been dealing with this cyst in my mouth/jaw for about 3 years now.. I recently noticed it was getting bigger and went to get the biopsy done. I was diagnosed with an odontogenic cyst but consideration of a unicystic ameloblastoma but no evidence of malignancy. I have looked everywhere for an oral surgeon to remove the cyst/tumor but can not find anyone in my area that is covered by my insurance. I want to try the natural way. What is recommended? I will do just about anything to notice any shrinkage fast. The front part of the cyst is eating at my roots of the teeth and dont want to loose any more roots. Please help."

09/06/2011: Ladybyrdsmom from Ventura, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi there,

So I live in Ventura and Had my whole entire jaw removed because of an ameloblastoma. I noticed you made this post last year but if you have questions about it please feel free to contact me. I went through it and am happy to answer any questions."

10/07/2011: Josephine from Selangor, Malaysia replies: "Hi there, I am from Malaysia, a country in South east Asia.

I have just seen an article (in indonesian language) about an Indonesian woman who got cured from ameloblastoma by consuming sea cucumber (gamat).

I am actually searching for an alternative therapy for a friend with the same problem."

10/13/2011: Nichole from Ventura, Ca replies: "To: ladybyrdsmom from Ventura

I have just been through the ringer with this whole situation. I have been to so many maxillofacial surgeons and either they are not capable of doing the surgery or they are not convered by my insurance. Where did you go to get it done? I am just sitting here in limbo trying to do the natural way. What happened with your jaw, did they somehow build a new jaw.. How are you today after all this? how big was yours. I would love a personal email if possible."

07/20/2010: Tricia from Ireland: "I am looking for information on the best route to take to get rid of a painful and debilitating baker's cyst. All replies gratefully received - Tricia."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  03/08/2014: Iteach5 from Virginia Usa replies: "I, too, have developed a Baker's cyst. Because I was walking abnormally, I subsequently developed inflammation in both feet, misaligned back, and painful leg cramps. After hobbling for two months, I finally saw my chiropractor last week (who is also a herbalist). He diagnosed my problem, did adjustments to my knee, and recommended chondroitin and boswellia 4 times a day. He also recommended massage therapy and ion cleanse which I haven't yet pursued. Within a week, my cyst had reduced in size from one inch in diameter to about one-third of an inch. Last night I had a fall, so now I'm back to square one with ice packs and elevation of leg. I'll post again later to update my progress."

06/02/2010: Addy from Flowery Branch, Ga: "I love this website! I've tried a few remedies already and I'm TOTALLY excited!

I'm bumping this post in hopes that someone out there reads this and can offer any info on cysts on the outer thigh. You don't see anything, you just feel it. I've had one for a few years now, not really bothersome but I'd rather it not be there! Have noticed a couple more have popped up in the last year.

Just throwing this out: I had 2 ganglion cysts removed from my wrist a few years back and the leg cyst feels pretty much like the gangs in my wrist. Do ganglion cyst pop up anywhere else besides the wrist?

Also, I have cystic fibroids in my breasts since forever. Is it possible that any of this maybe related? I'm looking into the iodine defiency to see if it helps.



04/19/2010: Lucy from Sleepy Hollow, New York: "I have a friend whose son keeps getting ear tumors. Are there any remedies that can prevent this from happening again, my friend is tired of paying for surgeries every other year."

03/11/2010: Sara from The Beach, Canada: "I have a open request for help with cysts. Does anyone have an opinion as to what causes them? I get them on my legs, mostly upper and on top, not where I sit. They are under the skin. I assume they are sebaceous cysts and they sometimes itch. I also have Hidradenitis Suppurativa, but this is not HS. I'd like to know if something I eat promotes their growth or appearance. Doctors just shrug and say they dont know much about them. Any feed back would help. Thanks."

10/16/2009: Beth from Missouri, Us: "I woke up this morning and there is a painful bump on the back of my neck just below my hairline. It is very sensitive, at first I felt like the whole back of my neck was bruised, then I felt this little bump. It's about the size of a pencil eraser and I can feel it under the skin, kind of feels like a cyst. Doesn't feel like a normal pimple, too painful and it's more like a small knot under the skin. It concerns me because it hurts so much. Any ideas what it could be? What I could treat it with? I washed it with castille soap and tea tree oil this morning in the shower. Thanks."

08/22/2009: Barron from Sarnia, On, Canada: "I have a cysts in my neck.. causes my left side of my throat to hurt.. have to get it removed.. but I am working to much right now to take the time off.. does anyone know what I could take to get rid of it, or to ease the pain and swelling?"

08/23/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hello Barron from Sarnia,

Have you tried painting the area (skin) over those cysts in your neck? If not, just paint tincture of iodine (or SSKI or Lugol's solution) can also be used). I would just do this daily (if the iodine disappears very quickly, you might try doing it morning & night until the iodine color remains on the skin longer)."

08/07/2009: Michelle from Lubbock, Tx: "Does anyone know how to cure a baker's cyst and to relieve great pain?"

EC: "A Baker's cyst, otherwise known as a popliteal cyst, is a benign swelling of the semimembranous bursa found behind the knee joint."'s_cyst

[YEA]  06/25/2011: Nancyjw from Colorado Springs, Colorado replies: "I am over 75, have bone-on-bone knee arthritis. A physical therapist suggested icing a non-painful Baker's cyst behind one of my knees. In under 24 hours it was gone."

Salt Crystal Deodorant

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[YEA]  07/10/2013: Littlegoslings from Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, Usa: "Remedy for Sebaceous Cyst - salt crystal deodorant

My latest sebaceous cyst, right in the middle of my back over my spine, went away in a week with a combination of 1 initial treatment of a triple antibiotic ointment (readily available OTC) and then regular daily or semi-daily applications of the salt deodorant product I use for my underarms, the natural one in crystal form. It worked great. I got my wife or daughter to apply the crystal salt deodorant product right after a hot shower when my pores were open and my back was still wet. After only 4-5 uses of the salt stone, the cyst is all but gone. I can only credit intuition for the idea to use the crystal stone.

As has been said, in the past I also tried to poke and drain them (with help because they always occur on my back) but they are very hard, very painful, and do not lend to draining. Nothing like a pus filled boil or an infection that becomes numb over time, like a cuticle. A sebaceous cyst can be large, sensitive and very painful to touch, never mind to stab and squeeze! My wife loves to stab and squeeze the things, but I guess there's some repressed anger there. It hurts like hell and does almost no good.

I have had a hard time with sebaceous cysts. My first one, about 12 years ago, was a mystery to me. I thought it was a spider bite or something, and I ended up in the ER, getting VERY painful anesthesia injections (yeah, anesthesia, go figure! ) and then a painless (due to the anesthesia) lancing and cleaning of the cyst. Of course the ensuing charges were far from painless.

Since then I have had at least 2 more. Usually they happen if I don't shower every day, and honestly, I don't always. Another contributing factor, which I found out the hard way, is using a wash cloth in the shower without soap. If I drag a wet wash cloth over my back without using soap (let's say I'm in a hurry and I only soap wash my face, crotch and pits) the bacteria or whatever that grows in the humid bathroom environment is almost sure to get into my skin and I end up with a cyst."

Saltwater Rinse

06/07/2012: Suzzz from Lexington, Sc: "I have developed a cyst above my upper molars. Have gone to the ENT and had a CT scan... They are sending me to the oral surgeon. Any suggestions? Making pastes and applying bandaids will not work, given the location. :)"

06/08/2012: British from Long Island, Ny replies: "I'm not sure if this will work for a cyst but it works for an abcess. Rinse your mouth with very salty warm water. With each mouthful, swosh it around for as long as you can stand it. Spit and repeat. I've had a broken tooth with a big hole in it for 3 yrs and will get it taken care of eventually but for now, anytime I get pain and it swells up I rinse with salt water. The salt seems to draw out whatever is in there which will ease the pressure and the pain. I've never tried this on a cyst since mine have always been on my body. One thing that did work for the cyst on my wrist was a magnetic bracelet. This was a lot less painful that the 2 times it was popped before. Hope the salt helps. Good luck."

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