Bowel Disorders

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Remedies Needed

05/31/2012: Momof4 from Concord, North Carolina: "PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY HELP? My niece 46, has constant runny bowels. She has accidents all the time and severely underweight, she has no insurance and human services is not helpful at all I am afraid she is dying. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank You in advance for your help and GOD bless this wonderful website."

05/31/2012: Katootje from Amsterdam, Netherlands replies: "You can try to use activated charcoal, this will bind all kinds of toxins."
05/31/2012: Sophie from Dayton, Ohio, Usa replies: "Two things that come to mind are a C-Diff infection or Crohn's Disease. Either way, you should start her on an anti-inflamation diet (low carb, NO sugars, NO caffeine... Look online for information by Dr. Perricone). She also needs a strong probiotic every day, at least to replenish her gut bacteria which is being lost in her runny movements. Plain, unsweetened yogurt, kefir, or even probiotic pills are a good place to start. There are some reasonably priced probiotic pills available now at regular drugstores.

I have to say though, extended bouts of runny stool can lead to severe dehydration. Also, any blood in the stool is a SERIOUS problem and needs to be addressed by a good, understanding, knowledgeble gastroinerologist. This is nothing to fool around with! I understand without insurance this is a monsterous proposition, but there are other ways to get support. Contact charity services in your area, she may qualify for assistance. Catholic social services may be a good place to start. They have a long history of providing medical support to those in need.

Take care and good luck!!"

05/31/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Can I suggest that you go out and buy the book "Live Juices" from Dr. H. E. Kirschner. It is available on amazon and is not a new book. It was written in the 1960's. A women in the book was severely anorexic and cured herself by just drinking carrot juice. Carrot juice used to be called a miracle juice. This women drank or ate nothing but carrot juice for about 18 months (she didn't even drink water) and cured her problem and put on weight. Her photos are in the book along with other case studies. Carrot juice used to be known as an antiseptic for the body. It will help the digestive system and kill off the pathogens that are caused the loose stool. It will also put back much needed nutrients into her body. Anyway buy the book and research "the miracle of carrot juice" on the internet.

It also cleanses the blood and puts the body back into an alkaline state. Everyone should drink carrot juice every day. I have 3/4 carrot and 1/4 orange juice.. very tasty."

06/01/2012: Lisa from Jax, Fl replies: "She could have parasites, infection or a candida issue. I am dealing with the same issue and treating it as a yeast problem since I have that anyway. I have had diarrhea for 9 weeks now. Take colloidal silver for infection, diatomaceous earth for parasites and get off all sugar and yeast products. Protein powder w/o sugar has helped me to keep up my strength. Search the site and look at the symptoms to figure out what she needs to do. What is her history? has she had parasites before? I use Immodium and Kaopectate when I just need help with the diarrhea. It helps a little. Borax and garlic are great for yeast and infection. Look those up also! Praying for your success!"
06/05/2012: Patricia from Ocala, Fl replies: "Since your niece is losing weight and having runny stools, she may want to try a gluten free diet. These are symptoms of celiac disease and going gluten free for a few weeks may help."
06/08/2012: Baddiver from Holmen, Wisconsin replies: "As others have suggested, this can be caused by many things. Personally I had diarrhea for 5 months and found the root cause to be parasites. To get rid of it completely I had to kill the parasites with a zapper. To provide diarrhea symptom relief I found eating 6 apples a day for several days to help. I did not eat anything else during this time. DIET needs to be addressed for all gut issues and NAET treatments can be very helpful if the person providing them is good."

Stool Changes

05/28/2013: Radical from Miami, Florida: "For some weeks now I've been noticing "carrot-like" chippings in my faeces. I have not visited a doctor because I'm wondering what remedy I can possibly take to rectify this. Has this happened to anyone? If so, what might be the internal cause of this?"

05/29/2013: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Radical: This is likely a case of incomplete digestion, probably due to infection or possibly parasite infestation. I would recommend taking Oregano Oil softgels for a few days then begin Digestive Enzymes plus Probiotics. Two weeks of this regimen should show improvement."

Stool Color

02/09/2012: Jenifer from Los Angeles, Ca: "What is up when one's poop is viridian green?"

03/29/2013: Cat from Austin, Tx replies: "Know that I am late on this one but if I eat lots of cruciferous veggies like cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts.... Or even spinach, my stool eliminates darkish green. It goes back to normal when I take a break with these types of veggies. I try not to eat the cruciferous veggies days in a row because they do adversely affect the lymph nodes under my neck, they become swollen. I've read that cru veggies can adversely affect the thyroid when over-eaten. I'll do further research on this."

Twisted Colon Remedies

04/20/2010: Wanda from Ruckersville, Va: "Does anyone have a cure for a twisted colon. I go thru periods of severe cramping. The colon became twisted on it's own so surely there must be a way to untwist it naturally."

04/23/2010: Lisa from Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Wanda,

Typically, a twisted colon is due to a poor diet. Mostly, lack of fiber but also sometimes it occurs because of a Caesarean section in women. You might want to look at your diet because that is the answer to finding the natural way to help your colon. Start eating a lot more fiber.

Hope this helps you get back your health, Lisa"



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