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We thought it would be a good idea to start posting all the remedies that have failed to cure boils, staph infections and MRSA.

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Multiple Antibiotics9 YEAS
Home Remedies8 YEAS

Antibacterial Soap

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[YEA]  12/31/2006: Melissa from Middlefield, CT: "2 years ago I suddenly started getting boils for the first time in my life. Clusters of them on my rear end, large and painful and by the time they would heal I would have a new batch. My doctor recommended I use an antibacterial soap and a medicated powder on the area. I did this every day for months and it had no affect on my boils."

[YEA]  12/21/2006: Alexis from Medford, OR: "doctor gave me bactrim didn't work, tried hot packs and campo stuff. that made them smaller but I have 3 one on the face, breasts and butt. will try the cure you stated and get back to you. Made the boils smaller, they have not broken skin and its been 2 months."

[YEA]  12/13/2006: Jennifer from Davie, FL: "I have had two horrid boils on my legs for several months now. I went to the dermatologist, who told me that they were most likely caused by Staph. He prescribed Bactrum, which I believe is a sulpha medication. I had a severe allergic reaction to it, broke out in a body rash, and it did NOTHING. The mupirocin, complete waste of money. The Ichthammol, I don't think it really worked either. He told me I could come back if nothing worked, and have a steroid injection. Finally tonight, I took a sterilized pin to one of them, and it oozed pus and blood for some time. These things are COMPLETELY disgusting. They have nothing to do with rain in my case. I am ashamed to show my legs, I cannot actually. I am so neurotic, and this does nothing for my mental health, these huge, pus-filled infections in my leg. When I think back, I was swimming in a local public pool, and noticed the man swimming next to me had severe boil type looking lesions on his legs? I also went to have a pedicure, maybe it is from the gross equipment that they use on everyone else? I don't know, but my back is sore, my arms are sore, I feel completely ill, and these boils are not going away."

Check for a Different Diagnosis

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[YEA]  04/08/2007: Eileen from Northwest US: "I've experienced extremely painful boils/ acne-like, very hard but with no pus starting about 2 yrs ago. I am of average weight and have a healthy diet. I spent many, many months trying to pinpoint the source, doing lots of research. I did finally go to an allopathic nurse pracitioner who said it was impetigo (because they use yes/no answers on a computerized diagnosis program. WRONG! I believe that it's dermatitis herpetiformus, but I didn't want to go through a biopsy to confirm it. It only occurs when gluten is consumed (which is in just about everything packaged). It is exacerbated by hormonal cycles and low thyroid. I think that perimenopause has thrown off my hormone balance and has led to gluten intolerance. Here's what helps: stop consuming all grains and follow a diet for candida/yeast. This takes a long time, and it was really hard to do, but it is the only real solution I've found. (After finally healing and staying off flour for a year and a half, I had one slice of pizza, and it's deja-vu all over again). Topically, use niacinamide gel (Metazine from Life Link) very frequently (really helps reduce inflammation), salicylic acid gel, and yes, I use cortisone too. I think the niacinamide works best. Vit E is ok if not sourced from wheat. Taking massive supplements hasn't helped (like high doses of A, D, E, selenium, zinc, even up to 400mg CoQ10 -no response. I do use curcumin, wobenzym, niacinimide, colloidal silver. Thyroid supplementation has been a significant help. I have used real low doses of doxycycline for a very limited time and it did seem to help a bit but I stopped due to a reaction beginning. I used activated charcoal and it's possible that considering the link between wheat sensitivity, leaky gut or IgA deficiency, and the breakout a few days later, that it's the charcoal's work not the doxycycline that really helped at that time. Of course, maybe it's really from chemtrail fallout. Who knows? Whatever it is, it is HELL and the Metazine works wonders. Good luck."

07/12/2008: JG from Los Angeles, California replies: "dermatitis herpetiformis & ACV: i was struck by repeated bouts of what a dermatologist diagnosed as herpes zoster or shingles.
went through a valtrex treatments each time the rashes appeared on my arms and legs. slowly emerging and very itchy bumps that would, over two weeks, become clear liquid-filled bumps. i suspected it had to do with infected scratches from dog toenails, as i was working with rescue dogs. lo and behold, it was - and my sister, a doctor across the country, had suspected dermatitis hep the whole time. it was much later that i stumbled upon ACV as an excellent cure that speeds up the cycle of the rash. i soak a gauze square with it and tape it to the affected area changing it in the morning and at night. such a relief to have a non-med cure! also, i have found that if i wash the scratched area immediately with anti-bacterial soap, it can prevent the rashes.:)"

[YEA]  01/18/2007: Jan from Perth, Australia: "Several people have mentioned cures that did not work for their boils - particularly those people who had a number of boils in their armpit, breast or groin area. They may want to check to see if they have Hidradenitis Suppurativa which presents like boils in those areas but is not curable. There is a lot of information about HS on the web and it seems to be often misdiagnosed so it may be worth seeing a dermatologist for a second opinion."

EC: Hidradenitis is a chronic disease of the apocrine glands (sweat gland found on certain parts of the body). These glands become plugged or clogged. The condition causes chronic scarring and pus formation of the underarms, groin and/or inner thigh areas. In women it can also occur under the breasts. Hidradenitis begins with a red, tender, swelling in the groin or armpit. Over time the lesions enlarge and burst open at the surface, draining clear to yellow fluid.

07/07/2008: Duke from Phoenix, AZ replies: "After trying different treatments, I went to a MD and he told me I had Hidradenitis Suppurativa. He gave me some antibiotics and we will see what happens in the next few weeks. This has occurred for 4-6 weeks now, so I will have to wait it out."

Home Remedies

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[YEA]  03/03/2007: Kate from Midlands, UK: "I have had a boil at the top of my buttocks for a few days and tried my usual concoction of bergamot oil, lavender, chamomile,and tea tree. Alongside this I have been taking vit c, Vit B complex, chlorella, acidophilus, beta carotene and echinacea. Normally this works but seems to have failed this time, although the boil has suddenly appeared without any previous symptoms this time so am not sure if I started taking them too late. On top of this I have been taking homeopathic sulphur, belladonna and silicea. I was trawling through the internet and the turmeric remedy caught my eye. About an hour ago I took a teaspoon in a glass of orange juice (quickly) and have managed to sit down without the slightest twinge for the first time today. I will carry on through the evening with the teaspoon in orange juice but first thing tomorrow I shall be out to my local health shop to get the tablets. I really hope that this remedy works fully and means I no longer have to take the other concoction I was using. Thanks for the advice. It is the most truly embarrassing place to have a boil and I dread it reoccurring as the pain is horrendous. So all being well this is the answer to my worst recurring nightmare!!"

[YEA]  02/17/2007: Bonnie from Desert Hot Springs, CA: "I've tried EVERYTHING! Tea tree, baking soda, epsom salt compress, turmeric, 4 kinds of antibiotics. you name it. Nothing really works except honey. Have only tried turmeric for 2 days so far."

[YEA]  01/19/2007: Philip from Massapequa, NY: "I think I am prone to boils. I mostly get them around my waistline(where underwear rubs) and sometimes my shoulders or back. I just got an outbreak of THE MOST painful boils I have ever had! One on my cheek that's huge, and disfiguring my face, with all the swelling around the areas. I'm no wimp because i'm used to these things, but these on my face are particularly big, and painful. At least one inch round and one inch high, and I never got them on my face before. I have had it now for a few days, and tried different natural cures with no avail. I put tomato paste (remedy) on it, moxibustion (remedy) with a cigarette etc. If it does not get somewhat better in the next few days, i'm going to the doctor. I'm fearing it might be something more serious, perhaps it is a staph infection. Let me know if you want pics."

[YEA]  01/08/2007: Jen from Wilmington, NC: "Began having boils 6 days after moving here in late April 2006. Have tried everything I could find in the health food stores (vitamin C, various formulas, and more) plus bathing in ACV and/or Epsom salts. Seems that they'll get better for a couple weeks but nothing has totally stopped them yet. Still, the turmeric seems helpful. Just recently I added the 4-herb tea (similar to Essiac) to the agenda, both internally and externally. I intend to add water filters, as I was told by a naturopathic doctor that the water here is "terrible" with chemicals. Will keep you posted, as I am 52 and have always had beautiful skin (even as a teen-ager) and will not let this defeat me!! Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH to you and to Ted for this wonderful site. I'm spent HOURS reading on various subjects, including ACV and more."

[YEA]  01/03/2007: Chris from Dallas, TX: "I have tried prescription antibiotics, colloidal silver, oregano oil...did not cure the boils. i got a boil on my buttocks that was the size of a lemon. doctor gave me antibiotics that did not work. i now have boils recurring in my armpits, nothing has worked yet, i am going to try turmeric, i hope it works."

02/06/2014: Foxliz from Green Cove Springs, Florisa replies: "This is for Chris from Dallas, Texas. Hello, I'm Foxliz, from GCS, Florida. I read of your unfortunate problem along with the discomfort that goes with it. I've been for, I would say, bout eight years or so, fighting this horrible problem with my only daughter. And as many times I brought her to the emergency, seeking to help my child with this debilitating clusters of boils she fights from under her armpit, she wants no more to have to go to an emergency hospital to get these things cut open for drainage. It seemed to help her but for only such a short time. Well, if you been in this situation, then you understand what I'm prefearing about. Well, I am searching for any and everything I can find, to help my kid fight this problem. I look foward in reading yours as much as everyone's victory over this unwanted and unneeded heath problem. I am on my way to get my hands on some Turmeric. I hope it works as well, chao for now!"
02/06/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Foxliz and Chris, the boils are coming from SOMEWHERE/SOMETHING. Maybe you should try eliminating foods you feel might be the precursors of these boils."
[YEA]  02/07/2014: Wendy from Columbus, Oh replies: "I had my first boil on my butt 7 years ago. This was before I knew to clean up my diet and also before I knew about the benefits of organic apple cider vinegar. At the time, a doctor had to cut it out. Kept recurring but in different areas of my butt, UNTIL I decided to stop ALL dairy (milk, all cheeses including cottage cheese, cream, ice-cream, etc., etc.), and start adding the organic apple cider vinegar (with the "mother") and a pinch of baking soda to my filtered drinking water. I've had no more boils since!

Bottom line (pun intended! ): clean up your diet!"

[YEA]  01/02/2007: Barbara from Fort Worth, TX: "Apple Cider Vinegar helped to diminish all over skin outbreak of small red spots ringworm for the few days used, however because of a serious staph infection in the lower left leg and cellulitis, started on antibiotics intravenously for ten days, with 12 more to go. Then will test blood again and see what doc says. He gave fungus cream for ringworm, and recommended auqua 4 and hydrocortizone for what he say is skin reaction to sulfur antibiotics taken previously. The itchiness and all over red bumps and boils and pimples have diminished somewhat but not altogether. Will be trying turmeric and vinegar again. Have been loading up on vitamins and immune boosters such as Vit C and bioflavonoids, Folic Acid, 45mg iron for red blood, some mushrooms, colloidal silver but watch out that it doesn't have protein in it as suspender which has been known to harbor bacteria, green tea, unsweetened cranberry juice in water, high fiber, high grain and lentil loaf as daily meal, cut out red meats, eat fruits, fresh vegetables, etc, fevers have gone down to normal from 99.6 several times a day.."

[YEA]  01/01/2007: Ken from Brookings, OR: "I tried using Alcohol, peroxide, Neosporin & Ichthammol Ointment 20%. In time, about a week and a half they finally started to break and dry up. I'm not sure what I had or have. For the last year and a half, I have had outbreaks of a rash of boils on my face, thighs and underarms that are extremely painful. Nothing really helps. It just seems to have to run its course."

10/19/2013: Sherrice Sledge-thomas from Ohio replies: "It's a good idea to eliminate sugar, processed, and fried foods and cleanse your blood with herbal tinctures of burdock root and yellowdock. Apply a poultice of comfrey root and tea tree oil to the boils."
10/20/2013: Luvfish'n from Los Angeles, California replies: "Black tar salve on line. CVS carries an ointment called Ichthammol Ointment. U can use any Draw Out salve. It has green soap and smells and looks like the black tar used for the roads. Make sure the boil has and open wound or puncture it with a needle or elase the black tar ointment wont work. Put black tar on cotton ball or a dressing and then tape it securely on to boil. This remedy is fast and effective with out pain. Change dressing as often as needed.

10/20/2013: Patrice from Nashua Nh replies: "A remedy I've used from my mother was taking a piece of moist bread and applying it over the boil wth bandage over night. Remove and you will notice a huge draw of material next morning. Puncture the white head, and apply another round of moist bread and the next day it's all clean and ready to dry up."


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[YEA]  09/04/2007: Susan from Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.: "M.R.S.A. Boils -- Health care worker who contracted M.R.S.A. Had developed a boil the size of my shoulder with the open area larger than a nickel and deep. Excruciatingly painful to lift my arm and had a large lymph node developing in my arm pit. Determined not to be scarred by this nasty boil, it was drained, then I used Arnica on (not in) the surrounding tissue (three times a day) then neosporin within the open wound. Kept it covered and continued treating it and keeping it clean.

M.D. prescribed Kelfex...which was a waste of time and money. The boil healed beautifully, no crater or pain left. However, I was growing weaker/ sicker and fairly sure I would end up in the hospital or dead. Both not on my list of "fun". Currently on Doxycyline. Do I think it's working? Reserving judgement at this time. Will be trying tumeric and Hibiclense."

Multiple Antibiotics

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[YEA]  03/15/2007: Eric from Johnstown, PA: "I've been treated with multiple antibiotics, oral and IV as well as surgeries to remove abcesses, about 10 total since last summer after a long hospital stay. I recently had a boil lanced in the ER of a FL hospital while I was on vacation. I thought I had turned the corner on these boils because the previous boil healed without incision or antibiotics. I used hot compresses and hyrdogen peroxide on a soaked cotton ball and held it on the boil for a minute 3 times a day. That worked. I also take garlic supplements. The next week, when I wasn't resting or eating as well, that method didn't work at all. I'm trying turmeric for the first time for this one. At least I can see this boil, it's on the front groin. I have used zyvox. It worked great, but doesn't get rid of MRSA, just the infection, then I'd get a new one in 10 days. It also interferes big-time with your diet. Oddly, some of the remedies, e.g.,yougurt & raisins, are to be avoided while on Zyvox. I'll add raisins and yougurt to my diet while I can."

[YEA]  03/11/2007: Carolyn from Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania: "hi i was browsing your web site and came across turmeric for boils, i have been suffering since oct 2006 with too many boils to count. i think i may have gotten the boils from gyn office went there in oct and in about 9 days later broke out on the buttocks, thighs and stomach.up until that time i had never heard of put me levaquin 750mg 10 days cleared up so i thought, about 1 week off the meds came back. contacted my dermatologist and he put me on 750 mg cipro for 28 days gave me some phisohex wash seemed to do pretty good until now here i am march 2007 and i have another boil on my thigh, ran across your web site and read about the healing effects of turmeric i will give it a try... sure hopes this will cure the problem."



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