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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

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Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus

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[YEA]  02/02/2011: Cin from Cleveland, Oh: "OMG.. You ladies have made my life so much easier!! I have been through the antibiotics, the gel, the everything you could think of for years now. Who would have thought that peroxide douche, acidophilus and folic acid would be my lifesaver!! The peroxide was effective almost immediately!! I am a week without the awful smell and now I feel a whole new freedom!! Thank you seems like not enough!!"

02/10/2011: Chinese From Malta from Birkirkara, Malta, Europe replies: "Thank you for this wonderful remedy! BV has been pestering me for now 1 year, coming and going, and it has put off my sexual desire. I bought everything this morning so wish me luck please. Will post back after a week with preliminary results.:)"
[YEA]  02/20/2011: Dee from Dallas, Texas replies: "I've been battling this for years. Didn't understand what was going on. I've been doing these treatments since Thursday evening and I noticed the difference right away. I'm so grateful for this website."

12/15/2010: Gogia Gurl from Atlanta, Ga: "I had NO problems with this issue until I was about 2 1/2-3 months pregnant with my second child. Honestly, I didn't make a big issue of it and thought it would go away on its own, especially after having her, but unfortunately it did't. Antibiotics did not work... All they did was make it worse with a yeast infection.

Now, almost four years later I did some reaserch and came to realize that BV is what I have been dealing with all this time. And boy was a relieved to find out that there were ways to get rid of it. I came across a site that said all you needed was 3 items used in a certain way and you can get rid of BV for good. Well, they charged almost $80 for you to join some program and if you sent an eamil they will tell you the three items needed. Curiosity took over so I did and got a response the following day. Hydrogen peroxide, folic acid, and acidophilus (probiotics). I WAS FLOORED... And with me being a CPhT I never thought of this. Of course, there is no way I was about to pay $80 to be told how to use these things so I jumped around and came across this site. THANK GOD! After reading about 20 comments or so I was convinced and before I went to bed I tried the 12 peroxide 1/2 water douche and it was gone in an instant. The next morning there was no odor, I had no nasty disharge overnight, and none for the entire day. I went and bought some folic acid and acidophilus took one of each with breakfast and another dose with lunch. Did not insert anything vaginally and for an entire day I was free again. And it felt great to have my daughter run up and hug my waist and not wonder if she smells anything. It has only been 24hrs since I started this treatment and I plan to come back and give updates..... Thanks ladies"

01/12/2011: Siobhain from Weaterly, Rhode Island replies: "I douched with apple cider vinegar diluted with water (I had no hydrogen peroxide) then started taking folic acid and acidophilus once in the am and again in the pm and after 3 days I am proud to say I am free of my problem!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!"
01/13/2011: Stillstruggling from Ironwood, Mi replies: "Did you use straight ACV? I've been doing the peroxide straight and I still can't rid of the BV. I went to my Dr.a few months ago and she gave me an antibotic which cleared it up but then it came back again. I haven't tried the ACV. Please reply."
01/22/2011: Maymay from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania replies: "This is all very interesting. What is the exact process? amounts, frequency etc?"

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  07/10/2010: Liz from Los Angeles, Ca: "For the last year I've been fighting a BV infection. I have no insurance so I tried everything from Homeoapathy ,yogurt, Acidophilus to H2O2 douche. After about 9 months of this I broke down and paid for a doctor visit and lab tests. I was tested for every STD and everything came back negative and my Pap came back normal. The doctor gave me 3 different antibiotics and nothing has worked. I came across this website and tried the H2O2 (1/2 and 1/2 mixture)Acidophilus (two orally and two vaginally) and Folic Acid (1 a day) combination. It's been 5 days now. It worked for the first two days. Now the smell is back and it's very strong. I'm a bartender and you can only imagine the comments I get from my drunk customers. Can someone give me any other suggestions on what to try?"

[YEA]  07/12/2010: Lilly from Brisbane, Australia replies: "I struggled with BV for 1 year after having it transmitted during a sexual encounter. It drove me insane and the smell was shocking. I kept getting rid of it but my partner would give it back to me. So myself and my partner were treated with anti-biotics 3 times which caused all sorts of problems with candida that I'm still struggling with today. Anyway, Olive Leaf Extract is what I took, after my partner and I consumed half a bottle, the BV was gone."
07/12/2010: Barbara from Atl, Ga replies: "After suffering for 3 1/2 months w/ BV (I tried everything from: probiotics tablets, Tea Tree suppositories, bocir acid capsules inserted, plain organic yougart soaked tampon inserted). Please have them test you for MRSA; you could possible have it. I was finally treated for a sunis infection (w/ Levaquin) and the BV went away as well and never came back. Not suggesting that you be treated w/ that, but it is used to treat various types of bacterial infections. I was only on 1/2 tablet for six days (3 700mg tablets)."

[YEA]  06/06/2010: Ohiogirl from Galena, Ohio: "I am so happy I found this site. I've always been an advocate for natural remedies. I'd had this god-awful itch in the "nether region" for months. So bad that I was getting cracked and raw from scratching in my sleep! Plus, a weird smell that was not like a yeast infection smell. Best way to describe it was "old lady" coochie smell! I'm in the beginning part of menopause, which isn't making me happy anyway. So, thinking another upsetting downside to being over 50 when I feel 30 was really making me mad. So, I started searching and tripped over this site. I read almost all the posts and accepted that I had BV. That night, I did the H202 douche. I poured about 1 cup of the hydrogen peroxide in the bag and filled the rest with luke warm water and took care of that task. I have to say that the weird smell was immediately gone! There was no other weirdness to report about the douce, no foaming coochie or burning - nothing like that, just immediate smell gone. The next day I went to the health food store and bought live acidophilus and Folic Acid 800 mcg. I took 1 of each, twice that day for 2 days. The itch is gone, the smell is gone. I will continue to make the acidophilus and folic acid a part of my daily supplements, I am taking 1 of each with my morning smoothie. A note about yogurt....since the late 70's, I have used a yogurt douche a few times a year, for just a general healthy cleaning. My awesome Gyno actually told me it was a great idea! I had read about it in Cosmo and thought I'd ask him about it before trying it. Since I was always getting yeast infections and having to use those god awful suppositories, I asked him about it and he highly recommended I try it. Well, it works GREAT! Just mix plain yogurt (about 1/2 - 3/4 cup) with luke warm water. It will look like thin milk. Douche with it. You can do it more than once if you feel like it. It's so refreshing, knowing you won't have a smell if you get sweaty working in the yard, or a long day of shopping and walking while on a hot vacation, know that smell! However, this didn't fix the BV! The H202 douche, acidophilus and folic acid have fixed this. What a wonderful way to treat this nasty female problem! I hope my experience helps someone else."

06/07/2010: Ohiogirl from Galena, Oh replies: "ONE MORE THING.....I have some theories about why this happens or even comes back. First, it could be your "toys"! Latex or plastic may harbor some bacteria if not properly cleaned after use. Or even if cleaned thoroughly, maybe alot of use could be irrating and disrupting the natural PH of your insides. Second, it could be your partner! Maybe his fingers were not clean before putting them in or around you. Even their penis can carry nasty bacteria due to being sweaty or just not clean. Their tongue - well, god knows what kind of bad stuff is harboring in one's mouth. So, for those of you that are complaining about this coming back - take a look at your partner and/or your toys! We need to think about all the reasons this could have happened or why there are reoccurances. Just thought I'd share that thought. Anyone else?"
06/10/2010: Helpflorida from Orlando, Florida replies: "Where do i find the douche that you are speaking of?

"I did the H202 douche. I poured about 1 cup of the hydrogen peroxide in the bag and filled the rest with luke warm water"

EC: More info can be found on the bacterial vaginosis main section under the table of contents title:

"Hydrogen Peroxide".

[YEA]  06/25/2010: Jessarae from Taunton, Ma, United States replies: "HI! I'm not really sure how to use this site yet..but Im reply to a post insted of making my own, cause Im not sure how to make my own...anyway I have had this problem for years! Im 34years old..and on and off since I was like 16 I have had this problem. You take the antibiotis and it comes right make you feel like something is wrong with you, cause this doesnt hapen to your girlfriends...they are just fine!

Any way I read ALL the posts and I did it and it worked...All I did the first night was empty a half a bottle of water and fill with peroxide..then rinse in the shower..I came out smelling like a new born baby! I then the next day got some plaine yogourt with active cultures and put it on me....not in me...also I didnt douche with the peroxide water mix...I just rinsed cause I was scared....Any way I did the yogourt for 3 days. Just once a day for about a half hour then washed off...and took the aciphilidos...or however it is spelled and the folic acid...and I am just fine 5 months from now....I even stopped taking the vitamins and Im still fine....everyonce and awhile like 1 time a month I have rinsed again with the peroxide solution just because but Im just fine....again....I had this problem for YEARS and this worked better that go earth clinic!"
07/06/2010: Kelli3222 from Midland, Tx, Usa replies: "I have that horrible itch as well. Going to try the hydrogen solution, was wondering... Did you just rub the yogurt around and wear a pad or what? I need help... Quickly! In a new marriage & haven't had sex in a month and a half because of all this! Thanks!"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/23/2010: Kimmy from Greensboro, Pa replies: "What I have found worked for me is doing the H2O2 douche first. Then air dry. I then take mix plain yogurt with cultures that have acidophilus and probiotics. I use a medicine dropper to insert it. I then soak a tampon in the yogurt or any left over mix and insert it. I leave it in all night if I can or when ever I wake up. I do the yogurt tampon mix for 3 days. This will get rid of it. However, after having intercourse you need to do the mix again. Especially, if it seems to come back after having sex. This will keep you from getting it back. I hope this helps someone. I know, it's been an ongoing battle for me."
08/10/2010: Stillhisbabes from New Iberia, La replies: "Is your partner getting treated as well? He could be passing it back to you."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/24/2010: Naturecoast727 from Nature Coast, Fl, Usa: "It was a relief to see that I wasn't the only one suffering from recurrent BV. At the same time, I felt sad because I know exactly how all of you women feel/felt. Nothing worked. Yeah, antibiotics worked for a bit and then the next week it was back. The smell, the disgusting discharge.. It was just plain embarrassing.

I was completely desperate and the itching was at an all time extreme. I first tried the tampon soaked mixture of ~1/2 cup HP and 1 1/2 cup water. Instantly the smell, itching and discharge was gone. Unfortunately it returned a few days later. I decided to do the HP for a week, 1 or 2x a day (this lead to an irritation but I kept going with it). It helped but if I didn't do it everyday it would come back. Finally, I added 2 Acidophilus capsules and 1 400 mcg Folic Acid tablet to my vitamin regimen as well as one HP wash a week. No smell, no itching, no discharge. I was actually surprised to see normal discharge after not seeing it for so long(so that's what it looks like!) I don't think there is a "absolute cure" but it is something that can be managed via vitamins and to be honest, I am happy with that."

04/13/2010: Naturalsista from Atlanta, Ga, Us replies: "This may be a little silly, but I am unsure of how to douche! I have never done it before and reoccurring BV has me quite desperate. I bought one from the store and filled it w/ half water, half hydrogen peroxide. After I squeezed it, all the fluid would come RIGHT back out so I'm not sure if I am using it right. Please Help!"
04/26/2010: Eesmith from Athens, Texas, U.s.a. replies: "You are douching correctly for Bacterial Vaginosis. All the fluid will flow up into the vagina and then flow out again. It's best to do it in the shower, I've found. Good luck. My recipe is 1/3 cup H2O2, 1/3 cup water, and 5 drops tea tree oil. I saw this as a recipe for a cleansing splash. I like it for a douche also. I rinse with a plain water douche after 3-5 minutes. After an hour, I insert the contents of 2 acidophilus capsules mixed with water to a paste into the vagina with a medicine syringe; and one odorless garlic gelcap as a suppository. Additionally, I have used the following:

1 multivitamin (I like the chewables)
500 mg vitamin C 2x daily
800 mg folic acid 2x daily
1 probiotic
500 mg B12 1x daily

Hope this helps. I will post an update on how I do. I am sooooooo grateful to have found this site!"

02/04/2010: In Between from Yabucoa, Puerto Rico: "i have a question, you see have been taking the folic acid pills and acidophilus pills and cranberry pills and douching with half peroxide and half water since yesterday, but my question is after smell and symptoms are gone with what should i wash my vagina with?? soap, h202?????"

02/08/2010: Ashley from Charlotte, Nc replies: "I have been battling BV/yeast infections for 6 months now. I am doing the acidophilus/folic acid combo as of recently. I just read an article about how taking estrogen and progesterone based birth control can reduce chances of recurring BV. Does anyone have experience with birth control helping BV symptoms because it seems like all this started when I went off of birth control?"
07/21/2010: Feddup from Raleigh, Nc replies: "I developed BV when I first started my cycle; it wasn't regular and just before graduating HS I went on birthcontrol to ease the pain of PMDD/PMS/All-of-the-above-pain and I did OK with it for the years that I was on it. Due to complications from the birthcontrol Yaz and Yazmin (both were recalled) I developed my first yeast infection as well as the continous battle with BV! ! ! I developed a system to controlling my BV but only after about 8 months it's back again! ! ! ! *** I would douche every 2 months but every month; a week after my cycle ends I would inject yogurt (I have a needle-less syringe up to about 2cc) and dip tampon tip into yogurt and insert did it when I first awoken and again before I went to bed. Did this repeatedly for 5 consecutive days and take a tub bath with a cup of apple vinegar that night and the morning you feel fresher than ever***"

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  01/29/2010: Marixpress from Bronx, Ny, USA: "Based on all testimonials I've read, here is my treatment plan/journal:

Night 1
Took one 400mg folic acid & one tablet acidophilus (millions) with food per bottles' directions. Douched with standard douche bottle filled with about 1/4 cup straight undiluted 3% peroxide while laying down in empty bathtub. I let it sit about 3-5 minutes. No sting, no burn. I did hear fizz and squeezed out a little bit of foam. Douched with plain tap water to rinse. Sleep without underwear.

Next day results:
Finger test revealed odor reduced significantly (I'd say by 90%). Discharge not present on underwear most of the day, however, thick pasty discharge along vaginal walls. No change in itching/burning/discomfort (mild to moderate-unsure if this is due to BV or due to undiluted 3% peroxide). Took one 400mg folic acid at breakfast, and another at lunch (800mg daily total). Drank plenty of water.

Night 2
Took one tablet acidophilus (millions) with dinner. Inserted one teaspoon of straight 3% peroxide via medicine syringe while laying down. Waited 5 minutes. The peroxide bubbled but caused no burning or stinging. Flushed out vagina with plain tap water several times to rinse. Sleep without underwear.

Next day results:
Finger test revealed faint to no odor at all. No discharge. However, I started spotting. Wonder if my period will affect the treatment. Mild external discomfort. Took one 400mg folic acid at breakfast, and another at lunch (800mg daily total). Drank plenty of water.

Night 3
Took one tablet acidophilus (millions) with dinner. Douched with about 1/4 cup peroxide and 1/4 cup water. Again, no burning or stinging. Sleep with pad as I now have my period.

Next day results:
Odor completely gone. Discharge gone. Slight external irritation that is exacerbated by my maxi pad. Continued taking (and will continue taking) Folic Acid & Acidophilus as indicated above.

I will stop the peroxide treatments for now as I suspect that is the cause of my vaginal irritation. I have not had sex or used tampons during treatment. I'm afraid to insert anything in there. If my BV reoccurs, I will reply to this post with an update. If you don't hear from me, it means I am cured! Thank you EVERYONE for your input and tips. I definitely feel (and smell) practically 100% better."

02/01/2010: Marixpress from Bronx, Ny, Usa replies: "Update:

The vaginal irritation subsided after using the H2O2 douche. I have continued with folic acid & acidophilus.

The smell is coming back after 3 days of not douching. Ugh! It's not as bad as before but is still unpleasant. Someone suggested a full 7 days of douching. Maybe that's the key."
11/19/2012: La from Anywhere, Ca replies: "Hydro Perx douche definitely works, just be sure to use distilled/sterilized water. I got my first BV from tap water getting in there!

I've had immediate relief from dissolving probiotic tablets with chilled distilled water to make a thick paste. Insert vaginally 1-2/day, especially just before bed. Rubbing some around the entrance to the vagina and labia helped the itching and burning, especially if the pills and water were cold from the fridge. If you only insert about a teaspoon of the mixture, enough is absorbed that you don't need a pad. There's just a bit of dry probiotics in my panties at the end of the day. Not too messy and it doesn't smell.

I've read and tried dissolving the probiotics with Peroxide too but occasionally that seems to cause me irritation. Might work for you though. Good luck!"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  01/19/2010: Nikki from New Orleans, Louisiana: "Acidophilus, Folic Acid and Peroxide for Bacterial Vaginosis

I found this website in a desperate online search to find something to naturally cure my BV. I have been dating my boyfriend for about two months and have noticed over the last month a HORRIBLE fishy smell, it even permeated my clothing at work and I was SO embarrassed! I kept washing repeatedly and it only got worse. I stumbled on to this website and read EVERY review, and decided to try washing with H202 and taking the acidophilus and folic acid. I went to the store on my lunch hour, came back to work and took 5 probiotic acidophilus capsules. I also took 4-400mcg folic acid pills and even inserted two acidophilus vaginally. The capsules inserted vaginally didn't seem to dissolve, just kind of sat in there and the outer lining broke down. After one full day - I noticed a slight improvement - but felt pretty disheartened after seeing so many people have immediate results. I took the same dosage twice the next day, and inserted three capsules vaginally. I continued rinsing, yet never douching with H202 and by the third day, when I had sex with my boyfriend (sorry to be graphic) there was NO smell, NO whitish discharge left on him. I used to be SO embarrassed to have sex with him, and now everything is AWESOME! ONLY THING TO NOTE - YOU MUST KEEP TAKING THIS. If you do not - it WILL COME BACK. I forgot to take my vitamins for a few days and didn't think anything of it until I got a faint whiff of a funky odor - I was back to taking them SO FAST! But yes - it does work - and it was a lifesaver. Thanks to all the ladies who have posted their stories on here and it was so nice to know I was not alone, being a clean woman with an icky (and HORRIBLY embarrassing) problem!"

05/12/2011: Jenny from Lexington, Ky, Usa replies: "Hi fellow BV buddies,

I'd never even heard of this until 6 months ago - despite its fame. I too, suffered the same symptoms (e.g. , odor, white discharge, inflammation after sex). By this time, I'd been with my boyfriend for over 6 months. I immediately went for an STI test. Nothing. I do research for a living and am well versed in the medical journals. I started doing some mild research and found the antibiotics that all physicians are quick to prescribe. I took Flagyl for 10 days - had the same side effects as everyone else. I quickly learned that this drug just screws your body up even more because then you have to worry with a yeast infection and the high potential for recurrence.

After Flagyl, I started taking folic acid and probiotics along with a multivitamin religiously because I read somewhere that it might help and it definitely helps your immune system. I think it kept things at bay. Then, thinking I was okay, I took a holiday and stopped for a week.

So, a few months later, BV came knocking on my door again after I thought I had this thing licked. Same sex partner too.

I dug more and more into the research, medical journals, read many many research findings based on meta-analysis - here's the dealio.

Basically, the reason your vagina smells is because the acidity isn't there - it becomes neutralized with a base (semen). After sex (even perhaps with a condom) it brings the scent out more because your acidic flora is being tampered with. This corresponds with a weakened immune system - which is undoubtably affected by the psychological stress of managing this dysfuntion, smoking, bad diet, drinking, etc. The odor and follow up conversation sucks and we are very aware of the psychological trauma associated with this.

In addition, BV occurs when bacteria that normally produce hydrogen peroxide in your vagina become deficient. While some folks say there is mild success with boric acid, it's only temporary. It theoretically kills off bad bacteria - but, we have to replace those good bacteria to jump start our flora again. I never did the boric acid.

Based on the scientific findings, (or God or whatever you believe), probiotics (e. G. , acidophillus - which is part of the larger Lactobacillus family) cannot harm you. Even if you insert it vaginally, it hasn't been shown to cause any harm. Other countries have used this method far more than the U.S.

The peroxide douche is not necessarily bad, but I know us as women, and we want success right away. If you do the douche, be sure it's sterile, use a small amount of peroxide with water, and don't do it again. Just start your program with it. It should kill the smell because H2O2 is in our vaginas normally, but BV takes this away. The peroxide we normally have in our vaginas works to keep our PH normal.

If you do the peroxide, fine. That night, insert two priobiotic capsules vaginally, take a couple orally, take a couple folic acid and a multivitamin that has a strong dose of Vitamin B, and go to sleep.

The next day, when you eat breakfast, pop a couple probiotics, folic acids, and multivitamin with food. You may notice more discharge this day, this is pretty normal. And, the capsules likely worked their way out - the bacteria stays but the grits of the capsules have to come out somehow.

Before bed, insert two probiotics vaginally. The idea is that you are putting the goods back in. If you keep the douching, science has shown time and time again, that you won't restore any "natural" back to your flora because you are stripping it of it's normal ecosystem.

If you do this for a week - you WILL see, smell, feel, and taste a difference. If you don't use condoms, USE THEM - especially when you are on this regiment. It won't help to keep poluting your coohoo with his alkaline sperm when you are trying to re-acidify it. If you never tasted this (sounds gross, yes, but men do it to us), you need to. It tastes so bizarre - almost acidic. But remember bleach is a base rather than an acid. Once you work on getting your immune system healthy by these natural remedies, your body will follow. Keep your immune system healthy and your recurrence will likely diminish.

Worked for me."

08/16/2011: Michele from Marion, Ohio replies: "I have had BV on and off for several years. The antibiotic worked the first time, but never again. Tried alot of things including yogurt douche, teetree oil, etc. When the BV came back I started drinking 1 Tablespoon of _____s cidar vinegar and water which within three days twice a day the BV was gone. It returned again and the vinegar helps but does not seem to get rid of it completely. Once again back to drawing board and I have read that your system is too acidic and needs to be more alkaline. I started eating more alkaline foods including watermellon, vinegar water, and vegetables and this has help tremedously but it's still not completely gone. I just started taking the b complex (not sure how safe it is to take just the folic acid, I read you will throw off the other B's if you just take one) The complex has the folic acid included. I'm not sure why you say the vagina is more alkaline? Any comments would be appreciated."

[YEA]  01/19/2010: Nikki from New Orleans, Louisiana: "Acidophilus, Folic Acid and Peroxide for Bacterial Vaginosis

I found this website in a desperate online search to find something to naturally cure my BV. I have been dating my boyfriend for about two months and have noticed over the last month a HORRIBLE fishy smell, it even permeated my clothing at work and I was SO embarrassed! I kept washing repeatedly and it only got worse. I stumbled on to this website and read EVERY review, and decided to try washing with H202 and taking the acidophilus and folic acid. I went to the store on my lunch hour, came back to work and took 5 probiotic acidophilus capsules. I also took 4-400mcg folic acid pills and even inserted two acidophilus vaginally. The capsules inserted vaginally didn't seem to dissolve, just kind of sat in there and the outer lining broke down. After one full day - I noticed a slight improvement - but felt pretty disheartened after seeing so many people have immediate results. I took the same dosage twice the next day, and inserted three capsules vaginally. I continued rinsing, yet never douching with H202 and by the third day, when I had sex with my boyfriend (sorry to be graphic) there was NO smell, NO whitish discharge left on him. I used to be SO embarrassed to have sex with him, and now everything is AWESOME! ONLY THING TO NOTE - YOU MUST KEEP TAKING THIS. If you do not - it WILL COME BACK. I forgot to take my vitamins for a few days and didn't think anything of it until I got a faint whiff of a funky odor - I was back to taking them SO FAST! But yes - it does work - and it was a lifesaver. Thanks to all the ladies who have posted their stories on here and it was so nice to know I was not alone, being a clean woman with an icky (and HORRIBLY embarrassing) problem!"

[YEA]  08/28/2010: Nissa from Corvallis, Or replies: "YEA
I found this website more than a year ago. I have been plagued by BV for years. Seems like everytime my husband and I are "active" a few times a week I would get an infection. It occured to me to search the internet as there are so many new sources of info. ANYWAY I tried the peroxide alone becuase that is what I had on hand. I douched 2X a day with 1/2 peroxide 1/2 water. IT WORKED. For the next few months if I ever felt any symptoms creeping back I would douche again, once or twice a day. It would stop it from taking hold if you know what I mean. Since I started this I have only had maybe ONE episode! It is amazing!!! I am free of it!"

[YEA]  11/10/2009: Katiec from Brevard, Nc, USA: "Yesterday, I tried some of the recommendations on this site for this accursed BV I've been dealing with for months. I kid you not, the odor was gone almost immediately! I am so thrilled! Here is what I used:

  • diluted hydrogen peroxide mini douche (using 2 partially filled eyedroppers)
  • 2 acidophilus caplets by mouth (40 million)
  • folic acid 800 mcg by mouth
  • B12 500 mcg by mouth
  • 1 odorless garlic capsule vaginally
At bedtime, I took another 400 mcg folic acid and placed 1 acidophilus vaginally.

This morning, I'm still fresh as a daisy. I cannot believe how easy this was. Will update as to whether is stays gone!"

12/01/2009: Jainee from New York, New York replies: "I am just trying to get some real honest feedback. Does this remedy truly work? I don't understand if this works why are women GYN's giving their patients metronoz and the other one clinde. I mean those are known to kill good bacteria as well. I don't want to further enhance my problem which is why I'm looking for some real women to women HELP. Is there anyone out there that feels the same? This problem seem to easy to fix but yet so many women are struggling with it. Please tell me the truth."
12/02/2009: Dd from Miami, Fl replies: "Jainee, All testimonies are factual, we're all real women dealing with the same thing. I think the reason drs don't prescribe "home remedies" is because they are working with the drug makers, think about it, if you can relieve your each for a $1.00 a bottle of hydrogen peroxide what on earth with they do with all those $20 tubes of whatever cream you get! I've spent $100's on so many different products it just seemed to easy for this to work.

I got a non-needle syringe and I fill a glass with 1/2 water have hydrogen peroxide, then whenever it seems I need a little boost, I just douche with it in the shower. I'm noticing the pattern of needing it maybe once or twice a week so I do like Sunday and Wednesday. Plus I do the folic acid and acidophylus orally every day.

Good luck!!!"
12/21/2009: Juana from Las Cruces, Nm, US replies: "Really i have a question, too new to figure out how to post a question. Does anyone know if this is safe for me to do while im pregnant?"
12/22/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hello LaJuana from Las Cruces, You didn't mention what you are contemplating trying for that BV but if you want to maintain that pregnancy stay far away from anything that might dissolve that mucus plug in the cervix, such as peroxide or vinegar douches."
03/01/2012: Chrissyfromcali from Santa Ana, California replies: "What vaginal inserts are you using? I found some at Mother's but I think these are more for yeast infections not BV. A reply would be much appreciated."

11/05/2009: Smelley from Laval, Quebec, Canada: "Hi I just signed up and am looking for the Best remedy for BV.I see all the posts but I thought I might be missing a link to show how to use that combo remedy of H202, folic acid and acidopolis. Everyone is showing different proportions."

EC: No instructions from EC on that ailment, sorry!

11/08/2009: Pahlee from Phila, Pa replies: "In response 2 smelly, I read a post not 2 far back that there is no instructions on how much 2 take of whatever u r using, it is what best benefits and works 4 u, good luck."
02/23/2010: Rachel from Leicestershire, England replies: "well, ive been on alot of sites to try and find a cure for my anoying b and v problem. im going to first try what 1 of these ladies has suggested, which is peroxide douche, folic acid and probiotic acidophilus capsules, im fed up with constant antibiotics and creams and gels they dont cure this, its embarrassing, and dont want to get into a new relationship. so here goes, ill keep you informed, many thanks."

[YEA]  11/02/2009: Fallenangel from Hallstead, Pa, United States: "After reading this site and all the suggestions from other women, I tried the 1/2 peroxide/1/2 water douche, 10mg acidophilus pills, and also added 400mg folic acid tablets to my daily vitamins. No kidding, within 1 day all symptoms were gone! I have struggled with this problem off and on since I had a hysteroctomy 8 years ago. After moving in with my boyfriend in July, it had become unbearable to me, the odor was horrifying, I didn't want any intimacy because of it. I tried so many "remedies" but nothing seemed to work very well or for more than a day or two. I read the feedback from other women on here 7 weeks ago and ran to the drugstore immediately. After douching with the peroxide/water mix, taking the acidophilus pill and folic acid, it was too good to be true! the first week I used the douche solution 3x to be on the safe side and took the vitamins everyday. I now take 1 acidophilus pill and a folic acid tablet daily, and have had no reaccurance at all. For less than $20 I was able to buy everything I needed and be free of this horrible problem. Much cheaper than my doctor visit co-pay, and much cheaper than the meds the doctor prescribed that only took away the severity of the symptoms. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the women who were willing to talk about this embarrassing subject on here!"

11/09/2009: Smn from Birmingham, Al replies: "It is important to find what works for your own body. I tried most of the remedies on this site and found so far that only two gives me satisfactory results. The tampon dipped in yogurt only worked for me for about several hours whereas the H202 and acidophilus douches worked longer for me. There is also a paste that I make using the contents of 2 acidophilus capsules and mixing with enough water to make a paste that I put up inside me. This has worked wonders for me! I have made some lifestyle changes (laundering my undies in only dye-free and fragrance-free detergent; unscented bath soap; dye-free fragrance-free dryer sheets, making sure the crotch on my undies are always white cotton, showers instead of baths; no commercial douches; no feminine sprays for "down there", etc) I have recently started keeping a daily log of which remedy I am using and how long the symptoms stayed away. In this way I can see what is actually working and stop doing the ones that are not producing the results I desire. Havent tried the apple cider vinegar bath yet but it is on my list."

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  11/02/2009: Shelly from Lake Charles, La: "I have took 1600 milligrams a day folic acid. 200 milligrams of garlic a day. 2 billion a day of probiotic and ate yogurt. Done the hydrogen perioxide douche straight. I didnt add water. Did that for 5 days and 2 days later it was back. My question is how long should i continue? I started again and tired of taking the prescription that makes me feel horrible. Another question would b, if it stays is it hurting my body and should i continue to get a prescription cause it is an infection?"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  10/22/2009: Smn from Birmingham, Al: "I am extremely happy I found this site! After my most recent bout with BV and taking Flagyl (NASTY tasting) and Metrogel gives you a yeast infection afterwards. I got fed up and googled for home remedies for this condition. I read alot of posts on here & decided to try some of the remedies. I figured what do I have to lose?? The results shocked me and they really do work. Downside? You have to maintain the routine for life. It's worth it!
Here is what I do: douche wih 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water twice weekly (douche with plain water afterwards). I eat one of those yogurt cups daily (make sure it has live active cultures in it). I take 800 mg of Folic Acid daily. Also two acidophilus supplements daily. I open up an acidophilis capsule and mix with enough water to make a paste then use a clean finger to put it up inside me. I do this twice weekly. I drink at least a glass of cranberry juice daily. I tried the tampon dipped in plain yogurt with active live cultures a few hours ago and I am smell free already!

I also made some other lifestyle changes: no scented bath soap, bubble baths or anything like that. I use unscented soap. I even purchased unscented laundry detergent and dryer sheets. I threw out all my old underwear and bought new ones. I only use condoms.

I admit I was afraid that douching would make it worse as I grew up thinking that ALL douching was bad. Depends on what you douche with. The peroxide douches have worked for me with no side effects. You have to figure out what works for you."

10/29/2009: Sherry from Baxter, Ks replies: "A good probiotic from the health food store is the answer to vaginosis. The yogurt doesn't have enough good bugs in it and most of it dies in the gut. I take a probiotic with 16 billion good bacteria in it and it has cleared up my sinus infection and also my yeast. The good bugs kill off all the yeast. It is also good for bacterial infections since the bugs are good bacteria. I believe it will also help the immune systen for the flu season. I havent seen much about people taking a good probiotic for cures. a good probiotic is the answer to a lot of ailments. It would pay to do some research on this."

[YEA]  10/08/2009: Joan from Atlanta, Ga: "Cure. This works: 50 ml of 3% H2O2 50 ml distilled water - douche with this combo TWICE. Next, douche with an empty bottle of water. Afterwards, insert acidophillus. I purchased a brand that contains over 1 billion live cultures of various lactobillus groups. Wouldn't recommend inserting the pill as its hard to dissolve. I purchased a yest infection kit for the plunger, opened the pills and emptied the contents into the plunger. Adding a little yogurt helps keep the substance in place. Do this in the morning & at night for 3 -5 days. POOF! IT'S GONE! Also, ingest 400 mg of folic acid four times a day (totalling 1600 mg). I would also recommend a 10-day cleanse, fast, or parasite cleanse to erradicate all parasites from your body after getting rid of the bv to make sure it doesn't come back. Change diet, cut back on alcohol, cotton panties, "air out" at night, and eat lots of yogurt to keep it away. Hope this helps."

10/09/2009: Jennifer from Chicago, Il replies: "I have been suffering from BV for about 8 months. Thanks to the blog, I've tried a combination of items that I've read. For about 30 days now, I have been free of all symtoms. What worked for me

1) Collodial Silver douche as well as taking 1 tbsp orally 2x / day
2) 800 mg folic acid 2x / day
3) Probiotic 1x day
4) Acedophilus 1 billion capsule 1x day
5) Capsules which contain Caprylic Acid, Pau D'Arco, Grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil (found at nutrition store)
6) Vitamin C 1000 mg capsules
I highly recommend taking capsules versus tablets.

The hydrogen peroxide douches didn't work for me. When I changed to collodial silver douches in conjunction with the cocktail of vitamins/supplements above, I really saw results quickly. Try different combinations of what is recommended here. Clearly one persons solution doesn't work for all but relief is out there when you find the right combination of healthy remedies.

I'd like to thank everyone on this blog for all of the recommendations. Without your feedback, I don't think I'd be cured."
10/25/2011: Trueresearcher25 from Sunnyville, Fl replies: "Is there anyone who has taken folic acid, acidophilus, and tried to eat yogurt (just orally not vaginally) to cure (BV)? I personally prefer not to douche.

The following comes from: (article about vaginal douche)

One way to look at it is in a healthy vagina there are both good and bad bacteria. The balance of the good and bad bacteria help maintain an acidic environment. Any changes can cause an over growth of bad bacteria which can lead to a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

Plus, if you have a vaginal infection, douching can push the bacteria causing the infection up into the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Research shows that women who douche regularly have more health problems than women who don't.

If there is a strong odor or irritation it usually means something is wrong. Douching can increase your chances of infection. The only time you should douche is when your doctor tells you to

Most doctors say it's best to let your vagina clean itself. The vagina cleans itself naturally by making mucous. The mucous washes away blood, semen, and vaginal discharge. You should know that even healthy, clean vaginas may have a mild odor."



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