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Natural Acne Remedies

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[YEA]  05/30/2006: Melissa from Asheville, NC: "Gaia Milk Thistle Yellow Dock Tincture helps to correct metabolic disorders and rid of EVERY type of acne (no matter what type) and lots of other skin disorders. Can cause flare up as you begin but I used it on and off for years now I have seldom use for it. It's not just Milk Thistle and Yellow Dock so I really haven't found another brand that works like this. I keep going back to it even when I try other herbal "acne" tinctures.

My mother developed cystic acne as a young adult. She is gorgeous but with a very scarred face. She still tries to get dermatologists to help but has never had the success I do! I used to work in a health food store and recommended this to many people. O

ne lady said her son had acne so badly they had him on Proactive and Accutane. He stopped those and switched to the Gaia tincture. She was so amazed, she brought him in a week later with scars healing and redness disappearing. She said it changed his life."

07/17/2011: Ajenai from Smyrna, De replies: "hi. In regards to the suggestion of using Gaia Milk Thistle Yellow Dock Tincture... how many drops and how many times per day? Alot of times I find the bottles usage is different than what others recommend...thanks!"

[YEA]  02/03/2006: Jenny from Canada: "i read a piece by anne louise gettleman, a leading nutritionist from the US about her experience with acne. when she was at uni in the 70s she was a big advocate of vegetarian diets and was on one herself. she soon developed symptoms of bad acne, an overactive mind and tired body and hair loss. this is because veg diets are high in copper and low in zinc. copper and zinc are antagonistic to each other and when one rises the other falls. upon discovering that this was the underlying cause of her symptoms, she went back to an animal based diet, her energy came back, her acne cleared up and her hair became full again. too little zinc can cause acne."

11/17/2009: London from Sandusky, Ohio replies: "I heard Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is supposed to be awesome for acne. You have to take quite a bit of it, and it can be expensive but it helps. It gives your skin a youthful glow, etc, as well"
[YEA]  11/19/2009: Codysmom from Alexandria, Va replies: "I've been taking vitamin B5 for past five years and that has kept my face clear. I used to get really deep and big boil type of cysts on my nose and chin. The pantothenic acid helps by preventing the pores of your skin from clogging. I always have B5 on hand. I take five capsules a day and my face is clear. I occasionally skips and my acne comes back and all I have to do is double or quadruple the dose for a few days and my face is clear again. It is the best stuff I've come across for acne. I also apply benzoyl peroxide (generic drugstore brands) on my nose and chin to kill the bacteria that may get on my face. This combined with the B5 has kept my face clear of acne and I am over 40."
11/19/2009: Theath from La, Ca replies: "Hi, Great to hear that B5 has worked for you. I am just wondering what company B5 should i buy. I know it is not allowed on this site to say the product name but I would appreciate if you can tell me what kind of B5 are using and what is the strength. Thanks a lot.

11/29/2009: Codysmom from Alexandria, Va replies: "I buy the 500 mg capsules, usually from on-line vitamin supplier that has the best price. I buy the biggest bottle they sell, usually 300 capsules. At the beginning you'll have to take 20 capsules everyday until your face clears up. Then you can taper off to 5 a day for maintenance. You can even skip a while until you start getting them again."
11/30/2009: Lita209 from Sanford, Fl, USA replies: "To Codysmom from Alexandria VA: You buy 500mg of what??? you don't specify the vitamin you are talking about. I suspect you are talking about Panthotenic Acid because of the dosages you are talking about. But other people don't know. I know it worked great for me!!"

EC: Yes, B5 (Pantothenic Acid). Codysmom mentions the vitamin in her first post in the thread and was responding to Thealth's question.

[YEA]  02/01/2006: Marty from Pomona, CA: "I tried every thing for my clogged pores. I was taking 1200 IE of natural Vit E and still no change. Then I added lecithin capsules and walla, all my clogged pores went away in a week. My nose now feels really smooth and all those little crusty whiteheads (and whatever the heck that crusty stuff on my skin was) is going away. Yippie! Just had to share that. Best Regards, Marty"

[YEA]  Cindy from Milwaukee, WI: "I have had acne for years - was geting worse till I saw a site w. info on B5 for acne - B5 helped my acne.. About B5 - I'm not sure how/why it works - I take about 3,000 mg/day. But, it can cause hair loss - remedied by taking L-LYSINE (1,ooo mg), BIOTIN (1,ooo mg) and I also take Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg. - This info is somewhere on (General Acne discussion) - you can SEARCH. The B5 worked immediately for me- strange."

Tamanu Oil

11/09/2010: Kat from Los Angeles, Ca: "I had acne that I could not get rid of. I tried everything. Then I came across tamanu oil. Its amazing. It was featured on doctor oz show. Its amazing!!!! Buy it!"

Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Home Remedy Ingredients

  • Tea Tree Oil (organic if possible)
  • Cotton Swab

Use a cotton swab to dab tea tree oil on existing acne a few times a day. This will help dry up oily skin, kill off the bacteria that create acne, and clear away the blemish.

[YEA]  05/23/2009: Elizabeth from Nashville, TN: "I am a 29 year old that has been suffering off and on with adult acne since the age of 19. I've tried everything....zit creams, proactive, toners, name it. I took Accutane when I was 23 ( a six month dose) and it did clear it up for a couple of years. Although, if I had to do it again I probably wouldn't have taken Accutane b/c of all the possible side effects, but I digress. Anyways, I have been getting pimples that have been taking FOREVER to get rid of, so of course it leaves a red dot where the pimple was. This is what I have been doing for the past week and my pimples are virtually gone and the red spots are fading fast.

1) I wash my face morning and night with Castille soap...I also use baking soda as a scrub a couple times a week.

2) After I wash my face I apply hydrogen peroxide with a cottonball and let it air dry (I do this at night only)

3) I dampen my face and apply a 70/30 ratio of jojoba oil and tea tree oil. The tea tree oil is strong so I cut it with the jojoba oil.

4) Then I get a q-tip and drop some tea tree oil on it and apply directly to current blemishes and red spots.

5) After my skin soaks this up I then apply a pump of face lotion for sensitive moisturize.

6) If you are a woman and use liquid foundation....STOP...that stuff has so many chemicals in it...I always break out when I used I use a mineral foundation that is made of natural ingredients and my skin can breathe!

That's it!!! I've only been doing this for a week and my skin feels and looks so much more clear and smooth, not to mention a more even-toned complexion. I've tried ACV for my skin and it did help at first but I started breaking out again. Plus, the tea tree oil makes your skin a GOOD way! Now I need to work on my dark eye circles! They are BAD :(

Well, I hope this helps others with acne and the scars that go with it..."

09/28/2011: Eunice from Lehigh Acres, Fl replies: "Sounds great! I, too, have suffered from acne from a young age and now adult acne. Just like you, I've tried pretty much everything and it works for a little bit but it comes right back. I think I'm going to try this method out and see if it works for me, too! I also drink raw ACV, so maybe the combination of both will render great results :)

For the baking soda, do you mix it with water? How much? And for the jojoba oil and tea tree oil, how many drops do you use of each?

It looks like its been working great for you, so I hope it does the same for me, as well!"

[YEA]  04/18/2009: Vicki from Bridgewater, New Jersey: "I have suffered from adult acne for more than 20 years with it getting progressively worse no matter what the treatment. Prescription or over the counter, nothing worked. At any given time I would have anywhere from one to ten or more "lesions" and was NEVER without at least one. I've used products with tea tree oil in the past but never tea tree oil full strength. For the last 2 weeks I've been using full strenth tea tree oil and hydrocortisone cream and have seen wonderful results. I wet my face and use 3 or 4 drops of full strength tea tree oil and massage my face. It feels cool and refreshing. Then I use any facial cleanser and continue massaging and rinsing. Then I use and finger's length of hydrocortisone cream (I've been using maximum strength) and a drop or two of tea tree oil rubbed together and massaged into the skin until dry. The hydrocortisone cream has left my skin softer than any moisturizer. (I was never able to find a moisturizer that didn't make me break out.) And with the tea tree oil "wash" my face just cleared up without drying and I've had NO breakouts for more than a week, which hasn't happened for years! I'm hopeful for continued improvement and would like to know if anyone else has similar results."

09/15/2011: Danielle from Hamilton, Ontario replies: "Hi I have had acne for many years also and I tried every product out there. Im wondering what brand of tea tree oil face wash do you use?"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/30/2013: Como Acabar Com As Espinhas from Portugual, Brazil replies: "Hi! The tea trea oil definitely helped me with the dryness and redness. However, I still find using Apple Cider Vinegar topically and drinking it has been the best help for my acne. Good luck!"

[YEA]  04/06/2009: Amanda from Carrboro, NC: "I like the apple cider vinegar remedy for acne, but while it helped (in place of washing with soap), I still experienced breakouts. I have been applying undiluted tea tree oil to blemishes 1-2 times per day with a cotton swab, and the blemishes are clearing quickly and fewer are appearing. My acne is often acne cysts, which are long lasting and very difficult to prevent/heal--the tea tree oil is the only remedy that makes a clear difference. It works quickly and is effective. I have read that as many as 6% of the population has a reaction to undiluted tea tree oil, though, so be sure to test a small patch of skin first, or try it diluted."

[YEA]  02/27/2009: Corrie from Newark, NJ, USA: "I have found that pure 100 percent tea tree oil when dabbed on acne a few times daily helps to dry out the oils and other goo that seems to accumulate there. Also, I don't know if this counts, I like to crush up aspirin from the drug store, mix it with a drop of TTO, a few drops of water, and then scrub my chest of whatever wait it for a minute or so. I've also tried baking soda with a few drops of water with good results for yucky whiteheads. Toothpaste also is a very good, quick treatment, but be caareful! It could dry out your skin. That happened to me once, and it was very red and painful to the touch, and it was days peeling and healing. I used pure aloe vera gel to moisturize my skin then, and it really helps to get rid of the redness and such.;) good luck, all!"

[YEA]  01/03/2009: Natasha from Boston, Ma: "I'm 35 years old and after going off the pill, I had acne for the first time in my life. It was cystic acne on the forehead and temples in addition to breaking out on the chin. I tried every OTC remedy I could think of, such as ACV, neutrogena products, aspirin masks, oxy, aha's, etc. Everything made it SO much worse! Finally, I stumbled across diluted tea tree oil. I use approx. 1:4 ratio of tea tree oil to water (my skin is very sensitive). With a q-tip, I spot treat the zits and holy cow I saw improvement within as little as two days! The redness was gone and it has been clearing up. Woohoo!"

[YEA]  03/11/2007: Sue from Prince George, Canada: "I tried putting Tea Tree oil directly on my face for my acne and blackheads. I've tried almost every single product out there and this is the only one that works. After washing and lotioning, I apply a few dabs on the pimple or if it's a case of blackheads, I apply a small layer all over. It tingles and feels like a cool breeze. It really works. Mixed with my lotion, it doesn't dry out my skin! Some people are allergic, so try it on a small bit of your arm first and wait a bit. It works awesome for body acne too, you can get it in a shampoo and it cleanses your head and body while you're at it. Mix it with a little bit of jojoba oil and lemon oil. It cleanses and moisturizes."

[YEA]  11/14/2006: Sky from North Dakota: "Put 100% tea tree oil to a clean cyst twice a day for 3 to 5 days and the oil dries the cyst. I use it on my face all the time, its the only thing that works."

[YEA]  10/17/2006: Michelle from Atlanta, GA: "This is the best thing for acne i have struggle with acne and dry skin since i was 12 i have tried everything and nothing as really worked. some have cleared up the problem area but it usually made a new problem(side effect). I wash my face with a mild soap and at night cover my face in tea tree oil. I wake up with a clearer, smoother face after 2 weeks face was completely clear. My 10 year old daughter also uses this on her nose where she gets little freckle looking spots in the summer(dry heat) WORKS WONDERS."

[YEA]  Dale from Lonnon, MI: "I call it Zit Killer.. Combine: 4 ml Tea Tree Oil, 4 ml Grapefruit seed extract & 80 ml Witch Hazel. After washing skin with very hot water and soaking with a hot wet wash cloth, dry skin and apply mixture to pimples."

Tea Tree Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide

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[YEA]  06/02/2013: Mariah from Wisconsin: "I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager, I have tried everything from prescription medication, to name brand products, nothing worked and CONTINUED to work. Until now. I wash my face at night with generic anti-bacterial hand soap, after soaking my skin with a hot rag for a minute or so. I rinse the soap, wash again, to make sure I removed all my make up, then pat dry with a towel. After that I wet a cotton ball with a three part tea tree oil one part 3% hydrogen peroxide, and use it like a primer, and air dry. Instead of moisturizer I use a generic 1% hydrocortisone cream (I use a normal moisturizer when I get out of the shower). My skin made an incredible improvement in just a few days. All together, it runs me about fifteen bucks. A wonderful price tag for the huge boost in my self confidence."



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